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Module 10 (unit 1)

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Module 10(unit 1)
I’ve got a friend whose brother is training for the Olympics.

whose 引导的定语从句。whose 在定语 从句中做定语。that/ who/which 在定语 从句中做主语,whom 在定语从句中做宾 语,可省。
? ? ? ? ?

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She is the woman ____has a personal car. I like movies ____have happy endings. Do you know the man ___ Mr Wang talked to just now. Do you know the man to ___Mr Wang talked just now. This is the room in ___ I live. This is the room ___ I live in. He is the only boy. The boy’s father is a policeman. He is the boy whose father is a policeman. No one lives in the room . The room’s windows are broken. No one lives in the room whose windows are broken. Is there anyone whose name is Betty? Li Mei is the student whose handwriting is the best in our class. The book whose cover is green is mine. whose 通常可与of which / of whom 互换 Please pass me the book whose cover is green. == Please pass me the book the cover of which is green. Mr Brown has written a novel whose name (= the name of which) I’ve completely forgotten. This kind of book is for children whose native language Is Chinese. This kind of book is for children the native language of whom is Chinese.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.We all like the teachers ___classes are interesting and creative. A. which B. whose C. who D. that 2.We all like the teachers ___ can make us interested in study. A. which B. whose C. who D. whom 3. He’s the boy ___bike was broken. 4. He is the boy ___lost his bike. He is the boy ___ we are looking for? 5. Mr Green lives in a house ___roof is blue. A. which B. that C. whose D. who 6. Her parents wouldn’t let her marry anyone ___family was poor. A. that B. which C. who’s D. whose 7. The scientist ___work is successful has been made a model worker. A. that B. who C. whose D. who’s 8. We have cleaned the room ___windows face north. A. which B. that c. who D. whose 9 We have left the room ____ has been cleaned by us.

fit adj == (healthy)健康的
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

--ness 名词后缀 illness ; kindness ; business ; darkness ; fitness 健康 (health) get/fall ill 生病 fitness centers / classes keep / stay healthy / fit Keep in good health==keep healthy His grandparents are in good ___. To keep ___, they are always running in the morning. (health, healthy) Nowadays more and more people go to ___ centers to keep___. (fit , fitness). Eating too much sugar can lead to some ___problems. (health, healthy). ____(drink) milk every day, and you will keep fit. A. To drink B. Drinking C. Drink _____(drink) milk every day can make you healthy. healthy --- healthier -- healthiest healthy/ fit enough


v& n 痛,疼

? ache v ? I am aching all over. ? Her left arm aches a bit. ? ache n 常放在表身体部位的名词后,构成复合词 ? stomachache ; backache ; to

othache ; earache; headache … ? I have a headache . ? ache 表持续,隐约的疼痛,pain 指肉体或精神上的疼痛, have a pain in …; be in pain ? Her mother has a pain in her chest. ? hurt 常指事故中弄伤,弄痛。 ? He is the boy ____leg hurt badly in the accident. ? who ; whose; that ; whom

? ? ? ?

n 锻炼 (不可数)

? ?

? ?

练习,体操 (可数) do /take exercise 做锻炼 Take as much exercise as you can. do morning /eye exercises do exercises 做练习 He hardly take ____, so the doctor asks hi to do some running and morning ____. He is doing some ____ in English grammar. You should do more ____ every day . We have a lot of math ___to do every day. How much ___(exercise) do you take every week?

run ran run
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

go running/shopping /sightseeing do( some) running /shopping /sightseeing high adj ---height n in height weight n 重量 The dog’s weight is 50 pounds. lose weight 减肥 weigh v 称…重量 The doctor weighed the baby. He weighted the fish by hand. How much does the fish weight? weight lifting/training 举重(训练) do weight lifting /training ____is good for your health. So you can ____ every day. ____(do) weight lifting and you will lose weight. ____(do) weight lifting is good for your health.

give up sth =give sth up
? Don’t
? ? ? ? ?

give up hope . give it / them up Although math is difficult, don’t give it up. give up( doing) sth 放弃(做)某事 You must give up ___(smoke).

like v 喜欢 ---dislike
? ?

? ? ? ? ?

like prep 像…---- unlike We need someone like Superman who can save Tony. Unlike other cats , this one doesn’t like fish at all. likely adj 可能的 ---unlikely adj 不可能的 be likely /unlikely to do sth (不)可能做某事 He is likely to be a Japanese.

bump v 碰,撞
? bump into 碰见== meet sb by accident ? by accident 偶然 ? I have just bumped into my first teacher in the park. ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


interested adj (主语为人) interesting adj (主语为物) interest v interest sb The film didn’t interest me. be/feel interested in (doing) sth== have / take / show feel (an) interest in…. The book _____(interest) me very much. The novels are ____. We are _____in ____(read) them. (interest ) The boy shows a great ___(interest) in swimming. with interest 感兴趣地 with heart in surprise He is reading the novel with ___(interest). a place of interest --- places of interest lose interest in …

do Taijiquan
? ? ? ? ? ? a little / a bit / kind of / a little bit careful / big / fit / strong enough enough money / time not… enough to do sth He is not old enough to go to school.

near 在…附近=next/close to..
? nearly adv 几乎,差不多,在肯定句中可 与almost 互换。nearly 可以与not连用,而 almost 则

不可。 ? It took him nearly two hours to get here. ? She was nearly as tall as he was. ? A car nearly/ almost hit you. Next time ,you must be careful. ?

allow sb to do sth be allowed to do sth

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

allow doing sth We ____(allow) to take photos here. We allow ___(take) photos here. We allow the boys ___(take) photos here. not any more == no more 指程度或做事的 次数不再增加,多与瞬间动词连用。 not any longer == no longer 指时间上不再, 多与延续性动词连用。 He doesn’t live in Chongqing any ___(longer/more). I won’t tell a lie any ___(longer/ more).

强调句:It +is/was +被强调的 部分 + who/that….

? ? ? ? ? ? ?


He read English in the garden yesterday. It was he that/who read English in the garden yesterday. It was yesterday that he read English in the garden. It was in the garden that he read English yesterday. I am wrong. It is I who /that am wrong. My father gives me my pocket money. It is my father who/that give my pocket money. pocket money 零花钱 good luck

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