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初中英语八年级上Module 2 测试卷

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初中英语八年级上Module 2 测试卷


班级 姓名 学号 分数

听力部分 (共20分)



二、听短文,并将相关的信息进行配对,短文读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分) ( )6.Two girls A. swimming

( )7. A young boy B. sunbathing

( )8. Two people C. flying a kite

( )9. A woman D. sailing a boat

( )10. A man E. playing badminton

三、听对话和问题 ,选择正确的答案。读两遍。(每小题2分,共10分)

( )11.A.French B.Chinese C.French and Chinese ( )12.A.It's cold B.It's new and clean. C.It's quiet . ( )13.A.No,he doesn't B.No,the woman wants to see them. C.Yes,he does. ( )14.A.He's is shopping. B.He's doing his homework. C.He is watching TV ( )15.A.He's a worker. B.He's a doctor. C.He's a writer.


一. 选择填空(每空1分,共15分)

( ) 1. We’ll go to visit the History Museum ________ .

A. next week B. last week C.on tomorrow D.on next week

( ) 2. We’ll go to the beach for________ .

A. the whole day B. day C.whole day D. whole the day

( )3.This plan ________ wonderful.

A. sound like B. sounds like C. sound likes D. likes

( )4.Will you ________ the photos ________ me ?

A. show, for B. show, at C. show, to D. show, on

( )5.They’re practising ________ football on the playground.

A. play B.to play C. playing D. plays

( )6.There are ________students playing games on the playground.

A. a lot B.lot of C. a lots of D.lots of


) 7. Will you do ________ for National Day holidays.

A. something special B. special something

C. anything special D. special anything

( )8______ is your plan for holiday ?

A. What B. When C. Why D. Who

( )9. We are looking forward to ______you again.

A. see B. seeing C. sees D. saw

( ) 10.It will _____ me half an hour to go to school on foot.

A.spend B.pay C.cost D.take

( )11. Sally enjoys _____ .

A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. swims.

( )12. He will help her mother _____housework.

A. with B. to C. in D. for

( )13.Will you ________ safe here?

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( ) 14.-What will you do in Hong Kong ?

-I am not sure. _____ I'll see some famous sights.

A.May B.May be C.Might D.Maybe

( ) 15. My brother is too _________ to go to school.

A. small B. young C. big D. old


1. We are looking forward to _______ /______you again.

2. He will help her mother _____ /______housework.

3. I get up _______six _______the morning every day.

4. My favourite subject is_______and _______ .

5.There are lots of animals in the zoo. But I like _______and _______best.

三. 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

This is a picture (1)___ a classroom. Look at it, please. We can (2)___ a desk and two chairs in it. The books are (3)___ the desk. The balls are (4)___the chairs. The bags are

(5)___the chairs. This is Lily and Lucy's classroom. What's the name (6) ___their teacher ? Her name is Miss Zhang.She is a very (7)____ teacher . Lily and Lucy are twins.They are new. They are American (8 )_____. They look (9)_____. They have many Chinese (10)_____ at school.

( )1. A.on B.in C.at D.of

( )2. A.look at B.look C.see D.see at

( )3. A.the B.on C.down D.behind

( )4. A.in B.under C.of D.up

( )5. A.down B.of C.at D.behind

( )6. A.on B.of C.in D.under

( )7. A.the B.my C.our D.good

( )8. A.boys B.girls C.twins D.teachers

( )9. A.like B.the same C.after D.at

( )10. A.boys B.girls C.teachers D.friends

四. 阅读理解。(1-5题,每题1分,6-10题,每小题2分,共15分)


This is my school. It's in front of the Green Hill Park. There are many buildings in my school .this is the office building. It's next to a big tree.That's the classroom building .It's behind the science labs. The library is next to it. Are there any computers in my classroom? Yes, there are 50 computers in my classroom.Every student has one.

( )1.Where is your school ? It's ______ the Green Hill Park.

A.behind B. in front of C.on D.at

( )2.Where is the office? It's ____ a big tree.

A.behind B. in front C.next to D.on

( )3.Where is the library ? It's next to____.

