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C. Wang xiaoling D. Wang xiao ling

( )12. I _____ a student. You ______ a teacher. It ______ a book. A.am, are, is B. be, are, is

C. am, be, is D. am, is,


词语释义,选出与句中划线部分意义最相近的解释,并将标号填入题前括号内。 ( )1.—Nice to meet you. A. Good

B. Nice


D. Hi

( )2. What about your father ? A.How about B.How C.What D.Who ( )3. Please look at the picture A.photo B.pen C.ruler D. key ( )4.---Thank you .---That's OK

A.You're welcome B.Thanks C .No,thank you D. All right ( )5. My last name is Green .

A.first name B.family name C. middle name D. name 二、单项选择。(共35分,每题1分)

( )6.The girl’s name is Maria Green, so her _______ name’s Maria. A. last




( )7. —Are you Mr Li? —_________.

A. Yes, I am B. No, you’re not C. Yes, you are D. Yes, he is ( )8. —Is this _____ baseball? —No. It’s _____ baseball. A. you;my B. my;you

C. your;his D. my ,your

( ) 9.-What’s your telephone number?-___________ 278-106. A.I’m


C.It’s D.Is it

( )10-Is that a ruler? -No, ______________. A.it is

B.it isn’t

C.that is

D.that isn’t

( )11.That’s a girl. Her name is ___________. A.Wang Xiaoling

B.Wang Xiao Ling


( )13. M y name _______ Jim Green. A. am

B. is

C. are

D. be

( )14.—Hello, Kate. Nice to meet you! — _________. A .How are you?

B. What’s your name?

C. Nice to meet you, too!

D. I’m fine.

( ) 15. —_______ do you spell “pen”? — P-E-N. A. What

B. Where

C. How

D. Which

( )16.This is Gina. _______ phone number is 5874—6923. A. She

B. Her C. He D. His

( )17.-Is Grace your friend? -Yes,____ is. A.his

B. her

C. she

D. he

( )18. -What’s this ____English? -It’s ____orange. A. in; an

B .at; an

C. in; a D. on; the

( )19.This is _____ruler. A.I

B.my a

C.a my


( )20. -What color is _____jacket? -Red. A.your




( )21.This is _____pen and that is _____orange. A.a; a

B. an; an

C.a; an D.an; a

( )22.This is a ruler. _____ruler is blue. A.A




( )23. -Are you Helen? -____.

A.No, I’m not B. No, it isn’t C.Yes, it is D.Yes, I’m ( )24.—Your English is very good. —______. A.Thank you B.Thanks you C.You are good D.Not good ( )25._______Grace . _______phone number is 215-0273.

A.My is; I B.I’m; My C.I is; I D.I’m; I

( )26. —What’s ______name? —He’s Jim. A.he





( )27. —Are these your_bags?

A.Yes ,it is. B.Yes,they are C.No,they are . D.No,it isn’t ( )28.This is ______pen. A.white

B.a white

C.an red

D.an green

( )29.Look! This is ______ID card. A.a




( )30. —What’s four and three? —It’s_____. A.seven




( )31. —____ your name? — My name is Kate. A. What’s

B. What

C. Where D.How

( )32. —Is she Maria? —No, she ____. A. is

B. isn’t

C. aren’t D.be

( )33. “ One one zero ” 表示 ____。 A. 火警

B. 匪警

C. 急救中心 D.消费维权

( )34. —What’s this ____ English? —It’s ____ egg.(鸡蛋) A. to; a

B. to; an

C. in; an

D. in; a

( )35. —Is that an orange? ____. It’s an apple. A. Yes

B. No

C. It is

D. It isn’t

( )36. —____ your name. —T-I-N-A, Tina. A. Spell

B. Now

C. Say

D. Speak

( )37. My mom is ____ teacher. She’s ____ English teacher. A. a; an

B. a; a

C. an; a

D. an; an

( ) 38 . I have five

A. dictionary B.dictionaries C. dictionarys D. dictionaris ( )39. —Is your name Brown?

A.Yes, it is.

B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I’m. D. No, I’m not.

( )40. I am a teacher. She is a teacher, _______. A. to

B. too

C. two

D. do


This girl 41 twelve. 42 name is Kate. That boy 43 thirteen. 4 4 name is Tom. 45 teacher 46 a woman(女人). 47 name is Wang Fen. 48 is a good teacher. Kate and Tom are

good 49. 50 are also(也) good students.

