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题 答 得 名 姓不

内 线 封 级密班 校密



笔试部分(120分) Ⅱ、单项选择(20


( ) 26. —— —— Not often, twice a month.

A. How long B. How old C. How often D. How many times

( ) 27. If you have a toothache, you should see a A. dentist B .cook C. teacher D. nurse

( ) 28. I’m very . Please give me something to drink.

A. tired

B. hungry

C. stressed out D.


( ) 29. I like drinking hot tea _______ milk in it. A. of

B. with

C. to D.


( ) 30——What’s ________ with him? ——He

has a cold.


A. the wrong B. the matter C. matter D. problem

( )31. I think walking is good our health.

A. at

B. with

C. for

D. to

( didn’t pass the exam.

A. Because, so B. Although, but C. Although, / D. Because, /

( ) 33 .Li Ping always gets up early and he is late for school. A. usually B. often C. sometimes D. hardly ever

( ) 34.This time I want to do ____________. A. something different B. different something

C. some different D. anything different

( ) 35. I’m thinking about ______ to the mountains for vacation.

A. go B. went C. going D. to


( ) 36. They watch TV _____ a week.


A. every B. once or twice C. two or three time D. once or two times ( ) 37.——_____ water do you need? ——A cup is enough(足够的).

_____ your photos.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine ( )42. Would you like _____ with me this Sunday? A. go fishing B. to go fish A. How many B. How much C.How long D. How far

( ) 38. “I’m going to Hong Kong for vacation.” “_____.”

A. Thank you for telling me B. I’m sorry to hear that

C. I’m going hiking for vacation D. I hope you’ll have a good time

( )39. I _____ my pen at home. Can I use your pen, please?

A. forgot B. sent C. missed D. lost

( ) 40. —— Why do you decide ____ Beijing for vacation?

——Because I want to visit the Great Wall. A. in B. to C. at D. on

( )41. When you come back to school, please show

第3页,共16页 D. to go fishing

( A. reading B. reads C. read ( ) 44. Do you know the _____ between these two words?

A. different B. same C. difference D. difficult

( ) 45 . ——Your watch is so beautiful. It must be expensive.

——Not at all . I only _____$20 on it. A take B. pay C. cost D. spend Ⅲ、完形填空(30分,每空1.5分) ( A )

Li Ming angry with him. “are you often late for school?” the teacher. “Because I often get up ” “唤醒)you up,” says the teacher.“ 第4页,共16页


题 答 得 名 姓不

内 线 封 级密班 校密

you are .But it work ,” says Li Ming.“Why don't

you ” asks the teacher again.“Oh, I don't want it to work ,” answers Li Ming.“If all of us are late for

” says the teacher.“Oh, that's great! There will be ” says Li Ming with a smile.

( )46. A. do B. be

C. does

D. is

( )47. A. Why B. When

C. What

D. Where

( )48. A. quickly B. early C. late D.


( )49. A. You B. Your

C. Yours D.


( )50. A. right B. wrong

C. fine


( )51. A. don't B. doesn't

C. isn't D.


( )52. A .take B. bring

C. make D.


( )53 A. good

B. nice

C. well

第5页,共16页 D. fine

( )54. A. what

B. why

C. how

D. where

( )55. A. no B. not C. little



( B )

Summer vacation is coming soon. Some of the to go to the Great Wall and visit the Palace Museum. She is week. Nancy is going back to her hometown to see her some of his friends around the country. I hope all of them will have a good time.

( )56. A. with B. to C. about D. for

( )57. A. camping B. to camp C. camp D. camps ( )58. A. at B. in C. on D. for


( )59. A. and B. with C. without D. but

( )60. A. leaving B. leaving to C. leaving away D. leaving for ( )61. A. in B. on C. at D. for ( )62. A. they B. them C. she D. her ( )63. A. hike B. hikes C. hiking D. to hike ( )64. A. something different B. anything different C. different something D. different anything ( )65. A. ride B. rides C. riding D. rode

Ⅳ、补全对话 有两个选项多余(5分,每空1分) A: Hi, Mike. The summer vacation is coming. 66________ B: Yes, I’m going to Hong Kong for vacation. A: 67______

B: I’m going there with my parents. A: 68______

B: We’re staying there for two weeks. A. 69______

B: Well. We are visiting some of our friends and going sightseeing. A: When are you leaving? B: We are leaving next Friday.