A.the labs B. the classroom building C.the Green Hill D.the office

( )4.Are there any pictures in the classroom ?

A.Yes, there are. B.No, there aren't

C.There are 50. D.Sorry,I don't know

( )5.There are ____ students in your classroom.

A.sixty B. thirty C.fifty D.forty-six


Dear friend ,

I know that you are arriving in Mianyang next week. You will live in Changjiang Hotel on ChangHong Street , OK ! ChangHong Street is a famous and busy street in our city. Let me tell you the way to my house. Take a taxi from the airport. You pass a bank on you right and then go down Long Street .you go through Sixth Avenue, Seven Avenue, and Eight Avenue. When you see a big supermarket , turn left . Then go down Bridge Street and turn left at New park .Go down Center Street and my house is on your right .

I hope you have a good trip.



( )6. Where will Peter live in mianyan ?

A. Mike’s room B. Changjiang Hotel C.Mianyang Hotel D. His friend’s house

( )7. How is ChangHong Street ?

A. It’s beautiful . B. It’s famous. C. It’s old. D. It’s famous and busy.

( )8. How many streets are mentioned (提及) in this letter ?

A. 6 B. 7 C. 8 D. 9

( )9.Where is the supermarket ?

A. It’s on the Sixth Avenue B. It’s on Long Street.

C. It’s on the Seventh Avenue D. It’s on the Eighth Avenue .

( )10. Where’s my house ?

A. It’s near the airport . B. It’s across from the supermarket .

C. It’s on the right . D. It’s on Center Street


A:Where will you go in the “Golden Week ” ?

B: I’ll go to Guilin_______ my parents.

A: Wow,you’re lucky .How will you go there ?

B: _______ plane.

A: What will you _______ there ?

B: We’ll see some beautiful _______ .There are _______of famous sights in Guilin. Then we’ll eat some lovely food.

A: Will you buy lots of things there?

B: No, I _______. But I’ll look for _______ special to buy .

A: I think you will have a good _______ in Guilin..

B: I know I will .What _______ you ? Where will you go ?

A: Oh, I have to _______ at home and help my parents work in the garden.



2. Sorry,I can’t go with you . I _______ my clothes now.

3. She doesn’t _______ bread at all.

4. There _______ many kinds of books in that bookshop.

5. They are going _______ on the farm next week.

6. Are they _______ basketball now ?

7. She and her brother usually _______ TV on Saturday .

8. I will spend one hour _______a letter to you .

9. I _______ my friends this evening .

10. My mother often _______ some shopping on Saturday.






1.He will go to Hong Kong by plane .

2. It’s National Day today.

3. Will you go to the Great Wall tomorrow ?

4. It’s raining now.

5. Let’s go to Australia.


It’s a lovely day and there are lots of people on the beach. Two girls are playing badminton. A young boy is flying a kite .Two people are swimming in the sea. A woman is sunbathing. A man is sailing a boat .

三、听对话和问题 ,选择正确的答案。读两遍。(每小题1分,共5分)

11.W:Can you speak Chinese? M:No,I can't .I can speak French .

Question:What languages can the man speak ?

12.W:This park is clean and new. M:Yes,I like it very much .

Q:Why does the man like the park ?

13.W:Do you see the tigers ? M:No.Where are they ?

Q:Does the man want to see the tigers ?

14.W:Let's go swimming . M:Sorry,I'm doing my homework. Q:What's the man doing ?

15 W::Are you a worker ? M:No,I'm a writer.But I want to be a doctor . Q:What does the man do ?

听力答案1-5 CDBAE 6-10 ECABD 11-15. ABCBC


一.1-5 AABCC 6-10 DCABD 11-15 CADDB

二.1.E/H 2.D /J3.B F 4. C I 5. AG

三.1-5 DCBBD 6-10 BDBBD 四.1-5BCBDC 6-10 BDADD

五.1-5 with By do sights lots 6—10 won’t something time about stay

六. 1.to go 2. am washing 3.like 4. are 5.to work

6.playing 7. watch 8. writing 9.will meat 10.does

七. 略

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