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1、含义辨析:人或物;肯与否;同义句转换 2、与adj.的关系:公式:复合不定代词+ adj.

3、数:复合不定代词做主语时为单数(主谓一)致。 4、所有格:人+’s; 人+ else’s; 物不能有+‘s 。

nobody’s business; anybody’s seat; someone else’s name


6、合与分:someone,anyone,everyone都只能指人,且不和介词of连用;some one,any one,every one则既可指人又可指物,可与介词of连用。no one 与none 的区别。 Anyone should be polite to every one of them

None of these questions is easy, and none of us can even answer any one of them ( ) 1. I’m hungry. I want ______ to eat. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing

( ) 2. —Do you have ______ to say for yourself? —No, I have ______ to say.

A. something; everything B. nothing; something C. everything; anything D. anything; nothing ( ) 3. Why not ask ______ to help you? A. everyone B. someone C. anyone D. none ( ) 4. Everything ______ ready. We can start now. A. are B. is C. be D. were ( ) 5. There’s ______ with his eyes. He’s OK.

A. anything wrong B. wrong something C. nothing wrong D. wrong nothing ( ) 6. —The story is so amazing! It’s the most interesting story I’ve ever read. —But I’m afraid it won’t be liked by ______. A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody

( ) 7. She listened carefully, but heard ______. A. anyone B. someone C. everyone D. nothing ( ) 8. I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t agree with ______. A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing ( ) 9. —Everyone is here today, ______? —No, Han Mei isn’t here. She’s ill. A. isn’t it B. isn’t he C. are they D. isn’t everyone ( ) 10. Everything goes well, ______?

A. is it B. isn’t it C. do they D. doesn’t it

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