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Class activity

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以下活动安排意在提高学生课 堂参与度,老师可视课程安排 和实际教学情况选择使用。

Step 1 (Day 1):

You need to: · preview the Reading of the next unit; · raise a question you have; · write the question down on a piece of paper.

Step 2 (Day 2): You need to: · hand in your papers to me. I will: · mix up your question papers; · hand out randomly.

Step 3 (Day 2):

You need to: · think about the question you’ve been given and try to figure it out; · write down your explanation on the paper.

Step 4 (Day 3): I will: · choose five students randomly to read their questions and answers in class; · collect the rest question papers and put them on the wall after class. You need to: · find your question and read the others.

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