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外研版新版七年级M8 Unit2 London Eye is on your right教案

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Teaching Plan for Module8 Unit2

The London Eye is on Your Right 课型:阅读课 执教人:夏梦春

Teaching aims : 1. To get information about some famous places in London.

2. To learn some key words and useful expressions.

3.To train the ability of reading a map.

Teaching Methods : Task-based Language Teaching

Teaching Aids: Multi-Media, handout,video

Teaching Procedure:

1>. Showing pictures of London

Eg: Trafalgar Square—the middle of England ...etc

2>. Read the article

1). Fast-reading

2). Careful reading

Part A: 1. Read paragraph1-4 in your groups, and finish our route(路线).

2.Read paragraph 1-4, choose the correct answer.

3 Read again and finish the map.

Part B: 4. Read to find the way back to the square.

3 >. Do a Summary by finishing this blank.

on next tour by turn walk opposite

Welcome to this short ________of London. Now, we are in Trafalgar Square. It’s __________the National Gallery. From here we can ______ along the red street to Buckingham Palace. Then, ______ left and go to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Opposite you can see the London Eye. If you are tired , Let’s go on _______boat near Big Ben. As you go along the river, the London Eye is _____ your right. Get off the boat at Tower Bridge. _______to the bridge is the Tower of London. Well, have a nice day!

4 >. Homework: 设计旅游路线

My friend Lucy is sitting in front of National Gallery, she wants to visit Tower of London. So, please help me to write down a route (路线)for her.

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