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江苏省泰兴市西城中学八年级英语 练习96

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江苏省泰兴市西城中学八年级英语 练习96(无答案) 人教新目标版

一.听力部分 (25分)

A. 听句子,选正确的图画。


( ) 6.Where did Mr Chen live five years ago?

A In Moonlight Town. B In Sunshine Town. C In Star Town.

( ) 7.Who went to the Disneyland with Amy?

A Nobody B Her family C Her friends

( ) 8.What does the man use his computer for?

A Playing computer games B Listening to the music online

C Searching for information

( ) 9.Why does the woman prepare a charity show?

A Because she wants to raise money for Project Green Hope

B Because she wants to be the hostess of the charity show

C Because she can do something for Project Hope.

( )10.Where did Dr Ma operate on the patients last time?

A In the hospital B On the plane C In the poor countries


( )11.Who visited Window of the World with the writer?

A Her parents B Her teachers C Her friends

( )12.What was the weather like that day?

A It was windy B It was cold C It was sunny

( )13.Why did they choose Window of the World to visit?

A Because it is very big and beautiful

B Because the attractions there are outdoors.

C Because there are many places of interest.

( )14.When did the Eiffel Tower look beautiful and shiny?

A At noon B In the morning C At night

( )15.What did they see when they came out of the park?

A They saw the model of the Sydney Opera House.

B They saw some places where they could sit down and eat some food

C They saw some soldiers walking down the street.

二. 选择填空 15’

( ) 1.—You did a great job. I’m proud of you.

—_____. Dad.

A Not at all B I’m really grateful


C That’s right D Thanks a lot

( ) 2.A lot of money ____ to Wen Chuan in Sichuan in the pact few days.

A was donated B has donated C has been donated D donated

( ) 3.He can play basketball ____, if not better than me.

A as good as B as badly as C as well as D not badly as

( ) 4.____ great fun it was to be a host!

A What B What a C How D How a

( ) 5.John ____ spend all his pocket money, but now he ____ saving some of it.

A was used to, used to B used to, used to

C was used to, is used D used to, is used to

( )6 .____ is enough money ____ our work.

A All that we need, to carry on with B All which we need, to carry, on

C All what we need, to carry on with D All we need, to carry on

( ) 7.Is there ____ you would like to tell us?

A anything else interesting B something interesting else

C anything interesting else D else anything interesting

( ) 8.—Your mother is never late for work, ____?

—____. She is always the first to go to her office.

A is she, Yes B isn’t she, No C is she, No D isn’t she, Yes

( ) 9.—I haven’t seen her for 2 years. Is she ill?

— ____. Her sister told me she was in hospital.

A I hope not B I’m afraid so C I don’t expect so D I’m afraid not

( )10.He received ____ education that he couldn’t act ____.

A such little, so politely B so little, such politely

C so little, so politely D such little, such politely

( )11.It’s not necessary ____ you ____ an umbrella. But it’s thoughtful ____ you to do so.

A for, to take, of B of, to take of C for, taking of D of, taking for

( )12.We have known each other ____ we were young.

A when B because C since D before

( )13.It’s wrong to ____ the blind people. ____, we should help them.

A look down in, But B look down on, So

C look down at, However D look down on, Instead

( )14.Please don’t stand up in class until you _____.

A were told to B are told to C were told D are told

( )15.Your donations can ____ poor children ____ food and a chance to study.

A provide, to B provide, for C provide, with D provide, against

三. 完形填空 15’ Ann studied in a city far from her home town. One day, she went to buy a blue __1__ for her mother as a birthday present, because her mother’s umbrella is old and broken. On her way back to school, Ann felt __2__ and went into a teahouse for a drink. There __3__ 2

so many people in it. She found a seat and sat at a table. She put the umbrella behind the chair. After she finished her cup of tea, she looked at her __4__--it was nearly the time for classes in the afternoon. She hurried out and back to __5__. Suddenly she found that she had __6__ her umbrella in the teahouse. She ran back to the teahouse. But the umbrella was __7__ there .

She couldn’t __8__ crying , and she told the people around about the blue umbrella, which was a birthday present __9__ her mother. The people all felt __10__ for her. Then the owner of the teahouse came and asked for her mother’s __11__. He said if __12__ took it away by mistake and came to return the umbrella, he would send it to her mother. The girl told him her mother’s address, __13__ him and then left.

A few days after her mother’s birthday, Ann got a __14__ from her mother. It said, “Dear Ann, thank you for your good __15__. But could you tell me why you sent me so many blue umbrellas from different places?”( ) 1.A bag B umbrella C hat D coat

( ) 2.A thirsty B hungry C angry D sad

( ) 3.A will be B is C are D were

( ) 4.A table B watch C chair D tea

( ) 5.A school B home C shop D house

( ) 6.A forgotten B lost C left D got

( ) 7.A no B no longer C just D over

( ) 8.A want B help C start D begin

( ) 9.A to B from C with D for

( )10.A happy B angry C sorry D tired

( )11.A name B address C age D hobby

( )12.A nobody B none C someone D everyone

( )13.A asked B gave C told D thanked

( )14.A bag B magazine C present D letter

( )15.A present B presents C mail D e-mails

四. 阅读理解 15’


On the evening of June 21, 1992, a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes entered the beautiful hall of the Bell Tower Hotel in Xi’an with his bicycle. The hotel workers received him and telephoned the manager, for they had never seen a bicycle in the hotel hall before though they lived in “the kingdom of bicycles.”

