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Hello! I'm Bill Smith. I'm twelve. This is my sister, Jenny. She's ten. We are from the USA. But now we are in China. My father is an English teacher in a school. My mother is a doctor. They work hard.

At school I have a friend. His name is Ben Jones. He's twelve, too. He's from England. We all like China.


1. What's my friend's name? ________.

A. Bill. B. Ben. C. John. D. Jenny.

2. Where is Ben now? _______.

A. In China. B. In England. C. In the USA. D. In Canada.

3. What's Jenny's last name? _________.

A. Jones. B. Smith. C. Bill. D. Ben.

4. What's the last name of Ben's mother? _________.

A. Jones. B. Smith. C. Bill. D. Jenny.

5. Where's Jenny from? ___________.

A. China. B. England . C. Japan. D. The USA.


Look at these things. This is Mr. Wang's ID card. And this is Jim's watch, that's Mary's key. Gina's notebook is over there. Look! What's that on the floor? Oh, it's a gold ring. It's Jenny's ring. It's very nice.


1. This is Mr. Wang's __________.

A. notebook B. key C. ID card D. watch

2.__________ notebook is over there.

A. Jim's B. Gina's C. Jenny's D. Mary's hine

3. Is this Jim's watch? ________.

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn't. C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isn't.

4. Is Jenny's ring very nice? __________.

A. Yes, she is. B. No, she isn't. C. Yes, it is. D. No, it isn't.

5. Mr. Wang's name is on his_________ .

A. ring B. watch C. key D. ID card



There is a telephone on my desk. It's my good friend. It helps me a lot. My telephone number

is 8445816 . Sometimes when I have something to talk about with my classmates. I don't need to go out. I call them. I write down many telephone numbers of my friends. My best friend John's number is 8459471 . When I can't remember my homework, I ask him by telephone. There are some "Telephone Messages" beside my telephone. When I am out, my mother writes down the massages for me.

1. Whose telephone number is 8445816?

A. John's mother's. B. His own.

C. His classmate's. D. John's.

2. What time does he call his classmates?

A. When he doesn't know how to do his homework.

B. When he doesn' t remember the telephone numbers of others.

C. When he forgets what the homework is.

D. When he doesn't need to go out.

3. Why does mother write down the massage for him? Because ________.

A. he isn't out B. he is working at his lessons

C. he forgets the phone number D. he isn't in

4. What does he think of the telephone?

A. Useless B. Important C. Best friend D. Helpless

5. Where is the telephone?

A. In his office. B. In his house. C. In his classroom. D. In his room. 答案:




3.“I am out”是外出,不在家里的意思。be out=be not in。

4. 由文章内容可知。 5.从“There is a telephone on my desk”可以推测出,电话的具体位置应该是在他的房间里。

(4 )


Mr. and Mrs. Brown are from America. They are now teaching English in Zhengzhou. Their son Jack is with them. Jack speaks English. They want him to learn some Chinese. Jack is in Grade Three in a Chinese school. He plays with Chinese children every day. He listens to Chinese, speaks(讲) Chinese, reads books in Chinese and writes in Chinese. He is doing well in his Chinese.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Brown are________.

A. Chinese B. English C. America D. Americans

2. They are working ________ now.

A. at school B. in China C. in America D. in Grade 3

3. Jack is________.

A. a student in a Chinese school B. a girl from America

C. in Class One, Grade Three D. learning English

4. Jack likes to play with________.

A. his father B. his mother C. his brothers D. Chinese children

5. Jack learns the Chinese language (语言) by________.

A. listening to the language B. listening to the language and speaking it

C. reading books in Chinese and writing in it

D. listening, speaking, reading and writing

( 5 )


Dear Jim,

I'm in Hangzhou now. I will spend(度过) the next three years here. I'm in No. 6 Middle School. It's a good school. The people here are very friendly. My best friend is Li Lei, and my favourite food is Dongpo pork(猪肉).

Now I'm writing to you in my bedroom. We have a new home here in China. It's different from our old home in America. Our new house is white, and the old one is red. The walls of my bedroom are blue. My mother is watering some flowers. My father is repairing a car. I'm going to do my homework. Please write back soon.



