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新目标八年级英语下册Unit 3 Period 4

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What were you doing when the UFO arrived? Section B

Let’s talk
cook a meal at this time yesterday

was He

cook ing

at this time yesterday.

Let’s talk
play football
at four o’clock last Friday



play ing

football at four o’clock last Friday.

Let’s talk

have a class
yesterday afternoon

They hav were haveing

a class yesterday afternoon.

Let’s talk

ride a horse at nine last Sunday wasHerid ing ride
a horse at nine last Sunday.

Let’s talk
run at 5 o’clock

last Monday

were They

runn ing run

at 5 o’clock last Monday

What was he/she doing when the teacher came in? He/She was drawing a cat. What were they doing while the teacher was teaching them? They were drawing a car. What were you doing at ten yesterday. I was drawing an elephant.


They’re climbing a tree.


He’s shouting.

jump down

He is jumping down .


The snake is scary.

The man is scared .



The man is climbing a tree.

The boy is shouting.

He is jumping down .

The man is scared .

? 1. Match the sentences with the pictures.

c ? 1.___ He’s scared.
d ? 2.___ It’s climbing a tree. b ? 3.___ It’s jumping down. a ? 4.___ She’s shouting.

2a Listen. Check (?) the six things you hear in the chart.
Action 1. saw a cat in a tree 2. called the newspaper 3. called the TV station 4. took a photo 5. said “Good boy!” 6. was too scared 7. called the police 8. rode his bicycle

? ? ? ? ?

a. the newspaper reporter b. the man c. the cat Action 1. saw a cat in a tree 2. called the newspaper 3. called the TV station 4. took a photo Who

d. the woman e. John f. the police officer Who 5. said “Good boy!” 6. was too scared 7. called the police 8. rode his bicycle


c b


Boy :What a day I had! Girl :Tell me about it, John. Boy :Well, while I was walking to school I saw a

cat in a tree. It was really scared.
Girl :What did you do? Boy: I climbed the tree. Girl: And you got the cat. Boy: Nope. While I was climbing the tree, a man saw me. It was his tree and he shouted at me. So I stopped climbing. Girl: What about the cat?

Boy: It wanted to jump down. But it was too scared. Girl: Then what happened? Boy: Then the man called the police. And while he was calling the police, a woman called the newspaper. Girl: What did you do? Boy: I jumped down from the tree. And then the cat jumped down too.

Girl: That’s good.

Boy: And then the police officer and the newspaper reporter arrived. The police officer

said, “Good boy!” And the newspaper reporter
took a photo to put in the newspaper.

Girl :That’s great! Boy: Yes, but while he was taking the photo, the cat went up the tree

Girl: What did you do?

Boy: What do you think?

Climb the tree take the photo Call the police see John go up the tree call the newspaper

? A: While John was walking to school ? B: While John was walking to school, ? he saw a cat in a tree. ? C: While John was

climbing the tree……………..

1. What was Linda doing when Davy ran away?

Linda was buying a newspaper at the train station.
2. Why couldn’t Linda see Davy?

Linda couldn’t see Davy because the station was crowded. Davy was outside the station.

3. Where was Davy while Linda was looking for him?

4. What happened while Linda was on the telephone?

Davy met another dog outside the station.
5. What was Davy doing when Linda finally saw him?

Davy was jumping and running with another dog.

? A. Mary got up at seven o’clock. ? B. And then she was doing her homework while her mom was cleaning the room. ? C. After breakfast, she began to study for the tests. ? D. When her mom made breakfast, she was listening to English. ? E. At last, Mary and her mom decided to go shopping in the afternoon. ? ?(Answers: A D C B E)


This is Linda



Pair work
A woman lost her bike yesterday morning, the policeman wants to know “what were you doing ?”

P: what were you doing yesterday morning ?
A: I was … P: …

when “当…的时候”,是at that time的意思,表示做某种动作

When winter comes, the weather gets colder and colder.

When Linda saw Davy, he was jumping with another dog. 当Linda看到Davy时,他正和另一只狗一起蹦跳着。 while “当…的时候”,是during the time的意思,表示略长的

Mr. White was reading a newspaper while he was waiting for a bus. 怀特先生边等车边看报。 I am doing my homework while my mother is cooking.
我做作业的时候,我妈妈在做饭。 see sb. do sth. 强调“看见整个行动,或整个事件或行为的全过 程”。I saw them cross the road. 我看见他们过了马路。 see sb. doing sth. 强调“看见行动或事件正在进行”。 I saw them crossing the road. 我看见他们正在过马路。

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