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新版 八年级上英语 unit7

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Unit 7 Will people have robots?


1. 纸____________________ 2. 污染;污染物_______________

3. 预言;预测__________________ 4. 将来;未来_________________

5. 环境_______________________ 6. 行星______________________

7. 地球;世界__________________ 8.

9. 参加;参与__________________ 10.

11. 宇航员___________________ 12.

13. 火箭____________________ 14.

15. 甚至;愈加_______________ 16.

17. 仆人_________________ 18.

19. 已经,早已________________ 20.

21. 简单的;易做的_____________ 22.

23. 能够_____________________ 24.

25. 形状;外形_______________ 26.

27. 可能的_______________ 28.

29. 一方_________________ 30.

31. 在…期间_______________ 32.


1. 参与(某事)_________________ 2.

3. 活到一百岁________________ 4.

5. 世界和平__________________ 6.

7. 在地球上__________________ 8.

9. 在公寓里_________________ 10.

种植;植物_________________ 和平_____________________ 公寓___________________ 太空;空间_______________ 人的;人_________________ 有危险的_________________ 工厂___________________ 相信___________________ 不同意;持不同意见________ 倒塌;跌倒_______________ 不可能的__________________ 很可能;大概______________ 假期;假日________________ 做出预测____________________ 全世界______________________ 处于危险中__________________ 未来_______________________ 计算机编程师__________________ 1

11.乘火箭到__________________ 12. 去其他星球的航班_____________

13. 住在太空站__________________

14. 帮助(某人)做某事__________________________________________________

15. 反反复复_________________ 16. 变得无聊___________________

17. 和?相同__________________ 18. 醒来_____________________

19. 能够______________________ 20. 倒下______________________

21. 总有一天__________________ 22. 活到两百岁__________________

23. 在家里的电脑上学习_________________ 24. 在一张纸上__________________

25. 在空间站____________________ 26. 坐火箭去月球_________________

27. 工作面试____________________ 28. 实现________________________

29. 被某人使用__________________ 30. 为一家公司工作________________

31. 最大的电影公司之一__________________ 32. 公司负责人____________________

33. 对某人来说做某事很困难______________________________

34. 一次又一次_____________________ 35. 叫醒某人______________________

36. 轮流做某事____________________________________________

37. 让某人做某事______________________________


1. 未来会怎么样?___________________________________________________________

2. 一百年后人们会用钱吗?


3. 将会有世界和平吗?____________________________________________________

4. 将会有更多的人,更多的污染,更少的树。


5. 你认为十年后的生活将是怎样的?


6. 目前已经有机器人在工厂工作。____________________________________________

7. 我们绝不会知道未来会发生什么!






1. — There _______ a concert of Jay Chow next week. Would you like to go

with us?

— Sure, I’d like to.

A. has B. will have C. is going to be

2. If we don’t plant enough trees, the environment will be ________.

A. in danger B. in need C. in the future

3.— ________ will the meeting begin?

— In five minutes.

A. How fast B. How soon C. How long

4. _________ a big party in our school in two weeks.

A. It is B. It will be C. There is going to be

5. I wasn’t good at English last term. I will try my best to learn it ____.

A. from then on B. from last term C. from now on

6. Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I don’t know __________

A. what I will get for my father

B. where will I go with my father

C. what can I do for my father

7. — If there are ____ people driving, there will be ______ air pollution.

— Yes, the air will be fresher and cleaner.

A. less; fewer B. fewer; less C. fewer; more

8. Are you ______ your winter holiday next week?

A. going to have B. will have C. have

9. Mary usually ________ up at five o’clock.

A. will get B. gets C. get

10. He will be a teacher ________ ten years.

A. in B. later C. after


11. The boy ________ off the bike and hurt his leg yesterday.

A. will fall B. fell C. falls

12. She ______ to London last week.

A. flew B. will fly C. by plane

13. We ______ some robots in the next few months, and there _____ some in

the office.

A. will have; will have B. have; will be C. will have; will be

14. Chengdu will become ______ beautiful in a few years.

A. much and much B. too much C. more and more

15. I will see you again_________.

A. a day B. every day C. one day

Unit 6课文语法

1.live to be 活到??岁

live on 以??为生 live by doing sth. 靠??为生

live in 住在 live a happy life

I hope my grandmother will live ________ 100 years old

A. to be B. to be in C. be

2. use n. 用处;作用

It’s no use doing sth. 做某事没用

和她争是没有用的,因为她仅仅是个五岁的孩子。(argue with sb.)

