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初中英语八年级上Module 1 测试卷

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初中英语八年级上Module 1 测试卷


班级 姓名 学号 分数

听力部分 (共20分)


二、听对话,并将相关的信息进行配对,对话读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )6.Peter A. will go to the park

( )7. Xiao Xia B. will go to see a movie

( )8. Jenny C. will fly his kite

( )9. Mr. Brown D. will go shopping

( )10. Ms. Wu E. will help her parents do the housework

三、听短文,根据短文内容选出正确答案回答问题,读两遍。(每小题2分,共10分) ( )11. Where is Jack from?

A. England. B. China. C. Japan.

( )12. How many classes does Jack have a day?

A. Four. B. Two. C. Six.

( )13. What does Jack like?

A. English. B. Sports. C. Maths.

( )14. What does Jack usually do on Saturdays?

A. He does his homework. B. He plays football. C. He plays games. ( )15. What does Jack?s father do?

A. He is a policeman. B. He is a teacher. C. He is a doctor.


一. 选择填空(每空1分,共15分)

( ) 1.-Where are you from? -I am from______.

A. Chinese B. American C. Japanese D. America

( )2.-What's your favourite_____? -It's Maths.

A. teacher B. subject C. food D.drink

( ) 3. I have English, Maths, Chinese and Physics _____ Monday morning.

A. on B. in C. at D. to

( )4.-Can I ask you _____ questions____ a survey ? -Sure.

A.any, for B.some, for C.a, to D.an, of

( ) 5. He is good at _______ football .

A.play B.plaiing C.playing D.plays

( )6. I like Art ,______ my favorite subject is PE.

A. and B. but C. or D. so

( ) 7. --- Where ____you ____? --- I am from China .

A. are , from B. does , from C. is , from D. from, come

( ) 8. Physics _______ my favorite subject.

A. are B. is C. am D.be

( ) 9.Don't forget ______ ?hello?______ your parents when you leave home.

A.to say,to B.saying,to C.speaking,for D.speaks,on

( ) 10. Here is a letter _____ you. Who is it _____?

A. from; to B. to; to C. for; from D. for; for

( )11. I like English very much.Lucy likes it ________ .

A. too B. as well C.either D. also

( )12.Today is _______ day at school after the holiday.

A.first B.the our first C. our the first D. our first

( )13. Can you tell me ____your story ?

A. for B. on C. at D. about

( )14. Thank you for your help. ___.

A. No thanks. B. You?re welcome. C. That?s right D. All right

( ) 15. Please write ________ me soon!

A. for B. with C. to D. from


2. My favourite subjects are __________ and ___________.

3. She is good at ___________ and ____________.

4. The man is __________ but the woman is ___________.

5. I like the ________ box, but he likes the __________ one.

三. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

邮局work. She stays at home One day , Mr Cook comes home very, because he is very busy at his office. And he is

very hungry (饿). Hewhen the super isn?t ready. He is very angry he says to her, “ I?m going toin a restaurant.” “Wait for ten minutes.” Says Mrs Cook. “Why? Do yousupper is ready in ten minutes?” asks Mr Cook.

“No ,of course not,”she says. “But I am ready to with you in ten minutes.”

( ) 1. A. works B. goes to C. is on D. works in

( ) 2. A. can?t B. doesn?t C. isn?t D. don?t

( )3. A. to do B. to make C. to cook D. to eat

( ) 4.A. to B. for C. out of D. from

( )5. A. early B. late C. far D. near

( )6.A. isn?t happy B. isn?t fine C. isn?t well D. is ill

( )7.A. with B. to C. for D. and

( )8.A. drink B. have C. eat D.cook

( )9. A. know B. think C. want D. hear

( )10. A. come B. go C. get D. do

四. 阅读理解。(1-5题,每题1分,6-10题,每小题2分,共15分)


A bird can fly .A fish can swim .Many animals can walk and run. Some animals can climb trees. Only man can talk. They can work with their hands . They can think. They don?t have wings (翅膀). They can?t fly by themselves. But they can fly in planes.

