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外研版新版七年级M8 Unit2 London Eye is on your right导学案

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The tour of London导学案

1. Read paragraph1-4 in your groups, and finish our route/ru:t/(路线). 小组阅读1-4段,找出地名,完成路线图。

Trafalgar square→ ________________→ __________________

→ ______________and____________→ __________________

→ The River Thames → ________Bridge → ________________.

2. Work in your group and finish the map.

3.Work in pairs and choose the words to finish the blank.

Welcome to this short ________of London. Now, we are in Trafalgar Square. It’s __________the National Gallery. From here we can _______ along the red street to Buckingham Palace. Then, _______ left and go to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Opposite you can see the London Eye. If you are tired , Let’s go on _______boat near Big Ben. As you go along the river, the London Eye is _____ your right. Get off the boat at Tower Bridge. _______to the bridge is the Tower of London. Well, have a nice day!

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