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Where is the pen ?
It’s on the box.

Where’s the pen?

in It’s_____the box.

under It’s ________ the box.
[′∧nd ]

It’s behind the box. ______

The blue box is next to/beside the orange box.

The blue box is opposite the orange one.



The wooden house is over the river.

in front of


The man is in front of the bus.

The driver is in the front of the bus.


next to \beside

Floor 7 is above Floor 6.

Floor 6 is below Floor 7.

? ? ? ? at home at the gate of … at the bus stop at the table

in out on under, at, over under above below inside outside before = in front of behind, next to = beside opposite, near between….and

? in front of
I am in front of you.

? in the front of
I am in the front of the classroom. ? next to Miss Shen is next to the teacher’s desk. ? between I stand between the desk and the computer. ? opposite Hanbaoxiaozi is opposite our school.

Talk about our classmates in our class.

in front of Millie sits ____________ me. between and Amy sits _________ Millie ______Simon. Kitty sits _____________ Sandy. next to/beside Sandy sits _________ Kitty ______ me. between and behind Kitty sits ___________ Simon.

in front of Simon sits ____________ Kitty. between and Amy sits __________ Millie _____ Simon. opposite The window is __________ the door. on The chalk is ______ the teacher’s desk. Amy sits _______________ Sandy. in front of

Kate’s bedroom shelf


Simon: Kate has a computer in her room. It is on her desk. Her printer is next to her computer. There is a lamp on the beside table. Amy: Where is the beside table? Simon: It is between the bed and the armchair. Amy: Where are Kate’s toys?

Simon: They are in a box. Amy: Does Kate have many books? Simon: Yes. They are on a shelf. The shelf is above the bed. Amy: Is Kate’s room very tidy? Simon: No! There are lots of things under her bed.

1. We can’t see the ball . It’s _______the door . behind 2. Shall we meet ____ the gate of the shop? at 3. Is Tom playing ____ the street or ____ the road ? in on 4. There is a bridge over the river. 5. I sit between the twins . The elder sister is _____ ______ on on my left and the younger one is ____ my right .

6. The big tree _________ our classroom is nearly in front of 100 years old .
7. A plane is flying above our head. 8. She lives next to my home. We are neighbours.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 在……的前面 in front of 在……(两者)之间 between… and… 在……的旁边 next to 在地板上 on the floor 在河上 over the river 在门的对面 opposite the door 在老师的讲台上 on the teacher’s desk 在床头柜上 on the bedside table 在床和扶手椅之间 between the bed and the armchair 在架子上 on the shelf 在床的上方 above the bed 在床底下 under the bed

? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3、句子: 重点句: 1). Millie sits in front of me. 2). Amy sits between Millie and Simon. 3). Kitty sits next to Sandy. 4). The chalk is on the teacher’s desk. 5). The house is over a river. 难句: 1). The window is opposite the door. 2). The shelf is above the bed.


There are two books on the teacher’s desk.
2.Tom坐在 Lihua和我之间。

Tom sits between Lihua and me.

There is a shop opposite the school.

There are two bookshelves on the wall.


There is a printer in my room.

Her printer is beside her computer.

There is a lamp on the bedside table.

There are a lot of things under her bed.

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