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Ⅰ 按要求写出下列单词的适当形式(每小题1分,共10分)

1. Radio(复数)______ 2.Busy(副词)_______ 3.Sun (形容词)_

_____4.Thirty(序数词)_____ 5.Better(反义词)_____

6.Write(名词) _________ 7.Care(副词)______ 8.Begin(现在分词)___

______ 9. Stop (过去分词)_________10.dangerous(名词)______


1. Excuse me , which is the way ________East Lake ?

2. There’s an old stone bridge ______the river .

3. I’d like Chinese tea _______nothing in it .

4. ______my angry , he took away my book without talking me . 5. The film will be _________at seven this evening .

Ⅲ.单项选择 (每小题1分,共20分)

( )1My mother ______when someone knocked at the door .

A.cooked B.is cooking C.will cook D.was cooking

( )2.There’s an something wrong with my radio .Can it _____ ?

A.be mended B.is mended C.was mended Dmend .

( ) 3.Can you tell me ______to use the computer ?

A.what B.how C.which D.when

( )4.Mike is _____American boy . He studied in _______university in America .

A.the ,a B.a , a C.an , a D.an ,an .

( )5._____I open the window ? It’s too hot here .

A.Will B.Do C.shall D.Would .

( )6.About one third of workers in the factory _____women .

A.is B.are C.be D.am .

( )7.I don’t know who gave you a call , but it was a girl’s _____. A.sound B.number C.answer D.voice

( )8.Please get everything ready ______classes begin .

A.until B.after C.before D.while

( )9.It’s very hot in the room .You’d better ____your coat .

A.take off B.put on C.think about D.try on

( )10.What’s the time ______your watch ?

A.on B.from C.by D.with

( )11.He liked my bike so much that I had to lend it _______ him . A.from B.to C.for D.on 1

( )12.“Don’t do that again !”“Sorry ,I _____do it again ” 。

A.am not B.don’t C.can’t D.won’t

( )13.This kind of skirt looks ______and sells ________ .

A.nice ,well B.nice ,good C.well ,well D.good , nice

( )14.---Do you want an apple or a pear ?

---, I just want an apple .

A.Both B.None C.Either D.Neither

( )15.The child is _____to _____himself .

A.old enough , wear B.old enough , dress

C.too young ,dress D.young too , wear

( )16. –I haven’t seen you for weeks. How are you getting on with your English?

--, thanks.

A. Very well B. That’s OK C. I’m all right D. Too bad

( )17. –Turn on the radio. --_______? --I asked you to turn on the radio.

A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Don’t you D. Pardon

( ) 18. –Would you like to go out for a walk? --________,but I’m busy.

A. No, I can’t B. Yes, I will C. I’d love to D. I like

( )19. –Is your mother really ill? --_______. She ‘s in the hospital.

A. I don’t think so B. No, she isn’t

C. I hope so D. I’m afraid not

( )20. –Dad, there’s something wrong with my watch. --________. I can mend it for you.

A. You’re right B. That’s right. C. Never mind D. That’s OK Ⅳ.用括号内所给的单词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共10分)

1. The Great Wall is a place of _________(interesting) in China. 2. Tomorrow it will be __________(rain).

3. The ________-(thank) man was too excited to say a word.

4. --Did you sleep ________(good) --No, I slept _________(bad)!] 5. I was ________(deep) moved by his story.

6. December is the __________(twelve) month of the year.

7. It’s a long time since we ________(meet) last year.

8. When he heard the news, he was ________(surprise).

9. She became a teacher in her __________(twenty).

10. It’s a __________(please) to work with you.

Ⅴ.补全对话(从七个选项中选出五个,完成以下对话,每空1分,共5分) 2

A: I want to spend my holidays in Dalian. 1 .

B: Yes, I have been there many times. A: 2 .

B: Yes, I like the city very much. She’s coming one of the most modern cities in the world. A: 3 .

B: The city is clean and beautiful. The people are kind and the football team is strong. A: 4 .

B: No, not very hot. You may have a swim in the sea.

A: How cool! Swimming in the sea must be more wonderful than in the lake.

B: I’m sure you’ll have a good time there.

A: Would you please go with me? B: 5 .

Ⅵ 用方框中所给单词或词组的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共10分)

1. To my surprise, Han Juan __________ her maths exam last week. 2. I don’t think Sam can help you because he ___________ to the ma


3. Their classroom is too dark. So they have decided _________ to

a brighter one.

4. __________ your clothes before you go out to play.

5. Do you enjoy __________ in Lanzhou?

6. I’ll let ________ you _________ he go there, I think both of yo

u are good.

7. He had _________ food________ water flor several days. Perhaps

he was ill.

8. He _______ finish his work _________ eleven o’clock.

9. As soon as he _________ Guilin, he would call me.

10. he ________ very tired, doesn’t he?


Ⅶ 阅读理解(每小题2分 , 共10分)

The green lived in a small village. There were three people in the family, Mr. Green, Mrs. Green and the only child John. John was twenty yeas old. He worked in the village and lived with his parents, but he didn’t like to work in the village. Later he got work in a town with the name of Greens. It was quite a long way from the village. John liked his new work very much, but his parents were not happy about it.

“John, you’d better come back to work in the village, and live with us.” Mrs. Green said one day. John said, “ But there isn’t any good work for me here, Mum.” So he went to work in Greens and lived there.

Last Sunday, Mrs. Green was very angry, she got on a bus and went to john’s house in Greens. “John,” she said to him. “Why do you never call me?” John laughed and said, “Mum, you haven’t a telephone. ” “No, ” she answered, “ I haven’t , but you have got one.”


1. At first John worked in Greens. ( ) 2. His parents didn’t want him to work in Greens. ( ) 3. There wasn’t any good work for John in Greens. ( ) 4. There was a bus between the village and Greens. ( ) 5. Mrs. Green didn’t know how to make telephone calls. ( ) Ⅷ.书面表达(10分)

请你根据中文提示,用英文给网友Tina 50~60个词的电子邮件。

假如你叫李明,来自兰州,是兰州一中的初二年级的学生,16岁,爱好打篮球、游泳和集邮。你学习很努力,语文、数学学得很好,但英语口语方面较差,请T给予帮助,并希望Tina 尽快回信。



Ⅰ、1.radios 2. busily 3.sunny 4.thirtieth 5.worse

6.writer 7.carefully 8.beginning 9. stopped 10.danger Ⅱ.1.to 2. over 3. with . 4. to .5.on


Ⅳ.1. Interest 2. rainy 3. thankful 4. well

5. badly 6. twelfth 7. met 8. surprised

9. twenty 10. pleasure


Ⅵ. 1. Failed 2. has gone 3. to move 4. Wash 5. living 6. either or 7. neither , nor 8. didn’t until

9. arrived in 10. looks


Ⅷ 略。


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