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( ) 1. A. Nice to meet you, Tom. B. I’m fine. C. Thank you. ( ) 2. A. It’s his. B. It’s under the chair. C. It’s white. ( ) 3. A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, they are. C. Yes, it is.

( ) 4. A. She’s Linda. B. It’s a pen. C. He’s my cousin.

( ) 5. A. Yes, it’s mine. B. That’s a schoolbag. C. No, they aren’t. Ⅱ.听对话,选择最佳答案。(5分) ( )6. What’s this?

A. A map. B. An orange. C. A clock. ( )7. What’s the boy’s last name?

A. Green. B. Brown. C. Smith. ( )8. What are in the bag?

A. Some keys. B. Some pens. C. Some books. ( )9.What color is Cindy’s clock?

A. Red. B. Blue. C. White. ( )10. Where is the schoolbag?

A. On the bed. B. Under the chair. C. On the chair Ⅲ. 听对话,选择最佳答案。(5分) 听第一段对话,完成第11-12小题。 ( )11. What color is Timmy’s hat?

A. Yellow. B. Blue. C. White. ( )12. Where is Jack’s hat?

A. On the chair. B. Under the desk. C. On the sofa. 听第二段对话,完成第13-15小题。 ( )13. Where’s the photo?

A. On the desk. B. Under the table. C. In the bookcase. ( )14. What are Tony’s?

A. The dictionary and the keys. B. The model plane and the dictionary. C. The keys and the model plane. ( )15. Who’s Tony?

A. Tina’s friend. B.The boy’s brother. C.Tina’s brother.

Ⅳ. 听短文,选择最佳答案。(5分) ( )16. What is Alan’s father’s name?

A. Dave. B. Paul. C. Barry. ( )17. Who’s Alan’s aunt?

A. Emma. B. Kelsey. C. Jane. ( )18. Who’s Gigi?

A. Alan’s dog. B. Alan’s cousin. C. Alan’s friend. ( )19. What’s Alan’s phone number?

A. 396-3281 B. 395-6028 C. 368-3028 ( )20. Who is NOT in the photo?

A. Alan’s B. Alan’s grandma. C. Alan’s unlce.


Ⅴ 单项选择(20分)

( )21. –What color is her jacket ? --It’s .

A, an orange B, orange C, tha orange D, a orange ( )22, --Nice to meet you ! -- .

A,That’s all right B,Nice to meet you C,Nice to meet you ,too D,That’s OK ( ? -- It’s Q.

A,What’s this B,What color is it C, How are you D,What it is ( )24,下列每组字母中不含元音字母的是 组。 A, mnbp B, hijp C, adgk D, ehop ( )25,What’s thatEnglish ?

A, at B, to C, in D, on ( )26, 当别人问你身体状况时你应答:

A,Thank you . B, Fine ,thank you . C, I’m good D, I’m there . ( )27下列字母中含有相同音素的是 。 A, DCL B, GFE C, HCN D, JAK . ( )28 , name’s Dale . name’s Linda .

A,He ;My B,His; My C, His;I D, He; I ( )29,-- What’s your name ? --Tom .

A,first B,family C,last D,full name . ( )30, --What’s four and three ? --It’s A, six B, seven C,eight D,nine . ( )31, --Is Gina your friend ? A,Yes ,she’s B, Yes,it is C, No,she isn’t D,No, she is .

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( my grandma .

A, is;is B,are;are C,are; is D,is are ( )33,My uncle’s is my cousin .

A, son B,daughter C,brother D, A and B . ( )34 Please call Jenny 536-4428.

A, in B,to C, on D, at . ( .

A, my B,her C, his D,your . ( A,Thanks you B,Thanks C,Thank ( the keys ? --- on the bed .

A, Where is ;It’s B,Where are ;They’re C,Where’s; They’re ( )38, --What can you see in picture ? ---I can see flowers .

A,the;an B,the ;a C, the ; some D,some ;the . ( )39, -- that under the desk ? --It’s a pen .

A, What B,What’s C,What are D,What’re . ( )40,Look It’s a map A,at ;at B, at ; of C, of ;of D, of ;at . Ⅵ:完形填空(每小题1.5分;共30分)


This is Jim’s family .This man Mr Green . Jim’s woman is Mrs Green . boy and ?The is Jim ,Mr Green’s son .The is Kate , Mr Green’s sister . ( )51.A,book ( )52.A, is ( )53.A,She ( )54.A, A ( )55.A,She ( )56.A,is ( )57.A,a ( )58.A,girl ( )59.A,girl ( )60.A,Jim

B,photo B,am B, Her B,An B,Her B,am B,these B,boy B,boy B,Jims

C,map C,are C,He C,He C,be C,this C,boys C,boys C,Jim’s

D, room D, be D,His D,This D,His D,are D,an D,girls D,girls D. a Jim




B.Yes, he is .