________________________________________________________________________ make(good) use of (充分)利用某物


3. in, after, later区别

in 后加时间段,以现在时间为起点,表示从现在起之后的一段时间,句中用一般将来时。

My mother will come back in a month.


He came back to his country after two weeks.


They will arrive there after five o’clock.

later 前加时间段,表示一段时间之后,常用于过去时。

He went back to this country eight years later.

= He went back to this country after eight years.

4. be like= look like 看起来像

be like 强调内在像

look like强调外貌像

John 看起来像他的爸爸___________________________________________________

5. such; so的区别


such+ a/ an + 形容词+ 单数可数名词

I have never seen such a beautiful place before


so 修饰单数可数名词时词序如下:

so+ 形容词+ a/ an + 单数可数名词

I have never seen so beautiful a place before.

I can’t believe ________ little girls can read _______ many books.

A. so; such B. such; so C. such; such

6. seem的用法

(1) seem+ n./ adj.



(2) seem like? 似乎像?


(3)seem to do sth.


______________________________________________________________________ Look! There is a horse racing program on TV now. It _______ exciting.


A. seems B. looks like C. seems like

7. happen to do sth. 碰巧,恰巧做某事



8.in future 和in the future的区别

In future 从今以后,强调从现在开始,相当于from now on.

In the future 在未来,在将来,指一段时间后的将来。

9. lonely 和alone的区别 (1)alone既可用作形容词,又可用作副词,意为“独自的(地)、单独的(地)”,侧重于说明独自一人,没有同伴或助手,指的是客观情况。

1. alone用作形容词时,一般与be动词连用,在句中作表语。

例如: She is alone at home. (她独自一人在家。)

He is not alone in this idea. (有这种想法的不只是他一个人。)

2. alone用作副词修饰动词时,应该放在动词后面作状语。

例如: I like to work alone. (我喜欢独自一人工作。)

Though his grandmother lives ________, she never feels ________

A. alone; alone B. lonely; lonely C. alone; lonely

Unit 7基础过关练习

一、 根据首字母填空

1. I want to draw a picture. Could you please give me a piece of __________?

2. Water p___________ will be more serious if factories let out polluted

water directly into the river.

3. According to Pele’s p_________, Brazil will win the champion of the

World Cup 2004.

4. Protecting the e____________ is important in everyone’s daily life. If

we do this well, we’ll have a better life.

5. In the near f____________, students will stay at home and study on


6. The world famous s___________, Qian Xuesen, passed away on October 31th,



7. I think it was an u _____________ trip because it rained all days during

the trip.

8. If you don’t study hard, it’s i__________ to study English well

9. Tony looked for his school bag e_________ yesterday, but he couldn’t

find it

10. Now, e___________ bikes are popular. They are more comfortable than

traditional bikes

二、 用所给单词的正确形式填空。

1. There __________(be) a heavy snowfall tonight

2. There ______________ (not be) any paper books. Everyone will have books

on computers.

3. When I grow up, I ___________(be) a pilot.

4. Bicycles make ____________ (little) pollution than cars.

5. His _____________ (predict) never came true.

6. There will be _____________ (many) people in the future.

7. I hope there will be ____________ (little) pollution in 20 years.

8. People ____________ (have) robots in their homes in fifty years.

9. Kids _______________ (not go) to school in the future

10. He _________ (take) the train to school tomorrow

11. There are many new _______________ (build) in our city.

12. We can do the work with___________ (little) money and ________ (few)

people than they can.

13. I believe that in ten years I will work for__________(me).

14. He _____________ (read) an English book now.

15. The boy could dress________________ (he)when he two years old

16. I think that it’s ________________ (possible) that people will live to

be 200 years old.


2. I think I will be in a high school _________ four years.


3. My sister is ___________ college, while my brother is at work.

4. Hundreds __________ people died in the flood.

5. Tom fell in love _________Mary at the first sight.

6. Where will you go _________ your summer vacation

7. I think I can travel by spaceship _______the future.

8. All kinds__________ robots will be on show in the museum.

9. Many popular singers were on TV last night,__________ example, Li Yuchun.

10. The branches of the tree look _________ human’s arms.


2. The little girl is able to play the piano well.

3. What will our life be like ten years from now on?

4. They are going to help the old people clean the house.

5. — It’s a secret between us. Don’t tell others.

