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外研版新版八年级英语 M2 my home town and my country Unit2 reading

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Module 2 Unit 2 Cambridge is a beautiful city in the east of England.

Let's learn something about UK.

Cambridge London Bristol Manchester

1. Cambridge is in east the____of England. 2. London is in south the____of England. 3.Bristol is in west the____of England. 4.Manchester is in the____of England. north

A map of China
It’s in north the ____ of China
It’s in the

It’s in the ____ west of China

of China

It’s in south the ____ of China


Tower bridge

the River Thames

Cambridge University 剑桥大学

the River Cam 康河, 剑河

Do a fast-reading
In this passage, which place is not mentioned(提及到)? A. Cambridge B. London C. England D.Manchester

Read para.1 and 2, complet the table
Cambridge Location位置 Population Famous places River
In the east of England

In the south of England


Big ben,Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge

The River Cam The River Thames

Read the para.1 and Fill in blanks
? Cambridge is a ________ city in the east ___ beautiful
of _______, and it has about 100,000 England

______. It’s ___ the River Cam ____. people on There are lots of old buildingsand _______ _______. famous churches It’s_______ for Cambridge__________. University

Read para.2 and fill in the blanks
? London is the capital of the UK, ____ 7 and a ______ with half million people, so it’s bigger and ______ ______ busier than Cambridge. It is in the south of England _____ and it’s on the River Thames. It is 336 _____ _________ ___ kilometreslong. London is an old city. It’s about 2,000 years old. It’s _______ ______ famous for Big_____, BuckinghamPalace Ben and Tower Bridge ______.

Read para.3-4 and answer these questions
1. What are popular for holidays in England? The small villages and beaches on the

2. What's in the north of England ? There are some low mountains

and beautiful lakes.

3. What’s in the south of England? some hills and pretty There are villages. 4. What’s the weather like? It is never very hot in summer or very cold in winter.

Self- test
在英国的东/南/西/北/方 in the east/ west/ north/ south of England 因为...而出名 be famous for such as 例如 有多少人口 has a population of be part of 是...的一部分


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练习册unit2 第一课时

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