A: I hope you will have a great time there. B: 70_____

A. Where are you going for vacation? B. Do you have a plan for vacation? C. How long are you staying there? D. Thank you.

E. What are doing there? F. We will have a good time there.

第7页,共16页 G. Who are you going there with?

Ⅴ、阅读理解(40分,每空2分) (A )

Mr. Robinson never went to see a dentist, because he was afraid(“How much is all the work going to cost(花费)?” “Twenty-five dollars,” the dentist. But he didn’the dentist and said, “You haven’t asked me for any money for your work.” “the dentist answered, “I never ask a gentleman(绅士)for money.” “you live?” Mr. Robinson asked. ““but some don’t. I wait for my money for two months, and then I say, ‘not a gentleman,’ and then I ask him for my money.

( )71. Mr. Robinson _____ until his teeth began aching a lot. A. wasn’t afraid B. didn’t see a dentist C. wanted to see a dentist D. went to see a dentist ( )72. _____ cost twenty-five dollars.

A. The first day’ work of the dentist B. The last day’dentist

C. Half the dentist’s work D. All the dentist’s work ( )73. When did Mr. Robinson phone the dentist?

A. After he paid him. B. About thirty days later. C. After two months. D. About twenty days later. ( )74. The dentist said that he never asked _____ first. A. a woman for money B. the poor for money



题 答 得 名 姓不

内 线 封 级密班 校密

C. gentlemen for money D. people for much money ( ) 75. Mr. Robinson never went to see a dentist _____.

A. because he was afraid B. because he had no money C. because he wasn’t a gentleman D. because he didn’t want to much money


Peter: What are you doing for vacation, Steven?

Steven: I’m visiting my aunt in San Francisco. My brother’s staying there. He’s joining a club.

Peter: Oh? When are you going? Steven: Next Friday.

Peter: How long are you staying?

Steven: I’m staying at my aunt’s home for four days. I’m going sightseeing in San Francisco, and then I’m seeing

all of my friends New York. How about you?

Peter: I’m going to the beach and my friends and I are also going hiking for a few days.

Steven: Aren’t you renting video tapes and relaxing at home? Peter: No, it’s boring. We like outside activities. ( ) 76. Peter is going _______ on his vacation.

A. to Florida B. riding C. hiking D. to San Francisco

( ) 77. Steven’s leaving ______ for vacation.

A. tomorrow B. next month C. next Friday D. next year

( ) 78. Steven’s brother is staying ________.

A. in San Francisco B. at school C. at home


D. in New York

( ) 79. Steven is staying in his aunt’s house for ______.

A. a week B. four days C. several days D. two days

( ) 80 Peter thinks that staying at home is _____.

A. interesting B. boring C. fun D. exciting ( C)

Everyone knows that exercise is important. We all need to exercise. Doctors say it is good for us. It makes your heart and body strong. Children who often exercise are more alert(灵活). That means they do better in tests and schoolwork than those who don’t exercise.

They are many ways to exercise. You can walk, run, swim, skate, or play ball games. Make sure you exercise in the following(以下的) ways: You have to like what you are doing. Exercise enough(足够的)--- but not too much. It’s best to exercise twice a week. Thirty minutes each time is enough. Try all kinds of sports until you find one, two or even three sports that feel right for you.

(设备)there. The equipment will help exercise your arms, legs and other parts of your body to make you healthy. Some people buy equipment for their homes. But it’s very expensive.

( )81. the underline word “fitness centers” in the passage means _____. A. 商务中心 B. 购物中心 C. 医疗中心 D.健身中心 ( )82. The sport “_____” is not told(提及) in the passage. A. playing soccer B. skateboarding C. walking D. running ( )83. The doctors say that exercise can make your heart and body _____. A. ill B. happy C. strong D. health

( )84. About “exercise”, which statement of the following is NOT right?