1. What school is Tom in?

A. No. 5 Middle School. B. No. 6 Middle School.

C. No. 7 Middle School. D. No. 16 Middle School.

2. Who's Tom's best friend?

A. Li Lei. B. Lucy. C. Jim. D. John.

3. What color are the walls of Tom's bedroom?

A. Red. B. White. C. Blue. D. Yellow.

4. What's Tom's father doing?

A. Fixing a plane. B. Watering some flowers.

C. Fixing a car. D. Repairing a bike.

5. Where's Tom from?

A. England. B. Australia. C. America. D. Canada.

( 6 )


Some students are in Han Meimei's house. They are talking about many things. They are eating and drinking something. Han Meimei's mother is cooking for them. It's eleven o'clock. It's lunch time. They are eating. Han Meimei says, "Help yourselves(请随便吃). " Jim likes eggs. Kate likes rice. Lucy likes bread. Lily doesn't like bread. She likes bananas. They are drinking ten bottles of orange. They are having a very good time.

1. Who are in Han meimei's house?

A. A student. B. Some students.

C. Han Meimei. D. Jim, Kate.

2. Do you know what they are talking about?

A. I don't know. B. I know. C. I want to know. D. I'm knowing.

3. Are they eating and drinking anything?

A. Yes, they do. B. Yes, they are doing. C. Yes, they are. D. Yes, they does.

4._________ is cooking for them.

A. Han Meimei B. Some students C. Han Meimei's mother D. Han Meimei's father

5. Lucy______.

A. likes rice B. likes eggs C. likes bananas D. likes bread

( 7 )


Her name is Mary. She comes from America. She is in China with her father and mother. She can speak a little Chinese. She studies in No. 80 Middle School in Tianjin. She is in the same school as her parents (father and mother). She is a good student. She goes to school six days a week. She likes getting up early. She doesn't like to be late. She often goes to school very early. But today she gets up late. So she gets to the classroom at 7 :30. But there aren't any students in it. She is not late. She is still early. It's Sunday today. The students are all at home.

1. Mary is from_________.

A. America B. China C. No. 80 Middle School D. Tianjin

2. Mary's parents work in_________.

A. Beijing B. America C. Tianjin D. a factory

3. Mary doesn't like to_________.

A. go to school B. be late C. get up early D. live in China

4. Nobody is in the classroom because_________.

A. it's Sunday B. Mary gets to the classroom so early

C. the students are playing outside D. it's 7:30 now

5. Every morning Mary gets to the classroom________ 7:30.

A. at B. after C. in D. before

( 8 )


It was Saturday yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Smith took their children Bill and Mary to the park . They got up early and had their breakfast quickly . After that they went to the park by car. It was half past nine when they arrived there. There were many people in the park. Bill went boating and Mary played games with some other children.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were very tired after five days' work. They sat under a big tree and had a rest. The Smith family had a very good time all the morning.

1. According to the passage, today is____________.

A. Friday B. Sunday C. Monday D. Saturday

2. Why were there many people there?

A. It was the weekday. B. It was the weekend.

C. It was fine. D. It was warm.

3. Why did Mr. and Mrs. Smith sit under the tree and have a rest? Because____________.

A. they were very tired and hot B. they walked the whole morning

C. they want to have a talk with each other D. they were tired from their work

4. The passage is the most likely about____________.

A. the Smith family were in the park on Saturday morning

B. the park on Saturday C. the weekend Saturday D. people in the park

( 9 )


Mr. Johnson looked at his watch. It was half past seven. He got out of bed quickly. Then he washed and dressed. He was late as usual, so he did not have time for breakfast. He ran all the way to the station and he arrived there just in time for the train. Mr. Johnson never eats anything in the morning. He always says to his friends at the office: “It is nice to have breakfast in the morning, but it is nicer to lie in bed!”

1. Before he got out of bed, __________.

A. he washed B. he dressed C. he looked at his watch

D. he watched TV

2. Why did he get out of bed quickly? Because__________.

A. he was late B. he didn' t have breakfast

C. he had to run all the way D. he looked at his time table

3. What do you think he want to do? Because__________.

A. To study. B. To travel. C. To work. D. To say to his friends.

4. How do you think he went there?

A. By bus. B. On foot. C. By car. D. By train.

5. Please pick out the best title of the passage.

A. It is nicer in bed than breakfast. B. Don't be late again.

C. Hurry up. D. Get up early.

( 10 )


Last Sunday I had a good time. I went to the park with Meimei. There were lots of people in the park. Meimei and I saw many boats on the lake. Meimei did not want to go in a boat, so we went for a little walk. Then we went to the small zoo inside the park. We saw many animals there. We were very happy.

