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2013新版八年级英语上unit6 I'm going to study computer science练习

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Unit 6 I’m going to study computer science.

第1课时 Section A 1a---2c








1、 询问长大后干什么的句型及其答语

A:_____________________________________? B: __________________________________

2、 询问如何奋斗的句型及其答语

A: ________________________________? B: ____________________________________.

其他说明将来意向的句型 __________________________________



1、When I grow up, I want to be an e _____________.

2、My uncle is a computer p_________________, he is good at computer.

3、Computer s_________________ is Jake's favorite subject.

4、Mary's father is an airline p____________.


1、Mary _______________(go) fishing with her mother next week.

2、I ___________(meet) a famous actor last Sunday.

3、I'm going to _______________(take)some acting lessons in ShangHai.

4、Tom started ___________________(ride)a bike when he was six years old.

5、My brother __________________(take)these photos two days ago.


( )1、—What is Nancy going to be when she________?

__Maybe she is going to be a math teacher.

A. grow B. grows C. grow up D. grows up

( )2、—How are you going to be a computer programmer?

—I’m going to _______.

A. take piano lessons B. keep fit C. eat healthy food D. study computer science


1、长大后你想做什么? ___________________________________________________






(五)、句型转换 对划线部分提问)

________ ________Wang Na _________ ___________ _________ when she grow up?

2. I’m going to be an engineer when I grow up. (改为一般疑问句)


________ you _______ ___________ _________ an engineer when you grow up?


_________ _________ Mr. Sun _________ _________ __________ next month?

4、 Sally is good at studying computer science.(改为同义句)

Sally ________ ________ ________ studying computer science.

第2课时 Section A 2d---3a

自主学习 通过自学能掌握本课重点单词和短语

学院___________大学___________论文__________决定___________邮寄;发送__________ 药;医学_____________伦敦____________教育_____________确保;查明_______________ 确信;对??有把握_____________________ move to______________ finish high school

__________________ write articles____________________ study education_________________



1. My cousin is going to be a pilot when he _________ (grow) up.

2. Uncle Wang is a race car _________ (drive). He loves his jobs very much.

3. Do you want _________ (be) a pilot?

4. If you want to be an actor, you have to take __________ (act) lesson.

5. Chen Han is going __________ (move) to shanghai when he finishes his studies.


1、You need to take notes at the meeting, so make sure _______ a pen and some paper with you.

A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. not bring

2、---How are you going to become a write?

---I’m going to keep on _______stories.

A. writing B. write C. to write D. to writing

3、---There is a new movie Let Bullets Fly. Let’s watch it.

---That _______ a good movie.

A. sounds B. sounds like C. looks D. looks like

4. I want to be an engineer. So I am going ________ than before.

A. work hard B. to work hard C. work harder D. to work harder

5、Nelly is going to be a teacher. She is going to ________.

A. take acting lessons B. study computer science C. study education D. practice basketball

6、---_________ are you going to work?

---I’m not sure yet. Maybe Beijing or Shanghai.

A. When B. Why C. How D. Where

7、There _______ an art exhibition this Sunday.

A. have B. is going to be C. is going to have D. is going to hold

8、Is there ________ in today's newspaper?

A. everything new B. new nothing C. anything new D. new something




---What are you _________ __________ _________ when you _________ _________? ---I want to be ________ ___________.


Some girls are going to exercise more __________ __________ _________.

3、 我姑姑打算去北京工作。

My aunt is going _______ ________ in Beijing.


4、 萨姆想成为一名赛车手并打算明年买一辆跑车。

Sam ________ _________ __________ race car driver and he is going ________ _______ a fast car next year.

5、 肯打算写文章并把它们寄给杂志社和报社。

Ken is going to _______ ________ and ________ them _________ magazines and newspapers.

第3课时 Section B 1a---2e



根据用be going to 写出英语句子,标点符号已给出。

1. Peter, make a new year resolution ________________________________.

2. Lingling, learn to play the piano _________________________________?

3. Tom, get good grades__________________________________________.

4. Henry, get lots of exercise, keep fit________________________________.


Sound interesting 听起来有趣 sound为系动词后面跟形容词。




1. Next year, I’m going to learn __________(play) the guitar.

2. I want ___________(write) for international magazines when I am older.

3. She is going to eat ________(healthy) food than before.

4. Beijing a pilot sounds ______________(interest).

5. What’s the _____________(mean) of this word?


( ) 1. Lots of students are interested in soccer, so we are going to _____a soccer team this term.

A. grow B. have C. do D. make

( ) 2. This piece of music _________ beautiful.

