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Module 1 (Unit 1)

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Module 1 (Unit 1)
Unit 1 What is a wonder of the world?

wonderful adj 极好的,精彩的,绝 妙的; 美妙 wonderfully adv
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? have a wonderful time wonder n 奇迹 (可数) wonders of the world 世界奇迹 I’d like to see the seven wonders of the world. Do you know how many ____(wonder) of the world? What is a ___(wonder) of the world? I want to know something about the __(奇迹) of the world. wonder v = want to know 想知道 , 后接疑问词引导的宾语从句 I wonder if he will come. Where does he come from? (we all wonder) We all wonder where he comes from. He wondered how on earth this wonder was built. no wonder 难怪,不足为奇 You get up at eight, no wonder you are often late.


n 乐队

? “Zero Band” is one of my favorite ___(band). ? band n 绑带

review v 复习,回顾 (= revise --revision
Let’s review the knowledge so that we can remember it. ? We often review the past and look forward to the future. ? review / revise sth for…. 为…复习… ? We will spend some time ___(review) English for our exam ? review v 写评论 --- reviewer 评论家 ? review n 评论 ? music / film reviews ? do some reviews about …. 写有关…的评论 ? He is a ____. He often does some ____about our favorite sports. ? The play got excellent ____(review). ? ?

ancient adj 古老的,远古的 (反)modern 现代的
more ancient ; the most ancient ? an ancient country ? China is an ancient country. ? ancient / modern history ? ancient Greece ? the ancients n 古人 ? in ancient times 在古代

composition n 作文
? ?

? ? ?

write a composition They often write ____(作文)about ancient cultures. His ____(作文) is so excellent that we all enjoy it. Can you tell me how to write ____(composition).

grade n 成绩, (近)score/mark 年级
? get good/ bad grades ? 年级 Grade Three ; ? class 班级 Class Seven I am in Class 4 , Grade 9. What grade are you in?

pyramid n 金字塔
? ancient pyramids ? There are many ancient pyramids. ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

n 学生 -----(近) student

meet v met ; met meeting n 会议 have a meeting 开会 have a class meeting at the meeting 在会上 have a talk 听报告 give a talk 作报告

listen up 注意听 (常用于口语),用 于引起别人的注意
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

You’d better ___(listen) up. The meeting is important. Listen up, Kate! Who is crying? listen to sb/ sth 听… 强调动作 Listen to music Listen to the teacher carefully! hear 听见 强调结果 I listened carefully, but I can’t hear anything.



叫做 call sb + n You can call me Bob. be called / named … The city is called / named Guang’an. called/ named 做后置定语, 修饰名词 a boy called Daming a city called/ named Beijing Do you know the girl named/ called Lucy? He lived in a small village calle

d Lizhuang 打电话 call sb --- call sb up call sb + 电话号码 Please call John at 2345678 call + 电话号码 Please call 110 if you have trouble.


n 事件,比赛项目

An event I will write a diary of school ____(event).

thin of / about
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

思考, 考虑

think of 想起 happen v sth happen + 地点/时间 A car accident happened in that street. sth happen to sb 某人出了某事 What’s happening? What happened to him ? Something strange happened to us yesterday. sb happen to do sth 碰巧做某事 I happened ___(meet) her in the street. take place 发生 (有计划的发生)

? ? ? ? a piece of news the latest news That’s/ It’s news to me . 不知道, 没听说过 There is no class tomorrow? That’s the news to me.

Why don’t we/you do sth == Why not do sth ? (用于提建议)
? ? ? ? ? Why don’t we meet earlier? == Why not meet earlier? ---I feel a bit hungry now? ---- Why not ___for dinner with us? A. go B. did you go C. to go D. do you go

? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

diary n 日记 diaries (pl) keep/write a diary daily adj 日常的 any more + n 再, 还 any more ideas/ questions? more 再, 又 基数词+more +n (复数)====== another + 基数词+ n (复数) 又, 再… another ten apples == ten more apples We need two more hours. ==We need another two hours.



? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

do an interview with sb 采访某人 She will do an interview with the famous writer. someone/ somebody famous anyone/ somebody important someone/ somebody else anyone/ anybody else Who else what else where else

main adj 主要的 ? the main idea / interest ? mainly adv ? What are they mainly talking about at the meeting? ? on / about 介词 关于 ? some advice on / about where to live

suggest v 建议 advise v 建议
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

suggest doing sth ---He suggested ___(go) out for a walk. suggest one’s doing sth ----advise sb to do sth ===suggest (to sb) that sb +(should) do sth (建议某人做某事 (虚拟语 气 (should + do) ) He suggested we left earlier.(改错) He suggested we leave earlier. He suggested we left earlier. He advised us ___(leave) earlier. He suggested our ____(leave) earlier. suggestion n (可数)---advice (不可数) some suggestions on / about… == some advice on / about…

last adj 上一个的, 最后的
? last week/ year
? He is the last ___(arrive) here. ? last v 持续

? How long do you think the weather will last?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

How about ___(go) out for a walk? 2. He is the man that he can think of __(ask) for help. 3.You’d better ___(listen) up. The lecture is important. 4. They ___(arrive) in Beijing in three hours. 5. Do you suggest ___(send) for a doctor? 6. Would you like ___(come) over to my house with us on Mid-Autumn Day? 7. What

___(happen) to Kim? He doesn’t look well. 8. Is there a boy ___(call) Tom here? 9. Women like doing some ___(shop) at weekends. 10. Since everyone ___(be) here, let’s begin our meeting. 11. Next day the newspaper reported the ____(事件). 12. I will do some ___(评论) about our favorite bands and movies. 13. The computer is one of the w ____of modern science.

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