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七年级英语Unit 3Is this your pencil

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Unit 3

Is this your pencil ?
By Cherise

A:What’s this in English? B:It’s a pencil. A:How do you spell it? B:P-E-N-C-I-L.

a pen

a pencil

an eraser a ruler
a pencil case

a pencil box

a book

an eraser

a dictionary

a schoolbag



? ---What’s this in English? ? ---It’s a / an … ? ---How do you spell it? / Spell it, please? ? ---… ? ---Can you spell it, please? ? ---Yes,I can....

English dictionary


New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.pencil 2.pen 3.books 4.eraser 5.ruler 6.pencil box 7.schoolbag 8.dictionary

pen pencil

pencil box



Match the words with the things in the picture

pencil pen books eraser ruler

e g b h c f
Are these your books?

Is that your schoolbag?

No,it isn’t.It’s his .

Is this your pencil? No,they aren't.They're hers.

Yes,it is.It’s mine.

pencil box




P 13, 1a

Read the words
4.eraser 6.pencil box 8.dictionary




This is my ruler.

-- Is this your ruler? -- No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

-- Is that your ruler? -- Yes, it is. -- No, it isn’t.
/ It’s hisher ruler.

Yes, it is. It’s my backpack.

Is this your backpack?

Is this your book?

No, it isn’t . It’s his book.

Is that your pen?

Yes, it is. It’s my pen.

Is that your pencil case?

No, it isn’t. It’s her pencil case.

--Is this your …? --Yes, it is. --No, it isn’t. It’s her/his… --Is that your …? --Yes, it is. --No, it isn’t. It’s her/his…

P 7,1b Listen and number(1-3)

A: Is this your pencil? B: Yes, it is. It’s my pencil. A: Is that your backpack? B: No, it isn’t. It’s his backpack.
A: Is this your ruler? B: No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.




? 2a
listen and check( √ ) the things you hear.


listen and complete


Listen and complete the conversation with the words in the box eraser pencil ruler pencil case book

Tim: Excuse me,Sonia.Is this your pencil? ⑴ Sonia: Yes,thank you.And that is my eraser . ⑵ Tim: And Jane,is this your ruler ? ⑶ Jone: No,it isn’t.It’s her ruler.

Tim: OK,and this is my book.And this is ⑷ your pencil case ,Jane. ⑸

Grammar Focus

Is this your pencil?

Yes, it is.

Is this my pen?
Is that his book? Is that her eraser?

No, it isn’t. Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

Pairwork:(Things in classroom)
--What’s this/that in English? -- It’s a … -- How do you spell it ?

-- …
-- Is this/that your …? -- Yes, it is. / No, it isn’t.

It’s his/her …

A: -What’s this in English? B: -It’s a/an … A: -How do you spell it? B: -… A: -Is this your … B: -No, it isn’t. it’s his/her … / Yes, it is. It’s my

What’s this in English ? It is a/an… How do you spell it? Is this a/ an…? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.


Put something into the box. Take them out off the box. Find the owner.

Find the owner
A: Excuse me. Is this your eraser?
B: No, it isn’t. I think it

’s her/his eraser. A: Excuse me. Is this your eraser? C: No, it isn’t. I think it’s her/his eraser. A: Is this your eraser?

D: Yes, it is. It’s my eraser.
A: Here you are. (给你) D: Thank you.

Have a test(检测 )

一、Choose the Correct answer(单项选择).
1、Is this your pen? A、Yes ,this is. C、No ,this isn’t. 2、Is that a ruler? D isn’t. A、Yes ,that is. D B、Yes, this’s. D、No,it It’s a sharpener. B、No,it is.

C、No,that isn’t.
3、What’s this? A、Yes,it is. D

D、No,it isn’t.

B、No,it isn’t.

C、It’s a eraser.
4、What’sA name? A、your ; My C、your ; I

D、It’s an eraser.
name is Ma Ling. B、your ; my D、you ; my

二、Complete these sentences with “am”, “is”, “are”. Is
1、 this his book? Yes ,it is . 2、What





a book .

3 、How are you?

I am fine, thank you .

三、Make up sentences.(用所给单词和标点组成句子)
1、your, is ,book ,this, (?)
2、pen, that, his ,is ,(.)

Is this your book?
That is his pen .

三.Fill in the blanks with proper words
Hi name Bob:____,I'm______.What's your ______? Bob

Gina: My________Gina.______to______you. Nice meet name’s
Nice Bob:_____to meet you,_____._____this your Is too

it his isn’t Gina:No,____ ______Ask Eric,It's______ruler. this your Bob:Eric,Is _____ ______ruler? Thank you it Eli :Yes,___is .______ ____.

介绍事物时: this is /that is …… This is his book. This is my ruler. 询问物体的主人时: is this /is that…… Is this his book? Is this your ruler?

