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M4Unit1 We’ve got lots of apples.

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Healthy food

Unit1 We’ve got lots of apples.

Teaching aims:
? to know some new words about food and drink,master the plural form rules ? to master the usage of have got sentences ? to listen to the tape clearly and understand the dialogue ? to distinguish the healthy food and the unhealthy food ? to use the dialogue in daily life ? to live a healthy life

Review the new words:
food 食物,食品 chocolate 巧克力 meat 肉 bean 豆 beef 牛肉 chicken 鸡肉 coffee 咖啡 juice 果汁 tea 茶




fruit fruit

an orange 橘子

an apple 苹果

a melon 哈密瓜

grape 葡萄 some grapes

According to the short passages below,and guess what vegetable it is.


Rabbits like them very much. They’re usually orange. And they’re full of nutrition ( 营养丰富 ), but kids don’t like them.

carrots 胡萝卜

My favourite food

They’re red,and they look like red apples. But they’re not fruit, but a kind of(一种 ) vegetable. They are delicious and full of nutrition . tomato tomatoes 西红柿 Do you love me?

potato potatoes 土豆 They’re grown(生长)in the field ( 地 ). 田 Children like them. And we always eat them in KFC. They can be made into chips( 炸土豆条、片 ).

Look at these meat. Can you say the names of these meat?


some chicken 鸡肉

some beef 牛肉
some fish 鱼肉


some juice 果汁

some cola 可乐

some coffee 咖啡


a piece of chocolate 一块巧克力

可数名词 C 、不可数名词 U
普通名词所表示的人或事物是可以按个数 计算的,这类名词叫可数名词。如worker, farmer, desk, factory等 普通名词所表示的事物是不能按个数来计 算的,这类名词就叫不可数名词。如meat, rice, water, milk, orange, work, homework, timep等)。

可数名词有单数和复数两种形式。指一个 人或一件事物时,用单数形式;指两个或 多个人或事物时用复数形式。名词由单数 形式变成复数形式的规则如下: 1. 一般的名词词尾直接加-s 。如: book → books room → rooms

2. 以s, ss, ch, sh, x 结尾的名词,在词尾

加-es 。如:
bus → buses dish → dishes watch → watches box → boxes

3. 以“辅音字母+y”结尾的名词,要先将y改 为i再加-es。如: city → cities body → bodies

4. 以f 或fe 结尾的名词,要将f或fe改为v再 加-es。如: half → halves wife → wives 5. 不规则变化。 ① child → children ② man → men foot → feet

Write out the plural forms(复数形式): (写在RTX腾讯通上) apple s oranges strawberry ies

foot -feet

leaf ves

Tips: 黑人 英雄爱吃土豆 西红柿
negro hero





List the food you can see:

We/I have got…


apples,bananas,a watermelon,a melon,two oranges carrots,potatoes orange juice,milk,water

缩写形式:we have got = we've got I have got = I've got

看看你有 什么?

I have got …

some cola

看看你有 什么?

I have got …

some tomatoes

看看你有 什么?

I have got …

some tea

看看你有 什么?

I have got …

some chicken

I have got …

看看你有 什么?

some beef

I have got …

Listen to the tape,let's check(√)the food and drink Betty and her mother have got.



carrots chicken √

potatoes tea



Read the dialogue between Tony and his dad,find out some sentences with we,have got.

1.We've got lots of apples. 2.We haven't got any meat. 3.We haven't got any oranges. 4.I haven't got any cola. 5.Have we got any chocolate?


合作探究: have got 的肯定句,否定
句 及一般疑问句。
+ 肯:We+ have got +a/an/some/数字… 我们有……

否:We + haven't got +any… 我们没有…… + 一般疑问: 一般疑问:-Have we got…? 我们有……吗? -Yes, we have . -No,we haven't.



× √ × Practice now !(同伴合作)
We've got a/an/some/数字… 我们有…… We haven't got any…我们没有……

Guess what I have got?

-Have you got any……?
-Yes,I have. -No,I haven't.

Read the dialogue by yourselves,then answer the questions: 1.Is chocolate good for you? Is

No,it isn't.


2.Why doesn't Tony's father buy some cola?

Because cola is bad for Tony.

be good for… 对……有好处 be bad for… 对……有坏处

Fill in the blanks. A= Tony’s dad B=Tony A: Tony, let’s go shoppingfor food and drink. __ _______ got any Now, we haven’t __ ____ meat. Let’s get some chicken. got B: OK. Have we ___ any chocolate ________? A: Yes, we have. ___ _____ chocolate isn’t Too much ____ __ good foryou. Let’s get some ______. fruit B: What ____ __ fruit? Apples? kind of

A: No, we’ve got ___ __ apples. We lots of haven’t ___ any oranges, so let’s get some. ______ got B: OK. How______ some orange juice? ___ about A: Yes, good idea! And coffee. Let’s get some got any for your ____. mum She hasn’t ___ __ ____. coffee B: All right, some coffee for Mum, and some cola for me. I haven’t got any cola. ___ A: No cola! Cola _ ___ ___ you! How about is bad for some tea? B: Oh, too bad!


1.make a shopping list(购物清单) 2.make a dialogue(使用学过的词组,句子) A:B,let's go shopping for Miss Chen's birthday party.We haven't got …Let's buy some… B:OK.Have we got any …? A:Yes,we have./No, we haven't. ...

Buy something in English with your partner in shop.
buy some healthy food.

Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

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