1. Why did they go for a little walk? Because_________.

A. Meimei doesn't want to go in a boat B. there are lots of people in the park

C. there is no boat D. we like to go on foot

2. What did they see in the zoo?

A. Many birds. B. Many boats. C. Many people. D. Lots of animals.

3. Why were they happy last Sunday? Because_________.

A. they had a good time B. they saw many people

C. it was Sunday D. they didn't like animals

( 11 )

Many English people have three names, a first name, a middle name and a last name (or a family

name) . For example(例如) , my name is James Allen Green. James is my first name. Allen is my middle name. Green is my last name. People don't use Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss before their first names. People should(应当) use them before their family names.

But in China, people use Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss before their first names. Because(因为) the first name is the family name. For example, my name is Lin Tao. "Lin" is my family name, and "Tao" is my given name.


1. My name is James Allen Green. Which is my family name? _________.

A. James. B. Allen. C. Green. D. Allen Green.

2. If my name is Lin Tao, which is my family name? ________.

A. Lin. B. Tao. C. Lin Tao. D. Zhang.

3. We use "Mr." before ________ in the name "James Allen Green".

A. James B. Allen C. Green D. James Allen

4. In China, we use "Mrs. " before _________ in the name "Wang Peng".

A. Wang B. Peng C. Lin D. Tao

5. Which sentence is right? _________.

A. In English names, the first name is the family name.

B. In Chinese names, the first name is the family name.

C. In English names, the middle name is the family name.

D. In Chinese names, the last name is the family name.

( 12


This is our classroom. It's a very nice room. There are two doors and four windows. The windows are big and bright. There is a map of the world(世界) on the wall. You can see some flowers on the teacher's desk. They are for the teachers. Our English teacher is Mrs. Zhang. She is a very good teacher. There are forty-five desks and chairs in our classroom. They are new. They are for us.

根据短文判断正(T)误(F) :

1. Our classroom has two windows. T F

2. The doors are big and bright. T F

3. There is a map of China on the wall. T F

4. Mrs. Zhang is our Chinese teacher. T F

5. You can see forty-five desks of students in the classroom. T F

( 13 )

阅 读 理 解

Today we have two new students in our school. They are American. They are twins. They look the same. Their names are Tom and Tim. They are in Class 4, Grade 2. Their mother and father are teachers in a college (大学). They teach (教) English in the same school. But they are not in Tom and Tim's school.

1. Tom and Tim are _________. A. English B. in Class 3 C. twins

2. We_________ two new students. A. are B. have C. do

3. They come from(来自) __________.

A. America B. China C. England

4. Tom and Tim look __________.

A. like sister B. the same C. at the teacher

5. Their father and mother teach _____________.

A. Chinese in the same school

B. English in a middle school

C. English in a college

( 14 )

阅 读 理 解

判断是非(在方框内填上 T 或者 F)

I'm Mike. I'm a worker. I don't work at night(夜里) . Everyday I work(工作) in the factory(工厂). I get up at six o'clock. I go to work on my bike. I start(开始) work at eight. I have lunch at half past twelve in The factory. I go home at six in the afternoon. I work very hard(辛苦). But I like it very much.

1. Mike works in the factory.

2. Mike gets up at seven.

3. Mike is at home in the morning and in the afternoon.

4. Mike likes his work.

5. Mike has a bike.

( 15 )

阅 读 理 解

This is the twins' room. It's a nice room. The two beds are in the room. One is Lucy's and the other (另一个) is Lily's. They look the same. Their coats are on their beds. We can't see their shoes. They're under their beds. The twins have two desks and chair. Their clock, books and pencil-boxes are on the desks. Their schoolbags are behind the chairs.