— Sure, ________.

A. I will B. I don’t C. I won’t

6. Bob is the right person to take the job because he can do it well

with_______ money and ______ people.

A. fewer; less B. less; fewer C. more; fewer

7. No one can be sure _______ in a million years.

A. what humans look like B. what will human look like

C. what humans will look like

8. People will study ________ their homes ______ computers.

A. at; on B. in; on C. at; in

9. He seems ________ well with his classmates.

A. gets on B. to get on C. getting on

10. Look! They are playing soccer. How lucky they are! Maybe they have

______ homework than me.


A. much B. more C. less

11. There is _______ meat but _______ cakes on the plate. Please have one.

A. a little; a few B. little; a few C. a few; a little

12. Do you often ______ from your parents when you live alone.

A. receive B. hear C. get

13. She dances better than Mary _______.

A. dance B. has C. does

14. There is only ______ time left. We must hurry.

A. little B. a little C. few

15. A smile costs nothing, but gives so _______.

A. little B. many C. much

16.Many students said that they were willing to work hard to make their

dreams _______ true.

A. come B. came C. comes

17. She lives _______ and that makes her feel ________

A. lonely; alone B. alone; lonely C. lonely; lonely

18. The boy was able to _______ himself when he was very young

A. dress B. put on C. wear


Dear Frank,

Thank you for your card. I’m very glad you are having a good trip. Toronto is beautiful at this time of year. I hope I will have a chance to go there one day.

Our holiday will start next month. I like to take my summer holiday at that time of year because it’s the hottest time of year in the US, and I can go to the sea to fish and swim. I want to go to our hometown near

Chicago, and my parents agreed. I have an uncle there, so I can stay with him.

We are not going in our car. We are going by train. There is so much traffic on the roads in summer that we can’t have fun driving and we want to do a lot of hiking. I am going fishing and Belinda is going to do some drawing. I’m sure we’ll have a good time, too.



Chris and Belinda

( )1. This letter is from __________ to ___________.

A. Chris; Frank B. Frank; Chris and Belinda

C. Chris and Belinda; Frank

( )2. Where is Frank now?

A. Canada B. America C. Singapore

( )3. Chris and Belinda’s summer holiday will start _____________.

A. in September B. next month C. this month

( )4. Chris is going to stay with __________ during the summer holiday.

A. Frank B. her uncle C. her grandparents

( )5. Why is driving not fun for them?

A. Because they want to go hiking.

B. Because they like taking the train.

C. Because the roads are too crowded with cars or buses.


Life is not easy, so I’d like to say “When anything happens, believe in yourself.”

When I was a young boy , I was _1_shy to talk to anyone. My classmates often _2_me.I was sad but could do nothing,Later,_3_happened,and it changed my life. It was an English speech contest. My mother asked me to

_4_it .What a terrible idea! It meant I had to speak before all the teachers and students of my school.

“Come on, boy. Believe in yourself. You are sure to _5_the

contest.”Then mother and I talked about many different topics. At last I chose the topic “Believe in yourself.”I tried my best to remember all the speech and practiced it over 100 _6_.With my mother’s great love, I did _7_in the contest. I could hardly believe my ears when the news came that I had won the first place, I heard the cheers _8_the teachers and the

students. Those classmates_9_once looked down on(看不起)me ,now all said “Congratulations!”to me. My mother hugged me and cried excitedly.

Since then, everything has changed for me. When I do anything, I try to tell _10_to be sure and I will find myself. This is not only for a person but also for a country.


( )1.A.too B. so C. quite D. very ( )2.A.made faces at B. looked after

C. caught up with D. laughed at

( )3.A.nothing B. something C. everything D. anything

( )4.A.take part in

( )5.A.lose B. join C. pass C. get D. make B.win D. beat

( )6.A.words B. topics C. times D. sentences

( )7.A.well

( )8.A.for

( )9.A.when B. good C. bad B. at B. what C. from D. interested D. to C. which D. who

C. everything D. myself ( )10.A.someone B. me

B 卷练习


Mr. King was the owner of a large company.

