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Module 6 (unit 2-3)

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Module 6 (unit 2-3)
Unit 2 Remember three words: reduce, reuse and recycle .

reduce v 减少, 减小—increase v 增大, 增加
? reduce pollution / the speed ? We should try our best to reduce waste and protect the earth. ? use ---- useful --- useless ? use ----usable 可使用的 –reusable 可重新使 用的 ? reusable paper ? use ---reuse v 重新利用 ? Paper can be reused. ? The same water was reused after chemical treatment.


adj 有必要的

? It is necessary for sb to do sth ? It is necessary for us ____(understand) what the young think. ? ___(take) an umbrella with you is necessary. ? It is necessary __(eat) fruit and vegetables every day. ? I think ____ is necessary for me ___(read) English loudly in the morning. (this, that , it) ?

? ? ? ? ?

adj 塑料制的

plastic bags We shouldn’t use plastic bowls. plastic n 塑料 The pipes(管子) should be made of plastic. This plastic tree is made of plastic.

repair v 修复 , 修理(建 筑物, 堤坝,车辆, 机械等)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

mend v 缝补 , 修理 mend shoes / clothes repair bikes The machine should ____(repair) soon. Mary had her bike ___(repair) yesterday. Mary had her father ___(repair) her bike yesterday. We will make Tom ___(repair) the machine. We will make the machine ___(repair) tomorrow. The computer needed _____(repair).

China n 中国 , Chinese adj 中国的 ; 中国人
? ? ?

china n 陶瓷 a china cup The china cup is made in China.


care v 在意 关心, 担心
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? careful adj 小心的, 仔细的 --- careless adj 粗心的 、 carefully adv ---- carelessly adv take (good) care of == look after well (好好) 照顾 == The baby must ___(take) good care of . We must ___(take) care good care of the baby. care about (sth/ doing sth ) 关心, 在意做某事 care for 喜欢 She doesn’t seem to care about the bad weather. Do you care about ___(get) up early ? I don’t care for noodles. Do you care ___(about, for) ___(protect) the environment and ___(save) energy?

? ?

n 风尚, 时尚

? ?

the latest fashions 最新款式 fashionable adj 时尚的 fashionable shoes She likes fashionable clothes.

Instead 代替 ,放在句首或句末
instead of… 与rather than 相近 We will go there on foot instead of by bus. You should go out instead of ___(sit) in. I give him advice ______ money. We have no coffee. Would you like tea ___? Let’s play cards ____swimming. ? Jim was ill, so I went _____. ? Mike doesn’t study hard at all. ____, he sits idle all day. ? ? ? ? ?


n 布 (不可数)

clothes n 衣服 silk n 丝绸 We like clothes ___(make) from cloth. The clothes ___(make) of cloth. We should use cloth bags instead of paper bags.

sort n 种类
? a / what kind / sort / type of… 一/哪种… ? all kinds / sorts / types of… 各

种各样… ? What sort / kind / type of music do you like? ? sort v 挑拣 ?

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