Robert Friedlander, an American, arrived in Xi’an on his bicycle trip across Asia which started in December 1991 in New Delhi, India.

When he was 11, he read the book Marco Polo and made up his mind to visit the Silk Road. Now, after 44 years, he was on the Silk Road in Xi’an and his early dreams were coming true.

Robert Friedlander’s next destinations(目的地)were Lanzhou, Dunhuang, Urumqi, etc. He will complete his trip in Pakistan.

( ) 1.The best headline(标题) for this newspaper article would be _____.


A The Kingdom of Bicycles B A Beautiful Hotel in Xi’an

C Marco Polo and the Silk Road D An Ameircan Achieving His Aims

( ) 2.The hotel workers told the manager about Friedlander coming to the hotel because _____.

A he asked to see the manager

B he entered the hall with a bike

C the manager had to know about all foreign guests

D the manager knew about this trip and was expecting him

( ) 3.Friedlander is visiting the three countries in the following order.

A China, India, and Pakistan B India, China, and Pakistan

C Pakistan, China, and India D China, Pakistan, and India

( ) 4.What made Friedlander want to come to China?

A The stories about Marco Polo. B The famous sights in Xi’an

C His interest in Chinese silk D His childhood dreams about bicycle.

( ) 5.Friedlander can be said to be _____.

A clever B friendly C hardworking D strong-minded

B The great naturalist Darwin


He said, “There are thousands of different living things, but in the past, the number was smaller. In the beginning perhaps only one.” Darwin waited a long time before he put these things into a book. He always tried to add more and more facts. He wanted his ideas about evolution(进化) to be right.

It took him many years to write the book. When the books was published, people bought all the copies. The men of churches fought against Darwin’s ideas. His story of the world was different from theirs. Either Darwin or the men of the churches must be wrong. But the churches didn’t bring any new facts, or better ideas. They only brought angry words.

Later, Darwin wrote a book about the evolution of men. He said that man is also a kind of animal, And again, Darwin didn’t just write down his own ideas. He filled his book with facts. We now know that he is right. There have been men for more than a million years. We have found some of their bones. Bones have told us about the evolution of living things.

Like any other animal, men slowly changed through time. But we can’t find the bones of men from a few million years ago. There might be no men at that time. But there were different animals then. The bones can take us back through time into the past. And they can help us with our study of the evolution of life.

( ) 6.Darwin believed that ____.

A there were more living things in the past

B there would be a small number of living things in the future.

C the nubmer of living things had grown.

D there were one thousand living things in the beginning

( ) 7.Darwin’s book ______ when it was published.

A made the men of churches angry


B was bad to people C was not very popular

D wasn’t important enough

( ) 8.The men of churches ____.

A had new facts B had better ideas

C agreed with Darwin D were angry with Darwin

( ) 9.There were ______ in Darwin’s books.

A only ideas B only facts C both ideas and facts D angry words

( )10.Men’s bones are important because ______.

A they help us with the study of the evolution

B they prove that everything Darwin said is true

C they show what men looked like in the past

D they tell us that were men a few million years ago


A superstar usually is someone who has become famous is sports, or popular music, someone like the singer Michael Jackson. In the middle 1980s, Michael Jackson made a record called Thriller. It quickly became the most popular recording in the history of music, and it made Michael Jackson a superstar.

The word “super” means something that is very good, and of course, a star is a person who is famous. So people use “superstar” to describe the top people in sports, films and music.

One of the most famous sports superstars in the USA is a boxer called Ali. As a young man, he won a gold medal in the Olympics as a boxer. Then he became a heavyweight boxing champion(冠军)of the world. Before long, he was known as one of the greatest and most famous boxers in sports history.

Ali said when he was a champion he was more famous than the president of the USA. He was a true superstar. Everyone knew his name then.

But like the stars in the sky, a superstar fades away as time passes. Many young people, fox example, know little these days about Ali.

( )11.This article mainly talks about _____.

A Michael Jackson B Ali C superstars

D the meaning of “super” and “star”

( )12.The underlined phrase “fades away” in the passage means “____”.

A appears B disappears C shines brightly D stays still

( )13.Michael Jackson is famous for ____.

A his films B his report C his heavy weight D his songs

( )14.What would happen to superstars at last according to the article?

A They will be remembered by millions of people.

B They will die soon.

C They will be loved only by young people.

D They will not be so famous as before.

( )15.If a person ____, we call him a superstar.


A is the leader of a country B is a very famous football player

C is loved by millions of people D fades away as time passes


一. 听力部分

四. 阅读理解 1. It will be much __________ (snow) next day. We can go skiing.

2. He entered the room _____________ (silence) and sat down on the chair. 3. Today is his father’s ____________ (four) birthday. 4. People think that. She ____________ (she) is an angel.

