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英语新目标九年级unit8Section A ( 1a - 2c )参赛课件

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Unit 8 I’ll clean up the city parks.
Section A ( 1a – 1c )

Do you know the meaning of this sign? It means give other people a hand when he needs you ! Helping others is great! Being a volunteer is great! Do you want to be a volunteer? What would you like to do?

If you have a chance to be a volunteer today, what would like to do? Would you like to help clean up Children’s Park? Would you like to give out food to homeless people? Would you like to cheer up sick kids in the hospital? Would you like to volunteer in an afterschool study program?

There are many ways that you could help people.
You could help clean up the city parks.

You could cheer up the old people.

give out food at the food bank

cheer up sick kids

What other ways you could help people? Just think and fill in the chart.
other ways you could help people Take part in planting trees Provide money for the poor students Work as a tour guide in my hometown sing songs for old people in old people’s home help the blind cross the road give money to the poor people teach in a poor mountain village

1b Listen and complete the sentences.
1.A: I’d like to _________ outside. work up B: You could help clean _____ the city parks. help 2.A: I’d like to __________ homeless people.
B: You could give _______food at the food bank. out

3.A: I’d like to cheer _______ sick kids. up visit B: You could _______ them in the hospital. 4.A: I’d like to help kids _______ their schoolwork. with
B: You could___________in an after-school study volunteer program.

Key phrases 1.打扫干净, 梳理整齐 clean up city parks 2.城市公园 homeless people 3.无家可归的人 give out 4.分发,发放 5.使振奋,使高兴起来 cheer up sick kids 6.生病的孩子 7.在…(方面)帮助某人help sb. with sth. 8.课后学习计划组织 an after-school study program help stop hunger 9.帮助停止饥饿 at the food bank 10.在食品救济站

Unit 8 I’ll clean up the city parks.
Section A ( 2a – 2c )

2a Listen and check (√) the things
the students are going to do.
a b c

d e

2b Listen angain and fill in the blanks.
1.We need to _____ ____ with a plan. come up ____ 2.We can’t ______ ______making a plan. Clean-Up put off Day is only two weeks from now. 3.I’ll _______ _______all our ideas. write down 4.We could_____ _____ signs. put up 5.I’ll ______ ________ advertisements after school. hand out 6. We could each ______ ______ ten people and ask call up them to come.

Clean-Up Day is two weeks from now. We need to come up with a plan. What would you like to do? Talk with your partner and come up with a plan.

A: We need to come up with a plan. B: Let’s have lunch first. A: No’ we can’t put off making a plan. Clean-Up Day is only two weeks from now. B: ….

Exercises A

1.他看起来很悲伤。我们来让他高兴起来。 He ______ _____. Let’s ______ him ______. looks sad cheer up 2.我们需要提出一些想法。 to come up with We need ____ _

____ _____ _____ some ideas. 3.我们不能推迟制定计划。还有两个星期就是清洁 put off making 日了. We can’t ______ ______ _____ a plan. Clean-up ______ is only two weeks from now. _______ Day 4.我想加入学校志愿者项目,但我不知道我该做什么? I’d ______ _____ _____ the school volunteer projec like to join what I should do but I don’t know _____ ____ ______ ______.

5.这教室太脏了,你能把它打扫干净吗? 6.他过去常常在食品救济中心分发食品.

clean it up The classroom is ____ dirty , can you _____ ___ ___ too ____ used to give out food He____ ____ _____ ______ ____at the food bank .
7.让我们使这个可怜的穷人高兴起来吧! Let’s ______ ______ ______ _______ _______ . cheer up the poor man 8.他想帮助无家可归的人. homeless He would _____ ___ _____ the _________ people. ______ like to help 9.他决定推迟打扫城市公园. He _______ ____ _____ _____ ________ ___the decided to put off cleaning up city park.

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