( )41.A. be B. am C. is

D. are

( )42A. My B. Your C. His

D. Her

( )43.A. be B. am C. is

D. are

( )44.A. His B. Your C. My

D. Her

( )45.A. They’s B. They’re C. They D. Their

( )46.A. am B. is C. are

D. be

( )47.A. His B.



She’s D. He’s ( )48.A. She’s B. He’s C.


D. He

( )49.A.friend’s B. friends C. friend

D. friends’

( )50.A.They B. They’re C. their D. them

四、阅读理解。(共25分,51—55题每题1分,56- 65每题2分)


阅读下面的文章判断下列句子的正误,正确的在括号里写T,错误的在括号里写F: Hello, everyone. I am Tom. Let me tell you about my family.

My father is a teacher. His name is Jack. My mother is a doctor. My father calls her lovely Lily. I have a little sister. And we have a dog. Her name is

Nancy. We all like her.

We are now living in London(伦敦). But my grandparents are in Beijing. I hope(希望) we can go to Beijing one day. ( ) 51.Tom’s father is a doctor. ( ) 52. Tom’s mother is a teacher.



( ) 53.Tom’s sister’s name is Nancy. ( ) 54.There is(有) a dog in Tom’s family. ( ) 55.Tom’s grandparents are in Shanghai now.


I’m Tom. This is a pencil box. It’s orange. It’s my pencil box. What’s in the pencil box? A ruler is in the pencil box. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It isn’t my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found(发现) his green pen in the pencil box. I call Tim at 7890003. It is his telephone number. ( ) 56. What color is the pencil box?

A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green. ( )57. I am Tom. That is not my_________.

A. pencil B. pencil box C. ruler

( )58. ________ has (有) a pencil.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )59. _______ found the pen in the lost and found box.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )60. Is Tim’s (蒂姆的)telephone number 7890003?

A. Yes. B. No. C. OK.


Found: Is this your red pen ?

Call Gina at 749-5903. Lost : A green notebook. Call Tim at 503-9765. Lost : My school ID card.

My name is Sonia . Please call 614-5489. Found : A set of keys. Call Mary at 370-8943

( )61. If you lost a pen ,you may call at _________. A 749-5903 B 503-9765 C 614-5489 D 370-8943 ( )62.If you lost a set of keys ,you may call _________.

A .Gina B .Tim C .Sonia D. Mary ( )63._______ lost a notebook..

A .Tom B. Tim C. Sonia D. Gina ( )64.Sonia _________.

A.found a pen B.found a pencil box C.lost a ruler D.lost her school ID card

( )65.Which of the following is NOT correct(下面的哪一个是不正确的)? A. Sonia lost her school ID card. B. Tim’s notebook is green. C. Gina’s pen is red. D .Mary found a set of keys. 五. 用物主代词his,her,your,my填空。(5分) 66.What’s ________ name? My name is Tony. .67.This is my father, here is _____ photo. 68.What’s her name? _____ name is Lily. 69.This is a boy,____ name is Jim.

70.What’s your telephone number? _____ telephone number is 12345.

六.用be动词am,is,are填空。(10分) 71. I ____ a boy, my name ____ Bob Brown. 72. How ____ you? I____ fine.

73. What ____ your phone number? It ___ 12345. 74 What color ____ it? It ____ white. 75. What____ this in English?

76.The pen and pencil ____in the pencil box. 77. ____these English books ? 78.Here____a photo of my mother. 79. They____ my parents.

80. ____she your grandmother? Yes, she is 七、书面表达。(10分)

利用下面的信息,运用所学的英语知识,用5句话向你的同学介绍你自己的情况包括你的名字、电话号码、身份、爱好等等,10分),注意语句通顺,语义连贯,书写规范。 Name: Linda Black First name: Linda Last name: Black


Telephone number:153-36859 Friend :Tom

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________






三、完形填空(10分) 四.阅读理解,51—55每题1分,56—65每题2分,共25分) 五.用物主代词填空(每题1分,共5分) 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 六.用be动词填空(每题1分,共10分)

71. 72. 73.







78 。



七、书面表达:(10分 ) __________________________ ____


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