5. Please pay attention to ____________ (carry) enough water during the walk. 6. It’s __________ (please) to meet you.

7. We should care more about the _________ (able)

8. “Walk for children” is an important event _________ (raise) money. 9. The government has built many houses for the _________ (home) people. 10. Middle school students __________ (tell) not to smoke. 六. 完成句子 12’

1. 乐施会毅行者以前名叫做毅行者。

Oxfam Trailwalker _________ __________ __________ Trailwalker before. 2. 18岁以上的人,分成四人小组,加入这个慈善步行。

People over 18 can ________ _________ _________ a team of four and join this charity walk.

3. 这是让人们学习团队精神的极好的机会。

This is __________ ___________ chance to learn _________ _________. 4. 欲知详情,请致电5558.6390 联系艾米

________ ________ information please ________ Amy _________ 5558.6390. 5. 埃迪通过锻炼来保持健康很重要。

It’s important __________ Eddie ________ ________ _________ ________. 6. 率先完成步行的前十名每人还会得到一份纪念品。

__________ _________ ten people to finish the walk will __________ _________ a __________ too. 七. 任务型阅读 5’

Mi Li , a famous writer, was born in a poor village. When he was asked why he

could be so successful ,he said, “Thanks for the people who helped me when I was in trouble.”

When Mr. Li was a schoolboy, his father became disabled in an accident and his mother earned a little money by selling newspapers . So they couldn’t ①______ to send him to ②______. He hoped he could go to school like the children at his age. After the local TV station reported his story, many kind people came to help him. They donated many useful things and much money to him. Li was really grateful to these people.③他努力学习,最终上了一所名牌大学(university)。In the college, he still worked hard. He got a scholarship(奖学金) every term. ④He saved as much money as he could and then he donated the money to the children in need. After graduating from the university, he became a writer .Now he can earn lots of money every year.

Li keeps donating money to charities and tries his best to help the students in poor areas. He thinks it’s meaningful to help the people in trouble. He says , “The world is full of love. If there weren’t kind persons, I couldn’t be so successful.”

1. 在①②处填上适当的词使上下文意思连贯


2. 请将③译成英文。


3. 请将④译成英文。


4. 从文中找出下列句子的同义句? I must thank the people, they helped me when I

was needy.


5. 从文中找出


八. 缺词填空 5’

“The history of York is the history of England”,said King George(乔治六世).York was f________ built in 71 A.D. and it has a rich and long history of more than 1,900 y_______. Its history makes it o_______ of the most popular cities in England for visitors. People can h_______ a lot about England’s history and they can see it and walk in it. Thousands of people from different countries take a walk t_________ 1,900 years of history on York’s city walls. “York is a great city with many s_________ buildings, old city walls and a famous university—University of York. Besides, it has interesting shops and many nice restaurants. It’s both old and m________. I really love it,” said Jack Smith, a visitor from the USA.

It’s r________ easy to come to York. York is b_________ London and Edinburgh. You can take a train from London to York. If you have enough time, you can a___________ take a bus from London to go through Cambridge to York. Come and find out more about York’s history.

九. 书面表达 8’







Dear Mr Principal:

I have found some information about South Hill. ________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Yours Sincerely



A 听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图画。每段对话读两遍。

1. W: Simon, what are you doing so late? You’d better go to sleep soon. M: I’m writing an e-mail to my pen pal, Mum.

2. M: What do you plan to do this Saturday?

W: We’ll go to the park to pick waste. In this way, we make the money to donate for Sichuan people.

3. M: Yuanyuan, you joined a club, do you?

W: No, that’s an organization. It mainly helps the people with eye problems.

4. W: It was reported that the fire happened at two to ten in the morning. M: That’s right. And it took the firemen two hours to put it out.

5. W: Where do you work, John?

M: I worked in a hospital near the shoe shop. But now I work for a car factory.

B.每小题你将听到一个对话, 从A、B、C三个选项中选出与你所听内容相符的选项.

6. W: How long have you lived in Sunshine Town. Mr. Chen? M: I have lived there since I left Moonlight Town Five years ago.

7. W: Yesterday I had a great time with my family at Disneyland.

M: How lucky you are, Amy! Hong Kong Disneyland is a wonderful place.

8. W: What do you usually use your computer for?

M: I don’t like playing computer games. I usually use it to scarch for information.

9. W: I am very busy preparing a charity show to raise money for project Green Hope. M: Do you need any help? If you do, you can call me anytime.

10.W: How many opererations did you perform during your last visit, Dr Ma? M: I operated on 150 patients on the plane. (B B C A B)


Last summer my parents took me to ShenZhen. On a sunny day we visited Window of the World Itis a wonderful theme park because all of the attructions there are outdoors. We saw many famous places around the world there, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House. You can climb up the Eiffel Tower and wave to your friends. The most exciting time of the day was Tower looked so beautiful and shiny at night.There were also some places where we could sit down and eat the tasty food. Just as we came out of the park, we saw a team of soliers walking down the street. It was great fun watching them.(A C B C C )






(1)afford, school (2)he worked hard and went to a famous university


(4)Thanks for the people who helped me when I was in trouble

(5)It’s meaningful to help the people in trouble

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