A. feels B. looks C. do D. make

( ) 3.Tony wants to be a writer, so he needs to get ________.

A. much writing practice B. many writing practices C. practicing writing

D. much writing practices

( ) 4. There _____ a sports meeting in our school next Friday.

A. is going to have B. will have C. is going to be D.is

( ) 5. My family _______ go camping next week.

A. are going to B. is going to C. was going to D. were going to






3、The students are going to the party tonight .(改为否定句)


4、I’m going to get good grades.(改为一般疑问句)


5、I want to get a lot of exercise.(改为一般疑问句)










第4课时 Section B 2a---2b



承诺____________能够做某事__________________在??开始的时候__________________ 改进____________写下__________________身体的______________业余爱好____________ 学着做,开始做_____________关于,与??有关系________________________新年决心 _____________________做出承诺__________________physical health____________________ discuss sth. with sb.______________________



1. I don’t know what ____________(do) next.

2. This is my _____________(person)opinion. I hope you can think it over.

3. Listening to music can make us __________(feel) happy.

4. John is going to work____________(hard) than before.

5.My first resolution is about ____________(improve) my physical health.


1. I’m going to study in a better middle school. I want to _______

A. eat more vegetables B. get good grades C. keep fit D. take acting lessons.

2. Does Jim want ______the first one to get to the top of the mountain?

A. to B. to be C. being D. be

3. It's six o'clock now.It's time_____.

A. get up B. got up C. to get up D. getting up

4. I love music very much, so I’m going to learn how to ______ an musical instrument .

A. keep B. hold C. play D. build

5. —______ are you going to study English? —I study English by reading more.

A. How B. When C. Where D. What


1. I’m going to ______________________________. (学习一门外语)

2. I want ________________________________(组建球队)

3. Some girls are going to ________________________________. (多锻炼保持健康)

4. She wants to find a job ____________________. (作为一名外语教师)

5. The students _____________________________________yesterday. (作出新年计划)


1. 明年汤姆打算组建一支球队。

Next year, Tom_________ __________ ___________ make a soccer team.

2. 不要轻易对别人做出承诺。

Don’t _________ _________ __________ other people easily.

3. 其他的人告诉他们的家人和朋友有关他们的愿望和计划。

________ ________ other family and friends _________their wishes and plans.

4. 人们通常会在年底制定新年决心。


People usually_________ _________ at the beginning of the year.

5. 双胞胎总有一些共同之处。

The twins always__________ some things__________ _________.


A: Did you _________ a New Year’s resolution this year, Kim?

B: Yes, Lucy, I did.

A: __________are you going to do?

B: Well, I’m going to join the soccer team.

C: __________ are you going to do that?

B: I’m going to practice really.__________, and I am going to a summer camp. I’m going to play soccer every day there. C: How _________you, Lucy? Did you make a resolution?

A: Oh, sure. I’m going to __________ an instrument.

B: Cool, how are you going to do that?

A: I’m going to take piano__________.

第5课时 Section B 2c---Self Check




上大学_______________________________学习计算机科学_______ __________

学习表演课程_______ ___________取得好成绩___________________________


听起来像_____________________________完成高中学业_______________ __



1. Jack is going to _____ a pilot when he grows up.

A. do B. have C. be D. play

2. I am ______ volleyball tomorrow.

A. practice B. going practice C. going to practice D. go to practice

3. He is going to buy a new computer when he _____ more money.

A. has B. have C. will have D. is going to have

4. It _____ like the singing of birds.

A. listens B. listens to C. hears D. sounds

5. Miss White is going _______ for her summer vacation.

A. new somewhere B. somewhere quiet

C. quiet somewhere D. some quiet where

6. There are _____ sixty students in our class.

A. on B. more C. over D. past

7. I spent ______in finishing my homework yesterday.

A. one or two hours B. a hour and two C. one and a half hours D. one and two hour

8. There ______ a sports meeting in our school tomorrow.

A. is B. is going to be C. be D. are

9.This music sounds______.

A. good B. a good plan C. like good D. likes a good plan

10. Where ______ Peter______ next week?

A. does; go B. are; going C. is; going D. did; go

11. My cousin is going to take piano lessons________.

A. two days ago B. next week C. every day D. last



1. 鲍勃长大后打算成为一名飞行员。

Bob is going to be ________ ________ when he _________ _________.

2. 史密斯一家打算下个月搬到法国去。

The Smiths are going to ________ ________ France next month.

3. 昨天我们班的学生制订了新年的决心。

Yesterday the students in our class _________ their New Year’s _________.

4. 第一个决心和自我改进和提高有关。

The first resolution_________ ________ _________ __________ my own personal improvement. 6

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