I like bird. They are in different colours. Some are green and some are yellow. They have wings and can fly. They often fly together. Many birds can sing. Some birds can even talk. Birds are man?s friends. Don?t you think so?

( ) 1. Birds have wings, so they can __________.

A. sing B. talk C.fly D. climb

( ) 2. Man can?t fly , but can fly with _________.

A. in the planes B. with birds C. in planes D. to the tree

( )3. Man can talk, work and _________.

A. play B. climb C. think D. sing

( )4.Some birds can sing, some birds can __________.

A. talk B. work C. walk D. sit

( )5. Birds are _________.

A. Our friends B. in different colours C. good D. A and B B

I study in No.2 Middle School. This is a nice and big school. There are a lot of flowers and trees around it

There are six grades in our school. One hundred and thirty teachers teach one thousand nine hundred and twenty students. They all like their work and work very hard. I am in Class5,Grade1. There are sixteen boys and fourteen girls in our classroom. Our classroom is big and bright. All the desks and chairs in it are new

We go to school at seven in the morning. Class begin at eight. We have six lessons a day. We have sports in the afternoon.

We study Chinese, English ,Maths and other lessons. We all like English. Some of us are good at it.

We go home at four thirty in the afternoon. We all like our school and we all work hard.

( )6. What?s around the school?

A. There are six grades in the school.

B. There are thirty students in our class.

C. There are many flowers and trees around the school.

D. There are some trees around the school.

( )7. How do the teachers work?

A. Good B. Hard C. Busy D. Bad

( )8.Are the desks and the chairs in our classroom old or new?

A. Yes they are. B. No, they aren?t C. They are new. D. They are old.

( )9. What time do the classes begin?

A. At seven B. At eight C. At half past seven D. At nine

( )10.What do they do in the afternoon?

A.They study Chinese. B. They all like English C. They have sports D. They watch TV

五、从方框中选出合适的句子补全对话,其中两项是多余的。(每小题2分,共10分) A:What?s your favorite sport? B:A:Why do you like it? B:.

A: B:Yes.

A:When do you play basketball? B:A:How many P.E classes do you have every week? B:We have two.

A:. B:Mr. Zhao. Look! He is playing basketball there.

1. 六、用所给词的适当形式填空。(每题1分共10分)

1. Most ___________ (China) like to eat rice.

2. Jenny is an __________ ( America) girl.

3.I want ________(they ) to play basketball with me.

4.Daming always has computer __________ (study) on Mondays.

5. His father is an _________ (Italy).

6. My father finishes______( read ) story book.

7. He ________(real) like dancing.

8.There ________ (be) lots of water in the bottle.

9. Can you __________( answer) my questions?

10. The weather today is very _________ (sun).



Dear Jame,


Love from,

Li Ming



1. Kangkang is getting up and putting on his clothes.

2. Mr.Zhang is telephoning somebody.

3. Our English teacher is writing something in his office.

4. My father often goes to work on foot.

5. The boy is going to school with his bag.


Let me tell what these people will do during golden week. First of all, Peter will fly his kite. Then Xiao Xia will help her parents do the housework. Jenny will go to the park with her friends. Mr. Brown likes film so he will go to see a movie. And finally, Ms. Wu needs to buy some new clothes, so she will go shopping.


Jack is English. He speaks English, Japanese and Chinese. He is studying at a school in Shanghai. He has four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. He loves sports, but he doesn?t like Maths. On Friday afternoon, he often plays football in the playground. He usually stays at home and does his homework on Saturdays. On Sundays he sometimes plays games with his Chinese friends. His father is working in Shanghai. He teaches English. Jack and his father are very happy here.

听力答案1-5 C B D A E 6-10 CEABD 11-15.ACBAB


一.1-5 DBABC 6-10 BACAC 11-15 BDDBC

二.1.H J 2.A/E 3.C/F 4. B/I 5. D/G

三.1-5 DBCDB 6-10 AACBB

四.1-5CCCAD 6-10 CBCBC

五.1-5 ECFAB

六. 1.Chinese 2. American3. them 4. studies 5.Italian

6.reading 7. really 8. is 9.answer 10.sunny

七. 略

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