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Module 3 (unit 2-3)

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Module 3 (unit 2-3)
Liu Xiang was trained for gold.

? encouragement

v 鼓励

? ?

? ? ? ?

n 鼓励 encourage sb to do sth 鼓励 某人做某事 be encouraged to do sth 被鼓励做某事 The doctor encouraged him ____(lose) weight. When we meet with difficulties , our teacher always ____(鼓励)us to work them out by ourselves. He _____(encourage) to make a speech. He _____(encourage) his son to make a speech. Who will _____(encourage) to enter the match?

? ?

n 奖牌, 奖章

win a gold medal He is a gold medal winner.

overnight adj 突如其来的,持续 整夜的
? ? ? ? an overnight success 一夜成功 Xiao Shengyang is an over success. Liu Xiang wasn’t an over success. He wish to be an over success.

set set set 设置,制定 setting
? set up =start = open 建立,创立(公司, 机构等) ? We are planning to set up a new company. ? The man ____(set) up a company. ? The organization ____(set) up in 1998. ? set off 出发, 动身

yearbook 年鉴
? sports yearbook


v 记录 recorder 录音机

? Make sure you record the number of the tickets you sell. ? He is ____(record) what the teacher said. ? If you press the red button. The conversation _____(record) by the recorder. ? record n 最高纪录 ? set / break / keep /hold the record 创造/打破/保 持纪录 ? He broke a world record in running.

first of all 首先,第一, 强调事情的重要性
? at first 开始,起初 ? First of all, let me introduce myself to you. ? When the earthquake happens, first of all, we should stay calm. ? At first, she didn’t want to go with us, but soon she changed her thoughts.


v 代表, 象征

? The rose represents England. ? He represented our school. ? He will be chose to represent China at the Olympic Games. ? Kate couldn’t go to the meeting, so Rose _____(代表) her.

advertisement == ad
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


an advertisement advertise v 为…等广告 The ____(广告) in the newspaper are very boring. They put up an ___(广告) for their new school. We often see Liu Qian ____(appear) on TV. Liu Qian is often seen ____(appear) in ____(广告). coach 教练 coaches (pl) She is a swimming coach. coach v 指导, 训练 He coaches basketball and soccer.

regular adj 有规律的 irregular adj 无规律的
? ? ?

? ?


regularly adv 有规律地 irregularly adv 无规律地 irregular verbs 无规则动词 train regularly Can you remember all the _____words? Jack and his friends go to the movies ____. We play football ____(regular) , usually once a week. He was trained ____(regular) .

sportsman 动员

---sportsmen (男)运

? sportswoman ---- sportswomen (pl) 女运动员 ? hurdle n (跨栏赛跑中用的)栏架 ? hurdling n 跨栏赛跑 ? 110m hurdles ? Liu Xiang does well in hurdling. ? Liu Xiang won a gold metal in

110m hurdles event in 2004.

? ?

n 比赛 == match



He won a gold metal in the swimming race. He broke the world r_____. Liu Xiang’s c____ is Sun Haiping. I was chose to r_____ our school to speak in the meeting. Teachers often ___(鼓励) their students. She won an Olympic gold _____(奖牌) in swimming.

advise sb (not ) to do sth
They advise me ___(accept) their invitation. The students _____(advise) on how to write composition tomorrow. ? be advised to do sth ? allow sb to do sth ? be allowed to do sth ? allow doing sth ? advise / suggest doing sth 建议做某事 ? The doctor advised ____(take) more exercise ? The doctor is advised ____(take) more exercise. ? advice --- suggestion ? a piece of advice ? some suggestions

notice sb do sth notice sb doing sth
? be noticed to do sth ? We notice a thief ___( enter) the room. ? The thief was noticed ___(enter) the room. ?begin began begun ? begin ---- be on ? finish --- be over ? The film ______(begin) for five minutes.

invite sb to do sth
? ? ? ? ?

? ?

invite sb to sp be invited to dos sth invitation If you _____(invite) Jack to the party, he will be pleased. If you ____(invite) to the party, I will go there as well. He ______(invite) _____(give) a talk next week. Thanks for your ______(invite).


n 比赛

? choose sb to do sth ? be chosen to do sth ? Tom _____(choose) to give a talk at the meeting last week. ? Tom ____(choose) me to give a talk at the meeting last week.

success n
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? successful adj successfully adv succeed v succeed in … 在…成功 It is a great ____. His ____makes his father happy. He ______in swimming. The game is very _____. He got the first prize ______. Liu Xiang is a ______sportsman.

now (that) 既然, 由于=since
? Since you like it, I will give it to you

tomorrow. ? Now that you have grown up, you shouldn’t depend on your parents. ? Now that Mr Liu has arrived ,we can begin our meeting. ? Now that you are invited , you should go .

high jumping 跳高 long jumping 跳远
? a high jumper

compare A with B 把A和 B比较
? compare A to B 把A比作B ? Parents often compare their children with others’. ? He compared his pencil with mine. ? We compare our teachers to the candle. ? compared / to / with …. 与…相比 ? I think Big play very well compared with/to HAS now.

use sth to do sth
? be used to do sth == be used for doing sth ? be/ get / become used to doing sth 习惯于做某 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

事 used to do sth 过去常常做某事 Knives are used ___(cut) things. Knives are used for ___(cut) things. He is used to ____(do) morning exercises. There used to ____(有) many fish in the river. He used to ____(live) in Shanghai.

find out 查明,弄清
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I’ll go and find out who stole the bike. Could you find out her addre

ss for me , please? in the same year go for medal in the future make notes 做笔记(注解) take up 占用 take up the least room /space take up a lot of her time

discuss v 讨论 discussion n 讨论
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

class / group discussion under discussion 在讨论中 award v 授予 award sb sth 授予某人某物 They____ (award )her a medal last year. She ____(award) a medal last year. award sb sth for sth 因某事授予某人某物 He _____(award) the first place for his composition.

finishing line 终点线
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

(run) across the finishing line The other players help him run across the finishing line. turn n 次序,轮流 take one’s turn to sth 轮流做某事 It’s one’s turn to do sth 轮到某人做某事 turn v turn left/ right turn n 跑道 take the wrong turn 跑错道 marathon n 马拉松 taekwondo n 跆拳道 do taekwondo belt n 带子

after +时间 == 时间 + later ,用于一 般过去式
? in + 时间 将来时
? three days later == after three days ? in three days

? an hour later == after an hour
? enter == go into

? enter the room == go into the room
? enter into the room (改错)

must 必须 mustn’t
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

You must stay here and don’t move. You mustn’t play with fire. It may hurt you. Must we come tomorrow? Yes, you must. No, you needn’t / . No, you don’t have to must 一定 表推测,用于肯定句 may be 可能 can’t 不可能 , 用于否定句 must be 对现在的肯定推测 must have done 对过去的肯定推测 变反意疑问句时, 根据must 后的be 或have 来定。 It must be Jim’s , isn’t it ? He must have finished it, hasn’t he ? You must hard, mustn’t you?

continue with sth == go on with sth
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? More than == over less than 少于 less than five years patient adj 有耐心的 patience n 耐心 patient n 病人 at the same time( as…) (与…) 同时 athlete n 运动员 total n 总数 a total of… crowd n (人) 群 a crowd of children crowded adj 拥挤的 crowed street be crowded with… ..被…拥挤 The bus is crowded with people. be covered with …. 被…覆盖

enormous adj 巨大的
? medium n 媒体 (pl ) media ? coverage n 报道 ? enormous media coverage ?

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