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“三为主”课堂七年级英语上册 Starter Lesson 6 In the park(第二课时)Speaking & Reading导学案

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Lesson 6 In the park

Speaking & Reading



2. 学习Where is??、Where are??句型及回答。



1.预习 Speaking 部分, 理解句意并找出重点短语。

2.学习 Reading 部分,尝试理解短文大意;听录音并模仿语音语调。


1)They’re on the playground. __________________________________.

2) Where are the students ?_______________________________________.

3) A lake is in frount of the playground .____________________________


Is ABC Park big?

Where are the toilets?

What is on the right?

Where are the flowers?

Where is the big tree?

Where are the birds?

What is in the middle of the park?

Where are the boys and girls?

5. 根据句意,首字母或所给汉语意思填空。

1.There are many __________( 孩子) in the playground ..

2. It’s dangerous(危险) to s______ in the lake .

3. How l________ the birds are!

4. The door is o______ , so you can come in .

5. On the _______ (左边) is a big tree.

6. In f________ of the house , there is a river .



Where is the bird ? It’s in the tree.


Where 是对_________ 的提问。


例如:Where are the students ? They’re on the playground.

练一练:Where _______ the playground? _______ behind the school. Where _______ the cats ? _______ under the desk.

in the tree 意思是:_____________

你知道它与on the tree 的区别吗?_______________________.

例如:There are some apples on the tree.



(A) 根据上下文,填写恰当的特殊疑问词。

______ is your groundfather ?

----- He is OK .

2. _________ is ABC park?

----It’s over there .

3. ________ class are you in ?

---We are in Class 1 , Grade7.

4. _______is that man ?

--- He is a doctor.

B) 阅读理解

This is Daniel’s bedroom . In the bedroom , you can see small bookcases , a desk, a chair and a bed. On the bookcases there are a lot of books, Between the bookcases, there is a desk under the window. On the desk , you can see a computer . A backpack is on the floor. Under the bed there is a basketball and football. Oh, there is also something like a cat . It’s his cat. On the wall , you can see some pictures. They are very beautiful .

( ) 1. The desk is _______ . A. under the window. B. beside the bed

C. in the middle of the bedroom D. on the left of the bookcases.

( )2. “backpack” means ________ in Chinese.

A. 书包 B. 背包 C. 背带

( )3. In Daniel’s bedroom, there are/is ______ bookcase(s)

A. only one B. two C. no D. three

( )4. There are some ________ on the wall. A. posters B. pictures C. maps



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