A. You have to exercise too much every day. B. Thirty minutes’ exercise each time is enough. C. You needn’t do all kinds of sports to keep healthy. D. You have to like the sports that you are doing. ( ) 85. It’s best to exercise _____. A. at fitness centers B. in groups C. in the morning D. twice a week (D)

Mr. Jones and Mr. Brown worked in the different office . One day Mr. Jones said to Mr. Brown ,“We are going to have a small party at our house next Wednesday evening . Would you and your wife like to join us ?”

Mr. Brown said ,“Thank you very much . That is very kind of you . We are free that evening . I think , but I will telephone my wife and ask her . Maybe she wants to go somewhere else that evening .”So Mr. Brown went to the other room and telephoned . When he came back , he looked very sorry .

“What is the matter ?”said Mr. Jones .“Did you speak to your wife ?” “No ,”answered Mr. Brown ,“She wasn’t there , my small son answered the telephone . I said to him ,‘Is your mother there , David ?’and he answered ,‘No , she is not in the house ,’‘Where is she then ?’I asked .‘She is somewhere outside .’‘What is she doing ?’‘She is looking for me .’”

86. A small party will be held _________ . A. at David’s house

B. at Mr. Brown’s house

C. in the office

D. at Mr. Jones’ house

87.Mr. Jones asked _________ to the party . A. Mr. Brown

B. Mrs. Brown C. Mr. and Mrs. Brown

D. all his friends


88.The telephone was ________ . A. in the same office B. in a room next to the office C. in the post office

D. near Mr. Jones’ house

89.Mr. Brown spoke to _________ on the phone . A. Mrs. Brown B. Mrs. Jones C. David

D. David’s friend

90. Why was Mrs. Brown looking for David ? Because _________ . A. he went out of the house

B. he was answering Father’s phone

C. she knew David had lost his way

D. she thought he was playing somewhere outside Ⅵ


91. Here is the r ______ of the football match.

93. There are many foreign ( 外国的) t ______ on the Great wall on Oct.1st




题 答 得 名 姓不

内 线 封 级密班 校密

94. Vegetables and fruit are good

for our h _____.

95. Ben Lambert is a f _______ French singer.

Ⅶ .写作部分(20分)。

96.假如你是Peter,你的笔友 Alice在给你的信中说她经常生病,情绪低落。请你给她写封回信,告诉她应该怎样做。

要求:1. 60 ----70词左右信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 2.可根据所给信息适当发挥,要求条理清楚,语义连贯,字迹工整。参考词汇: healthy food, do more exercise, enough sleep, keep happy, smile

Dear Alice,

I’m sorry to hear that you are not very well and feel unhappy.




Yours, Peter


(满分:150,时间:120分钟) 第一部分听力部分(30分每题1.5分)

1-5 —————— 6-10 —————————— 11-15 —————— 16.______ 17._______ 18_______ 19.________ 20.________

第二部分基础知识(120分) Ⅰ.单项选择(20分,每小题 1分)

1-5 ————— 6-10 ————————


11-15 —————— 16-20 ———————— Ⅱ..完形填空。(30分,每小题 1.5分)

(A)21-25 ——————— 26-30 ———————— (B)31-35——————— 36-40————————

Ⅲ.方框中选出适当的句子补全对话,有两项多余(10分,每小题2分) 41-45 -----------------


(A)46-50 ___________ (B)51-55 ____________ (C) 56- 60 ___________ (D) 61—65___________ Ⅴ.词汇.根据句意及首字母提示填词。(5分) 66. Here is the r ______ of the football match. 67. I have a good eating h _____.

68. There are many foreign ( 外国的) t ______ on the Great wall on Oct.1st. 69. Vegetables and fruit are good for our h _____. 70. Ben Lambert is a f _______ French singer. Ⅵ.写作部分(15分)。

71.假如你是Peter,你的笔友 Alice在给你的信中说她经常生病,情绪低落。请你给她写封回信,告诉她应该怎样做。

要求:1. 60 ----70词左右信的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 2.可根据所给信息适当发挥,要求条理清楚,语义连贯,字迹工整。参考词汇: healthy food, do more exercise, enough sleep, keep happy, smile

Dear Alice,

I’m sorry to hear that you are not very well and feel unhappy.




Yours, Peter


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