This is ……=== is this ……

This is your pencil.

Is this your pencil?

This is his book.

Is this his book?

This is her eraser.

Is this her eraser?

This is my pen.

Is this your pen?



Unit 2
Go for it J7B


computer game

key ring

watch notebook

Match the words with the things in the picture.
1. baseball ___ 2. watch ___ 3. computer game ___ a d c 4. ID card ___ 5. key ___ 6. notebook ___ 7. ring ___ b f h g 8. pen ___9.bag f e

A: What’s this in English? B: It’s a watch. A: How do you spell it? B: W-A-T-C-H. A: Is this your watch? B: No, it isn’t. It’s Jim’s watch. / Yes, it is. It’s mine

? A:What’s this? ? B:It’s a watch. ? A:How do you spell it?(Spell it please) ? B:W—A—T—C—H. ? A:What color is it? ? B:It’s yellow.

A:Excuse me,Mary .Is this your book? B:Yes,_____ ______. it is A:Mary,is this your pencil? , , his(hers,yours) isn t B:No,it _______.It s _______________. , in A:What s this ________ English? , It s an B:______ ______ eraser. A:______ do you spell eraser? How E-R-A-S-E-R B:______________.

New words
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.library 2.ask 3.find 4.some 5.classroom 6.e-mail 7.lost 8.must 9.set 10.a set of

Lin Hai, A computer game is in the school library.Is it yours?Ask the teacher for it. Mike

Found: Some keys are in classroom7E.Are they yours?E-mail me at maryg2@g

fimail.co m.

Is this your watch?My phone number is 495-3539.Call me. John

I lost my school ID card.I must find it.Call me at 6856034.Thanks. Tom

Lost and Found失物招领处
1.in the school libary 在学校图书馆 2.in Classroom7E./in the classroom 在7E教室里/在教室里 3.ask sb for sth 向某人索取某物,向某人要某物 4.some 一些,某些(some+可数名词的复数形式或不可数名词,一般用于 肯定句。当疑问句表示建议或请求,并希望对方给予肯定答复时, some.) eg.I have some friends in my school.在我的学校里我有一些朋友。 He has some water.他有一些水。 How about some apples?一些苹果怎么样? 5.Foud 招领启事 Lost 寻物启事 6.e-mail sb at +邮箱地址 给某人发电子邮件 7.call sb/phone sb call是动词,意思是给某人打电话,后面接表示人的名字或代词 eg:call me/you/her/him/Alice 8.call sb at +号码 拨打电话找某人 9.I must find it. must,情态动词,意为必须,应当,一定,无时态和人称变化,后接动词原 形。 结构:sb must do sth.某人必须做某事 10.a set of keys 一串钥匙

捡到一个笔记本,失者可打电话 425-6801找Bob.

Found: Is this Please Phone # Bob. ?

今丢失双肩背包一个,有拾 到者可打电话695-3059与 David联系。

My Please

. is David. 695-3059.

? Found: A backpack. My name is Jack. Phone number 63017047.

? Lost: My notebook. Please call Cindy at 63752148.

Period 3:

1、Gina丢了手表,拾到者打电话 063-76548,不胜感谢。

2、Mike拾到一只书包,电话为 054-66334。

Please have a try!
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.这是你的卷笔刀吗?是的,它是. ___ ___ your ___? Yes ,___ is. 2.那是他的尺子吗?不,不是.那是我的尺子. Is __ __ruler? __, it__. __ __ ruler. 3.这个东西用英语怎么说?这是字典. __ this __ ___? It’s ___ ___. 4.你怎么拼写棒球? __ __ you __”baseball”?

Check the words you know
? backpack notebook computer game baseball ? pen ruler book pencil case ID card eraser ? ring watch key pencil

? 这是他的书包.
This is his backpack.

Is this his backback?
Is this Linda’s ring?

? 这是Linda的戒指.
This is Linda’s ring.

? 那是我的棒球.
That is my baseball.

Is that your baseball?

? 这是我爸爸的钥匙.
This is my father’s key. Is this your father’s key?

? 那是我妈妈的笔记本.

That is my mother’s notebook. Is that your mother’s notebook?

? 1.确认物主:is this/is that…… ? 2。介绍某物:this is /that is a/an ? 3一般疑问句转变极其回答 ? 句型:how do you spell it? P-EN ? Lost and found case/office

A: _____ ____ a pencil sharpener? Is that B: Yes it ___. ___,__ is spell A: How do you ____ it?
B: P-E-N-C-I-L S-H-A-R-P-E-N-E-R. A:Thank you. Is this your ____ ____

pencil sharpener ?

No B: ____, it isn’t ’s her _____.It ____

pencil sharpener.



Make your own conversation with your partner to identify ownership.

Bye bye

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