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外研新教材八年级英语外研版上Module 8 Unit1课件

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What happened in the picture?
hit--hit a broken car a car hit a bike.
[hit] 碰撞

an accident

a fallen bike

traffic lights change to red/yellow/green

Unit 1 While the lights were changing to red, a car suddenly appeared.
[?pi?] 出现

Who can you see in the picture?
mobile phone hurt his knee fall off his bike

policewoman policewomen

policeman policemen

pale苍白的 listen to the music


What advice can you give when someone are riding a bike?
1. Don’t ride too fast! 2. Don’t listen to music! 3. Don’t ride side by side with your friends! 4. Pay attention,stop at the red lights!
/??ten ??n/注意

Here is the dialogue between the policewoman and the driver . Listen and underline the correct words.

1. The driver was/was not going fast. 2. The driver was/was not looking. 3. The driver was/was not talking on his mobile phone.

1. What was the boy doing when he was riding his bike? He was listening to music. 2. When did a car suddenly appear round [raund]转到 the corner? [?k ?:n?]拐角 While the lights were changing to red. 3. Did the boy fall off his bike? Yes, he did.

When you are riding a bike, think about the risk of an accident! attention ?Pay ___________ and stop at the ___________. red lights ?Don’t ______ too fast. ride side by side ?Don’t ride ____________ with your friends. ?Don’t ______________! listen to music

appear attention glad hit side

Accidents do not happen very often, I’m (1) glad to say. However, when _____ you’re riding your bike, pay (2) _________ attention all the time, especially on the corner of the road and at traffic lights. Don’t ride side by (3) _____ with your friends. Sometimes side cars (4) _______ round the corner and appear don’t stop. They may (5) hit you. ___


wait to do sth wait for sb/sth


on time准时

pay attention to sth/doing sth

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.看起来苍白的 2.看到一起事故 3.等着过马路 4.出现在拐角附近 5.通过手机交谈 6.汽车撞上男孩 7.我很高兴地说 8.刚好及时 9.从自行车上摔了下来 10.伤了膝盖 11.骑自行车 12.考虑事故的风险 13.集中注意力 14.在红灯时停下 15.肩并肩 16.一直 17.准时

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.look pale 2.see an accident 3.wait to cross the road 4.appear round the corner 5.talk on one’s mobile phone 6.the car hit the boy 7.I am glad to say 8.just in time 9.fall off one’s bike 10.hurt one’s knee 11.on one’s bike/ride a bike 12.think about the risk of an acciden 13.pay attention 14.stop at the red lights 15.side by side 16.all the time 17.on time

一、While the lights were changing to red, a car suddenly appeared round the corner.当交通灯变红 时,一辆汽车突然在拐角附近出现。 while只能表示某一段时间,不能表示某一点时间。 在while引导的

时间状语从句中,其谓语动词只能是 延续性的,而且也只能与主句中的谓语动词同时发 生或存在。 1.While Jim was mending his bike, Lin Tao came to see him. 正当吉姆修自行车时,林涛来看他。 2.You can’t do your homework while you’re watching TV. 你不能一边看电视一边做家庭作业。


二、When I was driving along the road , the accident

when既可表示某一点时间,也可以表示某一段时 间 。在when引导的时间状语从句中,其谓语动词 可以是延续性的,也可以是非延续性的,可与主句 中的谓语动词同时发生,也可在其后发生。 1.I was just reading a book when she came into my room. 她走进我房间时,我正在看书。

2.Were you writing a letter when the teacher came in?

? when和while的区别还在于:while引导的时间状 语从句多用进行时态,而when引导的时间状语从 句多用一般时态。 1.While they were talking , the bell rang.

2.I was doing my homework when my mother came

back home yesterday evening. 昨天晚上妈妈回家

单项选择 C 1.When the teacher came in , the students______. A.talk B.talked C.were talking

2.Be careful when you _____ the road. B A.across B.cross C.are acrossing

C 3.Jim _____ his bike and hurt his leg. A.fell B.fell down C.fell off

编写一个对话,介绍你亲眼目睹的 一次交通事故。

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