A.No.These are my uncle and aunt . C.No ,it isn’t .It’s her picture . D.Yes ,she is .

E.Nice to meet you ! I’m Linda Green .

( )61.Is Mary your sister ?

( )62.Linda ,this is my brother Paul . ( )63.Are these your parents ?


Hello !I’m Zhang Heping . Zhang is my name . I’m a boy .I’m. My English is Paul . I’m Class One , Grade Seven .Oh ,I find eraser in my classroom.It’s .Now it is in the lost 658-6535. ( )41.A,first ( )42.A,last ( )44.A,3 ( )46.A,on ( )47.A,the ( )48.A,white ( )49.A,but

( )64.Is he Tony ?

( )65.Is this your picture ?

Ⅷ:阅读理解(每小题2分,共40 分)


D,middle . D,too D,China D, 11 D,book D,in D, / D, my D, of D,look

七年级英语试卷 第 2 页 [共3页]

B,family B,two B, 25 B,color B,at B,an B, fine B,with B,call


C, one C,first C,60 C,for C,a C,your C,and C,spell

This is a book .It is an English book .It is my English book .That is a dictionary .Is it her dictionary ? No, it isn’t .It’s Tom’s dictionary . My dictionary is in my schoolbag .Look! What’s That ? It is a pencil sharpener .Is the pencil Mike’s ? Yes , it is .It is his pencil .

根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F). ( )66.The English book is Tom’s . ( )67.The dictionary is Tom’s . ( )68.The pencil sharpener is Jenny’s . ( )69.The pencil is Mike’s .

( )70.There are six things in the passage (短文)。

( )43.A,Chinese ( )45.A,name

C, America C, phone

( )50.A,meet


This is a new picture .There are four boys and three girls in the room .They are all students .The boy on the desk is Jim .The girl near the window is Kate .Jim’s sister Jane is on the chair .Ann and Mike are at the door .Mike’s brother Sam is under the table .Where is Tom ? Oh ,he is over there ,near the door .They are all very happy . ( )71. A,Three; four B,Four; three C,Two ; three D,Three ;five . ( )72.The students are not .

A,in the picture B, in the room C, at home D, at school . ( )73.Where are Ann and Mike ?

A,They are on the teacher’s desk . B,They are near the window . C,They are under the bed . D, They are at the door . ( )74.Who is Jim’s sister ?

A,Tom B,Jane C, Kate D ,Ann ( .

A,Mike’s sister B,Jim’s brother C,Kate’s sister D,Mike’s brother .

A.Canada B.America C.Australia D.England ( )82____likes running.

A.They B.Tom C.Mrs Smith D.Mr Smith ( )83._____can speak a little Chinese.

A.They B.Tom C.Mrs Smith D.Mr Smith ( )84.Mrs Smith doesn’t like__at all.

A.Chinese food B.teaching C.doing housework D.cooking ( )85.They all like____very much.

A.China B.Chinese C.playing D.school Ⅸ:按要求改写下列句子(每小题2分;共10分) 86.Thanks for your family phote .(改同义句)

you for the phote 87.Tom’s sister does her homework .(改否定句) Tom’s sister her homework . 88.The photos 对划线提问) The photos ? 89.This is my school .(改为一般疑问句) this school ? 90.These are his sisters .(改为单数句) his . Ⅹ:书面表达(20分)



Tom and Pingping are good friends.They are in No.6 Middle School.Tom is an English boy.He is seven. He is in Class Two,Grade One.He is Number Two in Row(排) Five. His Chinese teacher is Mr Wu.Pingping is a Chinese boy.He is twelve.He is in Class Three,Grade One. He is Number Five in Row Two.His English teacher is Mrs Read. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正(T)误(F) ( )76. Tom is in Class Three. ( )77. Tom is in Row Five. ( )78. Pingping is Number Five. ( )79. Mr Wu is an English teacher.

( )80. Mrs Read is Pingping’s Chinese teacher.


Mr and Mrs Smith come from Australia.They are in Beijing now. Mr Smith is a teacher in a high school.He teaches English.He likes reads reading and running.His son,Jim,is a student.He likes playing football very much. He likes school,too.He does his homework every day.Mrs Smith is a teacher,too.She can speak a little Chinese. She likes Chinese food.She doesn’t like doing housework at all,but she likes cooking.They all like China a lot. 根据短文内容,选择正确的答案

( )81.Mr and Mrs Smith are from__________.

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