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初中英语七年级(上) Module 6 测试卷


班级 姓名 学号 分数

听力部分 (共20分)



二、听短文,并将相关的信息进行配对,短文读两遍。(共5分) ( )6.schoolbag A. blue

( )7. pencil case B. orange

( )8. notebook C. red

( )9. lunch box D. green

( )10. maths book E. yellow


听第一段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第11-12小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 ( )11. What is this in English?

A. A Chinese book. B. An English book C. a math book.

( )12. Whose book is it?

A. Tony’s B. Jane’s C. Mary’s

听第二段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第13--15小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 ( )13. Who likes basketball?

A. Jack B. Gina C. Tom

( )14.Who has a football?

A. Jack B. Gina

C. Tom


( ) 15.What does Tom like?

A. Football B. Basketball C. Volleyball

笔 试 部 分(80分)

四.单项选择: (30分)

( you like to fly a kite?

A.Will B. Would C. Can

( )2. Let’A.go to home B.at home C. go home

( football with us?

A.play B.to play C.playing

( A.Where B .What C.When

( )5. The film is ______ ______ the evening.

A on; on B in; on C on; in

( )6. _____ comes after(在……之后)Wednesday.

A Thursday B Monday C Tuesday

( )7. ——Where’s the Taijiquan class? ——It’s _____ the Garden Hotel.

A at B to C on

( )8. Please write an invitation the cinema.

A. in B. of C. to

( )9. Let’s Tony the cinema.

A. to invite, to B. invite, to C. invite, at

( ) 10. –Would you like to go to the film with us? --Yes, _________________.

A. I’d love B. I’d love to go C. That’s a great idea.

( )11 . The teacher asks the students ____the text .

A.read B. reading C.to read

( ) 12. ----What day is it today ? ------It is ________.

A. on Friday B. on January 14th C. Thursday

( )13. He often watches TV Saturday evening.

A. in B. on C. for

( )14. Do you have ___________classes on Saturday?

A. a B. any C. some

( )15. Can you go to the cinema ____ me ?

A. and B. with C. or



1. Kate is 13 years old . She likes ______/______.

2. His brother likes to drink _______ and _______.

3. Toney likes to eat _______ and _______.

4. My favourite colours are _______and _______ .

5.Would you like to go _______the cinema _______ Sunday ?


第I栏 第II栏

( )1. Have we got any juice? A. That’s a great idea. ( )2. Would you like to go to piano lesson? B. It’s on Monday.

( )3. What’s your favourite sport? C. Yes, we’ve got some juice, but we

haven’t got any milk.

( )4. What’s on at the cinema? D. Oh, it’s football.

( )5. When is the football match? E. It’s a Jackie Chan film.

七. 完型填空。(共10分)

My name is Feifei. I’m fifteen, I’ Class It’( ) 1. A. on B. in C. at D. /

( ) 2. A. am B. are C. is D. be

( ) 3. A. a B. the C./ D.an

( ) 4. A. have B. has C. am D. do

( ) 5. A. but B. and C. so D. or

( ) 6. A. too B. either C. also D. as well

( ) 7. A. she B. her C. hers D. he

( ) 8. A. is B. are C. isn’t D. doesn’t

( ) 9. A. in B. on C. with D. at

( ) 10. A. I B. my C. me D. mine


八. 阅读理解。(共10分)

My name is Peter. I’m 12. I’m from Canada and I’m in Class Two, Grade One. My parents work in China. We are in Beijing, now. They are English teachers. I’m in No. 12 Middle School. Miss Wang helps me study Chinese. I have a sister, she is Julia. She is only 3. We are in China now, but our cousins are in Canada. I miss them very much.


( )1. Peter is in Canada now.

( )2.Peter has a sister, she is Maria.

( )3.Peter’s parents teach him Chinese.

( )4.Julia’s cousins are in Canada now.

( )5.Peter and Julia are brother and sister.

( )6.Their parents are teachers, they teach English.

( )7.Peter is a student.

( )8.Julia isn’t a student.

( )9.Miss Wang helps Julia study Chinese.

( )10.There are four people in Peter’s family.



_________ ________ the basketball match?

2. He’d like to play football with us.(改为一般疑问句)

______ he _________ to to play football with us? (划线部分提问)

________ __________ favourite food? (划线部分提问)

_________ is Mr Green ________?

5. I’(就画线部分提问)

__________ ____________ you like?



一、选择你所听到的句子, 读一遍。

1. The boy plays football very well.

2. There are a lot of carrots on the ground.

3. Let’s go to the cinema.

4. Would you like to visit the Great Wall ?

5. They like eating noodles for breakfast.


I have lost a big green schoolbag. It has got a picture of a black and white panda on the front. Inside the bag, there is a red pencil case , a yellow notebook, a blue maths book and a green ruler. There is also an orange lunch box and a small toy car.


听第一段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第11、12小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 W. Excuse me,Tony.What`s this in English?

M. It`s a book. It`s a Chinese book.

W.Chinese book?How do you spell Chinese?


W.Thank you.

M.Is this your Chinese book, Jane?

W.No,it isn`t .It is her book.

M.Is that girl Mary?

W.Yes.This is her book.

听第二段对话,请根据对话内容,选择第13--15小题的正确答案,对话读两遍。 W. Excuse me,Jack.Do you like football?

M.Yes,very much.

W. Do you have a football?

M.Yes.How about you, Gina?Do you like football, too?

W.No,I like basketball. But my brother ,Tom,likes football,too.

听力答案 1-5CDBEA 6-10 DCEBA 11-15 ACBAA



1----5BCBCC 6----10 AACBC 11----15 CCBBB


1.F/G 2.C/E 3.B/I 4.A/J 5.H D


七. 完型填空。1----5 BCDAB 6----10ABCDB

八. 阅读理解。1----5 FFFTT 6----10 TTTFT


1 When is 2. Would like 3. What’s his 4. Where from 5 What would 5


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