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1. ---What’s your ____ time? ---10:00 am. ---Sorry, I can’t send you to the airport. I will have a meeting then. A. departure. B. depart C. arrival D. arrive
2. --- Shortly after our ___ in London, Lucy was attacked. --- Sorry to hear that. When did you___? Why didn’t ask me to pick you up? A. arrive, arrival B. departure, depart C. arrival, arrive D. depart, depart

3. He ran into the fire to ___ his ___, because there was a lot of money in it. Everyone was worried about his ___. A. Save, safety, safety B. save, safe, safety C. safe, safe, safety D. save, safety, safe 4. ---The girl said she ___ all the eggs on the table. --- She was___. She ate two of them secretly. A. laid, lying B. lay, lied C. lay, lay C. lied, lying

5. Isa! I ___ you were in London. Mary said you won’t come back until next month. A. think B. am thinking C. thought D. was think 6. ---Bob, what are you doing? --- I ___ about whether I should go to the library today. A. thought B. am thinking C. think D.will think

7. ---Lily is badly ill. She ___ in bed now. --- My God! I ___ some eggs on her bed just now. A. lied, laid B. is lying, lay C. is lying, laid D. lied, lay 8. I love jiao zi. Could you tell me ___ near here? A. Whether there is a Chinese restaurant B. Is there was a Chinese restaurant C. Is there a Chinese restaurant D. there is a Chinese restaurant

9. It’s raining heavily outside. Could you ask Linda____? A. she lends me an umbrella B. She could borrow me an umbrella C. whether she could lend me an umbrella D. if she can lend me an umbrella

10. He told us ____. A. that he felt ill B. whether he felt ill C. if he feels ill C. that whether he felt ill
11. ---Berry ____ when he was a boy. --- I guess not. He only ____ once. A. was always stealing, was stealing B. was always stealing, stole C. always stole, was stealing D. Was always stole, stole

12. ---__________? --- Yes. What do you recommend for the dessert? A. Something to drink B. Are you ready to order? C. May I order D. Are you ready to take your order

13. --- Man, you should thank me for ___ you from falling into the water. Now you are ___. --- Why didn’t you ___ my ___ first? I lost all my fortune! A. save, safety, safe, safe B. saving, safe, save, safe C. saving, save, safe, safety D. safe, save, saving, save

14. I don’t know ___________. A. whether can you help me B. you can help me C. if you can help me D. can you help me 15. Which of the following is wrong? A. Do you know what he looks like? B. There is used to be a cinema near here but it was closed a few years ago. C. There is a little publicity about the new book. D. I thought he had made a mistake. Actually, he was right.

16. ---Linda, why are you here? I ___ you should be attending the meeting now. A. think B. was thinking C. thought D. will be thinking


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