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福建省南安市九都中学七年级英语上册《Unit 1 My name is Gina Period 4》学案

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《Unit 1 My name is Gina Period 4》学案

教师寄语:Four eyes see more than two. 集思广益。


1. 单词和词组:first, first name, last, last name, friend, China, middle school.

2. 重点句子:What’s your first name/ last name?

What’s your phone number? My phone number is 232-4672.


1. 学会能作简单的自我介绍,并能制作名片。

2. 学会介绍他人。



First name: Mike

Last name: Smith

Telephone number: 8398-6122

Age: sixteen years old

1.一问一答 A: What’s your full name? B:______________________________

A: What’s your first name? B:_______________________________

A: What’s your last name? B:______________________________

A: What’s your telephone number? B:______________________________ A: How old are you? B:___________________________________


Hello, my name is ________ _________. My first name is _______. My ________ name is Smith. My ___________ number is ____________. I’m from America. So I’m an American boy. I’m sixteen years old. I li

ke China very much.





1.She is Mary Black. Her family name is _________.

A.Mary B.Black C.Mary Black D.Black Mary

2.______ name is Jim. What’s _______ name?

A.I; your B.My; you C.My; your D.I; you

3.---Are you Mr Brown? --_________

A.Yes, it is. B.Yes, I am C.Yes, I’m D. No, I’m no

4.---_______ is your pencil box? ---It’s blue and white.


A.How B.What color C.What D.When

5.---Bob, this is Melon. ---____________.

A.Yes, I am B.No, I’m not C.You are Melon D.Nice to meet you, Melon. 6.---______ your telephone ________? ---It’s 120-57833.

A.What; name B.What’s; color C. What’s; key D. What’s; number

7.—What’s ______ name? ---He is Wang Lin.

A.her B.my C. your D.his

8.---______ is an English girl. _______ name is Kate. A.She; She B.She; Her C.Her; She D. Her; Her 9.---What’s her telephone number? ---______ 654-3365.

A.Its B.Her is C.It’s D.She is

10.______ Jenny, and _______ Jim. A.He’s; my is B.She’s; I’m C.Her is; my is D.I’m; She’s



A:Hello, I’m Bruce. What’s your name? B:_____________

A:Is Jie your last name?

B:No. _________ A:What’s your phone number?

B:Oh, it’s 789-5940.

A:_________. My telephone number is 399-3948.

B:Is that girl your sister?

A:Yes. __________

B:What’s your last name? A:_____________





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