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MODULE 1 Nice to meet you
Unit 1 The first English lesson

Work around. Introduce yourself and make new friends.
? I am … / My name is … I am from … I am … years old. ? What’s your name? Where are you from? How old are you?

? Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too

Look at the picture. Which words can you use to describe it?

Chinese father mother student

class friend school teacher

Listen and check (?) the true sentences. 1. Miss Li is a teacher . 2. Lingling is from Beijing .


3. Daming and Lingling are friends . ? 4. Daming and Lingling are English . Chinese

Listen, read and retell:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Hello, my name’s ... Miss Li. I’m … and …. I’m a teacher and I’m I’m from ... Chinese. … your name? I’myou from? from Wuhan. … What’s your name? Where are you from?

Listen, read and retell:
? My name’s Lingling. My name is… ? I’m from Beijing. I’m from … old ? I’m twelve years I’m … years old. and I’m Chinese. I’m Daming. He is ? This is… my friend. … He is … This is ? We’re students. We’re …

Listen, read and retell:
? Hello. My name is Daming. My name is… ? I’m a student and I’m I’m … and I’m … twelve years years old. old. ? I’m from Beijing. I’m from … ? … is my friend. Lingling is my friend ? What’s your name?

Listen, read and retell:

? My name is Wang Hui. Wang Hui, 13, old. ? I’m thirteen years Shanghai, ? I’m from Shanghai a student, and I’m a student. ? I’m Chinese, Chinese. Class One. ? I’m in Class 1

My name is… I’m from …

I am … I’m a …

I’m … years old. I’m in …

Listen and repeat.
/i:/ read teacher /I/ sit miss /e/ desk twelve / / bag stand Chinese meet listen friend match

New words:

New words:

New words:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

来自… ….岁 坐下 起立 第一 英语课 在一班 把…与…相配

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

be from … years old sit down stand up the first English lesson in Class One match … with …

Learning to learn----Self-introduction:
?When you introduce yourself, you can say:
(当你介绍你自己是,你可以说:) ?My name is( My name’s)… ?I’m a … ?I’m …years old. ?I’m from… 我的名字叫…… 我是…… 我……岁。 我来自……。

根据句意,填上适当的单词完成句子. name Chinese 1. My _____ (名字)is Liu Yang, I am _______ (中国人). I’m _______Beijing. from is He 2. This ______ Daming . _______is my friend. 3. I’m thirteen _______ old. years in 4. I’m a _______(学生). I’m ______ Class 3. student your 5. What’s ______ name? My name is Lingling. to 6. Nice _______ meet you, Daming. Nice meet too ---______ to _______ you, ________.

MODULE 1 Nice to meet you
Unit 2 I’m from China and I’m Chinese.

China America England American English Chinese

Zhang Yining is from ______ and she is _______ .

Obama is from _______ and he is _________ .

David Beckham is from _______ and he is _________ .

Beijing is a big _________.

Ask, ask, ask… Zhang Yining , China, Chinese, table tennis ? What’s your name? her player , 28, ? Where are she from? is you

? How old are she is you?

? Her name’s … My ? I’m She’s from … and I’m she’s … ? I’m She’s … years old.

Ask, ask, ask… Obama, America, American, president, 48

? His name’s … My ?He’s from … and I’m heI’m … is ? He’s … years old. I’m

his ? What’s your name? ? Where are your is he from? is he ? How old are you?

David Beckham, England, English, ? What’s his name? football ? Where is he from?player , 34,

Ask, ask, ask…

? How old is he?

? His name’s … ? He is from … and he’s … ? He is … years old.


Daming is in Class _____. He is from _____ and he is _____. He is from _____. Beijing is a big ______. His friend is ______. ? Lingling isn’t from _____ and she isn’t _____. She is _____. She is in Class _____. She is _____ years old. Her friend is ______. ? Wang Hui is _____ . He is from _____ . He is _He is ____ years old. He is in Class ______ with _____ and _____ .

Complete the table.
Name Daming Lingling Wang Hui Age 12 12 13 City Beijing Beijing Class One One One


Tom, England, English, fourteen

1. 2. 3. 4.

His name’s is Tom. He’s from England. He’s English. He’s fourteen years old.

Jiang Li, China, Chinese, eleven

1. 2. 3. 4.

Her name’s is Jiang Li. She’s from China. She’s Chinese. She’s eleven years old.

Write about one of your friends.

Important and difficult points
1.Ask and answer:
1) How old are you ? I’m twelve years old . I’m in Class One. 你多大? 我十二岁。 我在一班。

2) What class are you in ? 你在哪个班? 3) What class is he/she in? 他/她在哪个班? He/She is in Class One. 他/她在一班。

1. I’m not from England and I’m not English . 我不是来自英国,我不是英国人。 当表示某个国家的人时, 可用: Sb. + be from +国家. Sb. + be +国家的(形容词) 或 Sb. + be +国家的人. e.g. 1) 他是英国人。He is from England . He is English . He is an Englishman .

① He and I are in Class One. ② I can sing and dance. ③ Tom goes there with me. ④ Mary with her friends is playing basketball. Mary and her friends are playing basketball. ⑤ Susan is in China with her parents. Susan with her parents is in China.

MODULE 1 Nice to meet you
Unit 3 Language in use.

Be 动词的用法




be动词包括“am”, “is”, “are”三种形式。 第一人称单数(I)配合am来用。 句型解析析:I am+… I am Snoopy. I am ten years old. I am a student. I am a boy.

第二人称(You)配合are使用。 句型解析:You are+…
You are my good friend. You are a good person. You are beautiful.


第三人称单数(He or She or It)配合is使用。 句型解析:She(He, It) is +……

She is a good girl. She is so cute. She is tender.

人称复数 (we /you/they)配合are使用。 句型解析:We (You, They) are +……

We are in Class 5,Grade 7. They are my friends. You are good students.

总结 Be动词的用法口诀
I用am; you,we ,they 都用are, is连着he,she,it; 单数名词用is, 复数名词全用are。

用动词am, is, are填空(请注意大小写) 1. I ___ a teacher and I I’m Chinese. ____ am am I’m 2. He ___ my friend. He’s is 3. We ____ students. We’re are Are 4. _____ you a new student? 5. They ________ (be not) English. aren’t are not

Sam is twelve years old. He’s from England and he’s in Class 1.

Sam, 12, England, Class 1

Helen is thirteen years old.

She’s from America.
She’s in Class 1.

Helen, 13,
America, Class 1

Wang Dong is thirteen years old . He’s from China. He’s in Class 3.

Wang Dong, 13, China, Class 3

How many can you remember about the three friends?

1. Sam _______ years old and he __ is is twelve from England _______. 2. Helen ____ from England. She __ is isn’t from ________. America 3. __ Wang Dong from England ? No, Is he ____. He ___ from ______. China isn’t is

4. Helen and Wang Dong ______ 12 aren’t
years old. They __________ years are 13

5. ____ Sam and Helen in Class 3? Are

No, they aren’t They are in Class _____.
____. One Wang Dong __ in Class 3. is

Complete the table with these words.





America American




Around the world
Family name Given name In Chinese, the family name is first and the given name is last. Family name +Given name In England, The given name is first and the family name is last. Given name + Family name

Chinese name Yang Liwei Family name Given name English name David Beckham Family name Given name

? What’s his name? ? Where’s he from? ? How old is he?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

坐下 起立 读书 写在黑板上 姓 名

? ? ? ? ? ?

sit down stand up read books write on the blackboard family name given name

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