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1. ---Why are you in such a hurry, John?

---There __________ a basketball math between Class Three and our class in ten minutes.

A. is going to be B.is going to have C. will have D. will hold

2. ---Don’t give up ,my children ! Keep ________ and you will be successful.

---Thank you ,Mr Wang.We’ll try our best.

A. working B. to work C. worked D. Work

3. You need to take notes at the meeting so make sure ______a pen and some paper with you.

A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. not bring

4. How often do you send an e-mail ________ your cousin?

A.to B.up C.with D.for

5. ---_______ are you going to be a football player?

--- I’m going to practice football every day.

A. What B. When C. Where D. How

6. Kunming _______ a beautiful city to live in .

A.sounded B.sound C. sounds like D. sound like

7. Peter ,with his parents,__________ going to leave for Shanghai soon.

A.are B.is C.am D.be

8. Lily and Lucy look the same. I can’t tell one from_________.

A.other B.another C.the other D.others

9. Tom is going to be a doctor when he ________ up.

A.grow B.grows C.will grow D.grew

10. I think we will __________ finish the work tomorrow.

A.can B.be able to C.could D.was able to

11. Tell the boys to be sure _______ football in the street.

A.to not play B.not to play C.don’t to play D.don’t play

12. I’m going to study at ___________university.

A.a B.an C.the D./

13. I expressed this sentences with _________.

A.my own words B.own my words C.me own words D.own me words

14. If you are going to be an actor, you have to _________.

A.take acting lessons B.take act lessons C. Take acting lessons

D. Take act lessons

15. Hang Hong and I are good friends ,so we have something ___________.

A.same B.like C.in common D.in commons



Jenny, from Germany, spent some time traveling in India. While she

a language barrier(障碍


her. The words that came from the little mouth were different from those that Jenny sang, but the rhythm(节奏) was the

to join in another child went up

and started singing

Noticing Leela’shuman, and we have the ability to connect with each other.

16. A. nice B. dangerous C. difficult D. easy

17. A. these B. those C. this D. that

18. A. show B. visit C. build D. improve

19. A. slowly B. early C. hardly D. easily

20. A. looked at B. laughed at C. shouted at D. smiled at

21. A. singing B. writing C. saying D. playing

22. A. club B. talk C. fun D. dance

23. A. forgot B. remembered C. shared D. missed

24. A. hands B. eyes C. influence D. question

25. A. can B. must C. need D. Should


(A) Betty and I are best friends.Our birthdays are on the same day, so every year we have a birthday party together.But this year, we had a costume party (化装舞会) instead.

While we were writing the invitations, my mum came in and asked, “Why not invite John?” John had been in our class for only a few months, but he was already getting better grades in math than anyone else in class.I wrinkled (皱起) my nose, “Mum, he wears the same pants to school every day.How could he even afford a costume?” Mum said nothing.The next day, mum gave me an envelope with a shopping certificate in it. “I thought it would be nice for you to give this to John.” Mum said. But how? We didn't want to make John embarrassed.We discussed it for a long time.Finally, Betty and I had a good


On the day of our party, kids arrived, dressed differently.John arrived, in an old sheet (床单), but still in the same brown pants as usual.We danced, ate snacks and played games in groups.Before eating the birthday cake, Betty said in a loud voice, “Now it's time for the great prize game.It's the following riddle...” It was a math game.None of us was surprised when John came up with the right answer first and walked off with the envelope.

Everything went on well as we planned.John wore a new pair of pants and a new shirt the next week.He felt happy.So did we.

When we help others, we need to find a proper way, or we may hurt them in another way.

( )26.The two girls and John were in the same________.

A.group B.family C.team D.class

( )27.John's family may be very ________ according to the passage.

A.far B.poor C.rich D.small

( )28.How did John get the prize, during the party?

A.By helping others. B.By asking for help.

C.By getting good grades in study. D.By winning the math game.

( )29.John ________with the shopping certificate after the party.

A.watched a basketball match B.saw a movie

C.bought something to wear D.made a phone call

( )30.The passage mainly tells us ________.

A.we can do anything to help others

B.we should find a proper way when helping others

C.helping others means giving them what they need

D.we should find a surprising way when helping others


Almost every Chinese person can recite the two lines of the famous poem, “Every grain on the plate comes from hard work(谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦).” But sadly, many of us don’t actually get the real meaning

of these lines: Don’t waste food.

A CCTV program, News One Plus One, reported that the food Chinese people throw away every year is enough to feed 200 million people for

a year.

Do we have too much food? Of course not. According to the UN World Food Program, there were 925 million hungry people around the world in 2010, especially in developing countries. Six million children die of

hunger every year.

Chinese people are well known for being hospitable(好客的) and generous. Many even feel that they lose face if their guests have eaten

all the food on the table.

Luckily, a number of people have realized the importance of saving food. Last November, Li Hong, a waitress in a restaurant in Nanjing,

got fired because she took some leftover food home for her son. Many people

stood by her side and criticized(批评) the waste of food.

What should we do in our daily lives to waste less food? Here are some


1. Do not order too much in a restaurant. Only order as much as you want

to eat. If you cannot eat all the food you ordered, take the rest of

it home.

2. Don’t be too picky(挑剔的) about food. Some food may not taste great,

but your body needs it.

