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M2 U1-It's taller than many other buildings

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Module 2

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions
hill n. population n. wide million pretty pretty good than get 小山;小丘 (某一地区的)人口; 全体居民 adj. 宽的;宽阔的 num. 百万 adv. [主口]相当地;非常;很 相当好;很好 prep. 比 v. 变成;成为






Look at the pictures and talk about them. Use the words in the box to help you. high hill wide population river

Now listen and complete.

Shanghai Place: (1)__________
23.5 Population: (2)_____ million Jin Mao Tower: (3)______ metres high 420.5

Hong Kong Place: (4)__________ seven Population: (5)_____ million 552 Victoria Peak: (6)______ metres high

Do you want to get more information about Jin Mao Tower and Victoria Peak?

Now enjoy some pictures about them.

Jin Mao Tower(上海金茂大厦)

Victoria Peak (香港太平山顶)

2 Listen to the dialogue and answer the following questions.

1.Where did Daming go during the weekend?

Listen and read and complete the passage about Shenzhen.
Shenzhen is on the coast near Hong Kong. It became important in the (1)_____. Before that it was a 1980s (2)___________. Today the population small village of Shenzhen is more than (3)____ million. ten

There are many tall buildings in Shenzhen. A famous one is the (4)_____________. It is (5)_____ taller Diwang Tower than many other buildings in Shenzhen. 地王大厦,正式名称为信兴广场, 是一座摩天大楼。因信兴广场所 占土地当年拍卖拍得深圳土地交 易最高价格,被称为“地王”, 因此公众称之为地王大厦。

3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in the box. You need to use some of the words more than once. big new busy clean large small wide

1.About thirty years ago, Shenzhen small was a ______ village, but today it is a very _________ city. big/large

newer 2. Shenzhen is a ______ city than Hong Kong. bigger 3. Shenzhen is getting ______ and busier wider ______. The streets are _____ and _______. cleaner busy 4. Shenzhen will become as _____ as Hong Kong. 5. The populations of Shenzhen is larger ______ than that of many other cities in China.

Do you want to know more about Shenzhen? Now enjoy a video about it.

分析: 英语句子一般由多个单词构成,这些单词 的重读(stress) 一般遵循以下规律:名 词、形容词、数词、动词、副词、代词和 表达强烈思想感情的感叹词需要重读;人 称代词、连词、冠词、介词、以及少数系 动词和助动词等主要起语法作用的单词一 般不重读(当然有少数例外)。 注意: 有时为了表达思想感情一些提供新信息的 词需要重读, 需要强调的词需要重读。

4 Listen and notice how the speaker stresses the underlined words. 1. – Shenzhen is larger in population than Beijing. – No, it isn’t. It’s smaller. 2. – Hong Kong is newer than Shenzhen. Now work in pairs. Li

sten again and – No, repeat. it isn’t. It’s older. 3. – Shenzhen is as old as Hong Kong. – No, it isn’t. It’s newer. 4. – Hong Kong is as busy as Shenzhen. – No, it isn’t. It’s busier.

5 Compare Shenzhen with your home town. Make notes in the table.
a big city

Your home town

6 Work in pairs. Talk about the differences between Shenzhen and your home town. Use big, small, hot, cold, tall or new.
-Is your home town bigger than Shenzhen? -No, it isn’t. It’s smaller than Shenzhen.

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