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JEFC, book 2A

Zhou ling

1 Say something about the teaching material

This material is chosen from JEFC, book 2A.The topic of this unit is about the Swedish rock band. It’s the first period of this unit, It consists of two dialogues which gives some brief information of the Swedish rock band. It bases on the learning of the simple past tense in the previous units and has a further studying and reviewing about that. So the main point is to understand the material , to review the simple past tense, especially the statement forms and the question forms of “ there be..”, the difficult point is some of the irregular verb forms and how to use the simple past tense correctly in reality. So this material mainly aims at enabling them to express the past experience and developing their ability of communication and co-operation as well.

2 Say something about the teaching methods

I mainly adopt three kinds of methods, as following:

1 CAI ( Computer Assisted Instruction): A multimedia computer is prepared beforehand, it’s really a great help to both teachers and students because of its quick step, large amount of practice and presentation, the vivid and active atmosphere, and the very effective teaching results.

2 The Situational teaching method: I create some real or half real situations to review the previous language points or lead in the new ones, with their help, the teacher can help them not only listen silently and passively, but take part in the activities of language using happily and actively. As it is said in psychology, “More stimulation, more reflection. No stimulation, no refection.” Besides, the teacher can help them understand and practice the language meaningfully.

3 Task-based teaching method: In my class, all kinds of activities and tasks are planned for the students throughout the whole procedure, such as: pair work, group work, class work, discussion, make an interview, make a survey, etc. It can encourage everybody to exchange information freely, to get the feeling of using the language, to develop their ability of thinking in English.

3 Say something about the studying methods

In order to improve the students’ ability of listening, speaking. reading and writing and especially the ability of communication, arouse their interest in English learning, help them to have the idea of “learn by doing” , in every step, I give them such topics which are familiar to them, in this way, to help more students to open their mouths and express their own ideas. Also, I give them various tasks

to encourage them to communicate with partners, co-operate with others and even to create something new.

4 Say something about the teaching procedures All together there are five steps, as following:

1 Step one-- Warming up:

After a greeting and a guessing game about the objects shown in the pictures review the statement forms and the question forms of “there be..”, this is to make a preparation for the next steps. 2 Step two-- Pre-task:

Enjoy a song with them and talk with individuals about their favorite singers and bands, show more pictures about some Chinese or foreign singers and bands and give a brief introduction. In this way, some of the language points such as “ rock band, rock music, give a concert, the Swedish rock band, the Beatles…” are presented, meanwhile, some of the information concerning with the material is known beforehand. The topics and all the pictures are so interesting and familiar to the students ,they are sure to have an warm and active talking, so it serves as a leading-in to the passage and helps them to clean up some of the difficulties in the next part. 3 Step three--While-task:

Ask them to watch the video once and answer two questions then watch again , ask and answer more questions in pairs ,then after

reading the passage and retell it orally. This can help them to understand the passage from main points to detailed information, from easy points to difficult points, in a gradual way this can help them understand the whole material clearly, and to cultivate their ability of getting information and re-using the information. A retelling is to develop their ability of expressing and thinking in English.

4 Step four--Task:

With the help of a given form and the teacher’s example, get them to make an interview with the teachers around, then give a report about it. This serves as a wide out or a climax of this lesson, and as a presentation of their out--put . It gives each student a good chance to have a real communication.

5 Step five—homework

Get them to write down a passage about your favourite singer of band.

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