A. Bill’s dream came true.

B. Mr. King gave Bill 5,000 dollars to show his thanks.

C. That morning the plane really crashed just after it took off.

D. Bill just came off work.(下班)

E. One day, he went into his office early in the morning to get ready to go to the airport and set out for a city.

F. Later Mr. King came back to his office and heard the accident.

G. After saying “Good morning” to Mr. King. Bill told the owner about his bad dream. H. He was leaving his office when Bill, a night watchman, came in.

I. Last night he dreamed Mr. King’s plane crashed after it took off.

J. Mr. King was surprised to hear this but he decided to go by land.




A. What are you going to be when you _____1___ up?

B. I am going to be a computer _____2____. I like designing computer programs.

A. It’s ____3___. You have to know a lot about computers. ____4____ are you going to do that?

B. I am going to study computer _____5___.

A. That’s a good ____6____.

B. ____7____ are you ___8___ to be when you grow up?

A. ____9___ going to be an ___10____. Because i like singing and dancing very much.


A. Do you think people will have robots in their homes _______ 100 years?

B. Yes, I do. I ______ a robot on TV, and it ________ the kitchen three days ago.

A. Well, I don’t think there will be any _______ money.

B. Do you think ______ will have a credit card (卡片)?

A. Yeah, probably.

B. I think there will be _______ one country.

A. Only one country in the whole world? Will there be world peace?

B. I hope ________.

A. I bet (打赌) kids ______ go to school. They’ll study at home on _______.

B. Oh, no, I don’t ________.

A. You don’t?

B. Yeah, there will always be schools.




Villagers are healthier than people who live in towns. One reason for this is clean air all day in the fields, but the air the townsman is breathing is always full _____6_____, which may kill us in the end, though they may not kill us at once. We all know what unpleasant feelings we will get if we stay a long time in a shut, crowded room. After a time, we begin to feel very _____7____, and can______8____keep our eyes open. Then our heads begin to ache, and the____9____ we stay, the worse we feel. How nice it is when we get out into the fresh air___10_____! We must, therefore, keep our windows open, so that air in our

rooms is always fresh and be as much as we can in the open air. For people who breathe bad air for a long time often get very ill and die of lung diseases.

Once there were two mice. They were friends. One mouse _______ in the

country; the other mouse lived in the city. After many years the City mouse came _______ the Country mouse. The country mouse took him to his house in a field. He ______ him the nicest food that he could find. The City mouse said, "This food is not _______, and your house is not good. Why do you live in a hole ________ the field? You should come and live in the city. You would live in a nice house made of stone. You would have nice food _____. You must come and see me at my house in the city."

The Country mouse went to the house of the City mouse. It was a _________ good house. Nice food was ________ ready for them to eat. But just they began to eat, they heard a great noise. The City mouse cried, " Run! Run! The cat is coming!" They ________away quickly and hid.

After some time they came out. When they came out, the Country mouse said, "I do not like living in the city. I ________ living in my hole in the field. For it is nicer to be poor and happy than to be rich and afraid."

Robots are playing an important role in our life. ________ In factories, robots can help people do a lot of work _________ People will feel bored if they do


the same job again and again, but the robots will not. And they can work in some dangerous place. ____________ In our homes, robots are useful, too. They can help us do some cooking. They can help the blind people read newspapers and help the old people move some heavy things. They can play chess with children. ________ They are our best friends. They are clean and do not need any food. They can become our best pets because they do not need feeding or cleaning.

However, robots are not clever as people. _________ If we do not

“teach” them how to do things first, they can do nothing.

Hello, everyone. Here is something important for everyone going to London next month. As you know, you are going to stay with a family for two weeks. Now, the most important thing is money. You should take about $530 with you. I think it will be enough for everyone. Then, when you

arrive, your new family will meet you. You must remember to wear a red shirt, so the family will find you easily. They've been told you all wear red

shirts. You'll also need to take with you 4 photos of yourself and, of course, it's very important that you take the school letter. While you're there, if you have any problems, you can call Leech School Office. I'll give you the office phone number now: it's 580-4436 and the person to ask for is Mrs. Belcher. She's in the office from nine o'clock in the morning until five in the afternoon every day. OK. That's everything. Have a good journey!


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