3. Keep an eye on what food you have at home. Don’t buy too much,

especially for vegetables and fruit.

( )31. How many people were hungry in the world in 2010 according

to the UN World Food Program?

A. 200 million. B. Six million. C. 925 million.

D. 625 million.

( )32. What does the writer want to show us through Li Hong’s story?

A. Many Chinese restaurants waste a large amount of food.

B. Many Chinese people are kind-hearted and ready to help the weak.

C. Chinese people feel that they lose face if their guests eat all the


D. Many Chinese people don’t agree with the behavior of wasting food.

( )33. The underlined word “leftover” means in Chinese.

A. 过期的 B. 剩余的 C. 腐烂的


( )34. According to the passage, we shouldn’t waste food because

A. food comes from very hard work

B. six million children die of hunger every day

C. there is enough food to feed all the people

D. Chinese are hospitable and generous

( )35. Which of the following is a good way to save food?

A. Ordering more than you need at a restaurant.

B. Taking home restaurant leftovers.

C. Not knowing what you already have at home when shopping.

D. Not eating the food you don’t like even if it’s healthy.


A young man from a village called Nawalapitiya married a young woman

from Maiyuwa, a small village. They lived with the man’s big family

-his parents, his brothers, their wives and husbands and children. The

family kept an elephant, in which the woman soon took a great interest. Every day she fed it with fruit and sugar.

Three months later, having quarreled with her husband, the woman went back to her parents’ home. Soon the elephant refused to eat and work. It appeared to be ill and heartbroken. One morning after several weeks the animal disappeared from the house.

It went to the woman’s home. On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her with it. The young woman was so moved by the act of the animal .So she went back to her husband’s home.

36. The woman left her new home ______.

A. to visit her own parents in Maiyuwa

B. to see if the elephant would follow her

C. because she was angry with her husband

D. because she was tired of the large family

37. The word “disappeared” in the reading means “______”.

A. ran away B. lost C. hid D. remained

38. After the young woman left her husband’s home, the elephant______.

A. returned to the forest B. was sad because it missed her

C. went to look for a new home D. was sick because nobody fed it

39. How did the elephant express its feeling when it saw the young woman?

A. It waved its trunk and smiled. B. It touched her with its trunk.

C. It touched her and cried. D. It waved its trunk and ran around her.

40. The writer wrote the story in order to______.

A. show that elephants are very clever

B. tell how a woman trained a wild animal

C. show that women care more for animals than men do

D. tell how an animal got a husband and a wife together again


You make promises to you teacher. I want to (A)_________ an actor when I grow up. Many people think it must be wonderful because we travel to exciting places,wear beautiful clothes and make a lot of money . This is only one aspect(方面)of our lives,though. We also work very hard. country girl better,I cooked for myself and the others every day.I even walked a few miles sometimes to get water, as there was none in the houses. I wanted to understand how a real village girl lived. I thought it was fun at first . I felt different after a week or two ,though.

I did wear some beautiful traditional clothes ,but they were not thick enough.I was very cold but I had to keep smiling all the time .One day ,I couldn’t do it any longer and I suddenly (D) started crying .”Great!”said the director. “I like it .She is crying with true feelings!”I called my 手机)wouldn’t work in the village.

I think it is worth doing all this ,though.I like it when people tell me they enjoy my plays and ask me to sign a picture. It is also fun to be someone else for a while .I’m very lucky to be an


1. 在(A)处加一个动词:________________________________.

2. 写出文中划线部分(B)和(D)的同义句或近义词:__________,__________

3. 将文中划线部分(C)改写为同义句:It was really hard for me _______ I was a city _______.

4. 文中划线部分(E)指代的是:_______________

5. 从文中指出有关赞美方面的两个形容词:___________,_____________


1. My mother is ___________(烹饪) lunch in the kitchen.

2. Here are some v___________who can play the violin very well.

3. We take the m_________-three times a day when we have a cold.

4. As students, we should take up h__________ like singing and dancing.

5. Yesterday he bought a p__________ computer.

6. I’m not sure about the ____________(意思)of the word. You’d better look it up in a dictionary.

7. They ___________(承诺)to win the game when I met you last time.

8. The old man keeps reading a w___________ newspaper.

9. They are very clever so they learn English by ____________(they)

10. We saw the students _____________ (讨论)in the classroom when we passed by it.



You _____________________________pass the exam if you often practice speaking English.

2. 只要你尽全力,你就能当上你想做的人了。(anything)

Just make sure you try your best ,you can ____________________________.

3. 在新年开始时,我下定决心好好学习。(beginning)

I made a resolution to study hard____________________________________.

4. 我的问题和今天 的作业有关。(have)

My questions ___________________________today’s homework.

5. 他们同意你所说的。(agree)

They ___________________________ what you said.



1. 读一本令人愉悦的书,学习另一门语言,将培养一种习惯,像画画或者照相等等。

2. 帮父母做家务。

3. 为了取得好成绩,将会读疯狂英语《Crazy English》,每天用英语写日记。并保持。 你认为英语非常适合你。

4. 你认为健康的身体与健康的饮食有关,所以要吃更健康的食物,少吃肉,多吃蔬菜, 改善生活。

The winter vacation is coming,__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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