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最新版本english test7年级测试题

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一.词汇 (15)

1.Jim wants to go______ (shop) .Would you like _____ (go) with him?

2 Boys and girls, help _________ (you) to some chicken.

3.Lin Tao _______ ( like) dumplings a lot, he _______

(not like)vegetables at all.

4.It’s my pet bird. ____ name is Polly.(it)

5 What about something ____________ ( eat)?

6.The dumplings are very d______ .I want some m______ dumplings.

7.Can you help me with my English? No p_______.

8.Could you tell me you name? Sure, you can call me Mike f______ short.

9.My parents work in an office, they are office w_______.

10 I have many friends here, they are f____ to me.

11.My uncle is an English teacher. He t_____ in a school.

12.You can call your father’father and mother g______.


( )1.I like fish, ______my brother doesn′t like it.

A. so B.or C.for D.but

( )2.There ______ a big tree near the house.

A.Are B.is C.have D.has

( )3.Mrs Gao is a nurse. She works in a new ______.

A.shop B.school C.factory D.hospital

( )4.What would you like _____ eat _____ breakfast?

A to , for B. for , to C to , to D for, for

( )5. I am hungry. I’d like some ________

A breads B cakes C an egg D meats

( )6 What does Jack _____ in the letter?

A. say B speak C tell D talk

( )7.Do you like china ? es, I’m very ____ to be here.

A. good B nice C glad D fine.

( )8. welcome, Lucy .come in and ______ yourself at home,

A let B have C make D help

( )9 _______ the young woman in yellow ? She is a teacher.

A What B. What’s C Who’s D Whose

( )10.Lucy _________ dinner with me today.

A don’t have B doesn’t has

C don’t has D doesn’t have

( )11.Do you like the English corner? Yes,____

A I don’t B I will C lot D very much

( )12 What do your parents do?

They ______ English teachers .

A. are all B are both

C all are D both all

( )13. ______ does your father work? ______ a farm.

A What On B Where In C Where On D What On

( ) 14 Jane has ______ uncle and ______ little aunt.

A a ,an B a ,a C an , an D an ,a

( )15.What about _____ home with me ? OK.

A go B going C to go D goes


1. I would like something to drink .(改为一般疑问句)

_____________________________________ ? Yes,______.

⒉ You would like some rice and fish ?(对划线部分提问)

__________________________________________ ?

⒊ The woman is a nurse .(对划线部分提问)

_______ _________ the woman ______?

⒋ My English teacher works in No.22 Middle school.(对划线部分提问) _______ ________ _______ English teacher ______ ?

⒌ They would like to go to the great wall .(对划线部分提问)

_______ ________ they ________ to go ?

⒍ What about some dumplings ?(写同义句子)

______ ________ have some dumplings ?

⒎ she is a good teacher .(写感叹句)

________ ________ teacher she is !

⒏ My favorite food is chicken. (对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ favorite food ?

⒐ He likes the English corner .(改为一般疑问句并回答)

_______ he ________ the English corner ? No , _______ ________ . ⒑ He can see some water in the glass .(改为否定句)

He _______ see ______ water in the glass.

⒒ from , is , the ,letter , pen , pal, Sam, my.(连词成句)

_________________________________________________________________ 12 grandmother, my , brother ,Tom, looks , after, at , home. (连词成句)


13. My , like , sister, doesn’t ,noodles, at, all. (连词成句)

14 the young , in yellow , woman , who , is. (连词成句)


15. He , like, for , breakfast, milk, a glass of , would , and ,some bread(连词成句) ___________________________________________________________________


A: Hi ,Tonny.would you like to have dinner with me?

B:___________ . where? A: let’s eat out.

(in a resteraunt)在餐馆 C: ___________________ ?

A: ___________, I’d like some fish and eggs. _____________ Tonny? B: some noodles and vegetables. C: ________________________?

A: Yes, two glasses of apple guice, C: OK, ____________ .


Li Ming and Li Ping are brothers. They are Chinese. But they are in England now. They both speak English. They are twins.(双胞胎) They look the same. Their coats look the same, too. They are yellow. They are very nice coats. Look at this coat. It’s Li Ming’s. It isn’t Li Ping’s. Li ping can’t find his sweater. He thinks his coats is at home, but it is in his schoolbag.

( )1.Li Ming and Li Ping are ____.

A.English B.England C.Chinese D. China

( )2.Li Ming and Li Ping are ____.

A.sisters B. twins C.friends D. in China

( )3.They are __________ .

A.students B.girls C.workers D. teachers

( )4.Li Ping’s coat is ____.

A.at home B.here C.in Li Ping’s schoolbag D. in Li Ming’s schoolbag ( )5.Their coats are ..

A.yellow B.different C.colour D. at home

B)阅读理解 (10分)

My name is Wei Hua. This is my friend Julia. She is from England. Her father is a worker. Her mother is a teacher. She has a brother, Tim. He is six. They are all in China. She has a sister. She is a college(大学) student. She is in Oxford. Julia and I are in the same school, but in different classes. After school she teaches me English and I teach her Chinese.


( ) 6. Julia is an English girl.

( ) 7. Julia's family are all in China.

( ) 8. Julia and I are in the same class.

( ) 9. Julia is a college student.

( ) 10. There are six people in the passage(文中).



假如你David ,你要给你的笔友 Tom 写一封信。介绍你和你的家庭。家庭情况如下: 爸爸 妈妈、爷爷 你。请写出基本情况。职业,工作 ,爱好等。注意信的格式。60-80字。

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