1. What kind of room (哪一种屋子) is it? It's _______.

A. a classroom B. a bedroom

C. a big room D. a sitting room

2. Which (哪一个) one is not right?

A. Lily's coat is on the bed. B. Lucy's shoes are under the chair.

C. Lucy and Lily are students. D. Two beds are in the room.

3. Lucy and Lily are __________.

A. boys B. sons C. sisters D. brothers

4. Where're their schoolbags? ________.

A. On the chairs B. In their desk

C. Behind their chairs D. Behind the desk

5. Which one is right?

A. Their classroom is nice.

B. Their clock, coats and pencil-boxes are on the desk.

C. Their beds look the same.

D. Their schoolbags are under the chairs.

( 16 )


There is a big shop near my home. There are all kinds of food in it. I often go there and get some milk, fruit, bread and orange juice. I very like the big fridge in the shop. Because there are many different kinds of ice cream in it.

True(T) or False(F) ?

1. There is a new shop near my home.


2. There is much food in the shop.


3. I like orange juice very much.


4. There is a small fridge in the shop.


5. I like ice cream very much.


( 17 )

阅 读 理 解


Teacher: Good morning, class.

Mike: Good morning, Miss Li.

Teacher: Is everyone here today?

Mike: No, Fang Hai is not here.

Teacher: Where is he, do you know?

Mike: I think he's at home.

Teacher: What's his number? Is he Number 4?

Mike: Sorry, I don't know. I'm Number 5. I think he's Number 4.

Teacher: That's right.

1. It is afternoon.

2. Everyone is at school today.

3. Fang Hai is not at school today.

4. Fang Hai is Number 5.

5. Miss Li knows(知道) Fang Hai's number.

( 18 )

阅 读 理 解

This is my friend . Her name is Mary Green. She's twelve. She's in No. 18 Middle school. She's in Class 3, Grade 1.

This is our (我们的) Chinese teacher. His name is Yang Ming. He's twenty-eight. He's a good teacher.

1. Mary Green is a __________.

A. man B. woman C. boy D. girl

2. Mary Green is __________.

A. my friend B. a teacher

C. the teacher's friend D. Yang Ming's teacher

3. Yang Ming is __________.

A. a teacher in No. 18 Middle School B. an Englishman

C. a boy D. a woman

4. Yang Ming is ______ teacher.

A. a man B. an English C. a Japanese D. a woman

5. Yang Ming is _________.

A. my teacher. He is Mary's teacher, too.

B. not my teacher, He's Mary's teacher.

C. is Mary's friend. He's not my friend.

D. my friend. He isn't Mary's friend.

( 19 )


1. My English teacher is _________ .

A. young B. old C. tall D. short

2. My English teacher is from ___________.

A. China B. the USA C. England D. Australia

3. ________ is my English teacher.

A. Miss Wang B. Mrs. Wang C. Ms. Wang D. Mr. Wang

4. My English teacher is on a bus. You can call him/her at ________.

A. Room 203 B. 0551-3456789

C. 18 Huangshan Road D. 13905512345

5. My English teacher lives in the city(市) of _______ .

A. Huangshan B. Hefei C. Wuhu D. Anqing

( 20 )

Please Write to Me

Do you want to write to a pen-friend in England?

Here's a letter from Becky in Chesterfield.

23 Old Road



My name is Becky Sharp. I'm eleven years old. I've got one brother--his name's Joson and he's fourteen. I haven't got any sisters.

I live with my mum and dad and grandma in a small house in Chesterfield,in the north of England. There are lots of things to do here. My friends and I go to the cinema on Saturdays.

Do you like games? I like football. My favorite team is Manchester United. I sometimes play football with my brother. I'm brilliant but he isn't very good.

I've got seven pets--a tortoise and six goldfish. I want a dog or a cat,but my mother doesn't like them.

Please write to me.


1. The girl wants to find a ________.

A. sister B. brother C. girlfriend D. pen-friend

2. What is the girl's surname(姓)?

A. sharp B. Becky C. Becky Sharp D. none of the above

3. The girl's family live in ________.

A. a big room B. a cinema C. the west of England D. the north of England

4. Does the girl play football well?

A. Yes,she does. B. No,she doesn't.

C. She's not very good. D. We don't know.

5. The girl's mother doesn't like ________.

A. the tortoise or the goldfish B. the tortoise or the dog

C. a dog or a cat D. the goldfish or the cat

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