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外研社英语七下 Modul1 unit1

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Module 1 People and places Unit 1 We’re having a great time!

Guess who they are.

He’s ….

She’s ....

He is running.

He is playing basketball.

He is talking.

She is singing.

She is dancing.

drink drinking

The girl is drinking juice.

eat eating

He is eating.

play playing

They are playing football.

wait waiting

He is waiting for a bus.

talk talking

They are talking.

call calling

He’s calling.

drive driving

The boy is driving a car.

take taking

He is taking a photo.

lie lying

She is lying on the grass.

buy buying shop shopping
They are buying some food. They are shopping.

Listen and answer the questions. 1. Where is Betty calling? She is on the Great Wall of China. 2. Why is she there?
Because she is on a school trip.

Match the people with the actions, and say what people are doing.

1. Betty 2. Lingling

a. He’s lying in the sun. b. She’s talking to her mother. 3.Daming c. They’re enjoying the school trip. 4. Tony d. She’s shopping for presents. 5. Lingling and Betty e. He’s eating an ice cream. 6. Wang Hui f. They’re writing postcards. 7. The children g. He’s taking photos.

Write full sentences for your answers in Activity 4. Use names.

Betty is talking to her mother. Lingling is shopping for presents. Daming is lying in the sun. Tony is eating an ice cream. Lingling and Betty are writing postcards. Wang Hui is taking photos. The children are enjoying the school trip.

Read these words.
buy call enjoy play stand talk tell wait walk buying calling enjoying playing standing talking telling waiting walking have drive like take write run shop sit lie

having driving liking taking writing running shopping sitting lying

Play a game. Write parts of the sentences.




The boy+ is eating+ in the sky.

Homework: 1. Read the words and the dialogue frequently. Try to act out the dialogue. 2. Bring your favourite photo and talk about it next time.


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