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unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake 1a-2c

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake? Section A 1a-2b

1、学会使用 “first, next, then, finally” 来描述香蕉奶昔的制作过程。 2、学习肯否定祈使句。 3、学会使用 “How many\much...?” 对可数或不可数名词提问。

Students’ show time
finally drink … 最后 喝 搅拌机 milk shake 奶昔 blender watermelon 西瓜 peel… 剥(皮) cut up… 切碎 put … in 放入(固体) pour… into 倒入(液体) turn on… 打开(电器) turn off... 关闭(电器)

1a Write these words in the blanks in the picture above turn on, cut up, drink, peel, pour, put pour drink peel milk shake

cut up

turn on


1b. Look a cartoon, then put 1b in order.

Check the answers ___Turn on the blender. 5 ___Cut up the bananas. 2 ___Drink the milk shake. 6 ___Pour the milk into the blender. 4 ___Put the bananas and ice cream 3 in the blender. ___Peel three bananas. 1

How to make a banana milk shake? Peel three bananas.

Cut up the bananas.


Put the bananas and icecream in the blender.


Pour the milk into the blender. Turn on the blender.

Drink the banana milk shake.

? Group work ? A: I’m hungry. ? B: Let’s make a banana milk shake! ? A: Good! How do we make it? B: First, _____ three bananas, __ __the bananas. then, ___ the milk___ the blender. ___ ___ the blender. next,___ the bananas and ice-cream ___ the blender. ___ drink the banana milk shake. A: I think you will be a good cook! B: Thank you.

No开头——用来表示禁止的祈使句。 禁止谈话! No talking! 禁止钓鱼! No fishing!

Translate these sentences into Chinese. Please turn on the blender 1. 请打开果汁机。 ____________________. 2. 让我们(Let’s)做奶昔吧! Let's make a milk shake _____________________! 3. 请把牛奶倒进果汁机! (pour...into...) Please pour the milk into the blender _______________________________! 4. 不要把你的手机(phone)带到学校(take...to...) Don’t take your phone to school ___________________________. 5 不要把你的刀(knife)带到学校 (take...to...) Don't take your knife to school _____________________. No smoking . 6. 禁止吸烟!(smoke) _____________! Don’t smoke .

Do you want to make fruit salad? What do we need?

2a Listening
Ingredients[??'ri:d?rnts](材料) How much yogurt honey How many bananas apples oranges watermelons

Fill in the blanks how many; how much

1. How much honey do you need? ________ 2.How many watermelons did you buy? ________ 3. — How much is the computer? ________ —It’s 5,000 yuan. 4. How many oranges do you have? ________ 5. — How much money does your Chinese ________ teacher have? — She has a lot of money. 6. How much yogurt do we need? ________

Summary What do we learn today?
We learn…

? Remember the new words . ? Tell other students how to make a banana milk shake. ? Make fruit salad or banana milk shake for your pare


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