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How to keep healthy

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How to keep healthy

Health is important to everyone. And what should we do to keep fit? Here is some advice to make us healthy.

First, we need to healthy eating habits. We’d better eat healthy food like fruit and vegetables, because they are good for our health. Don’t eat fast food.

Second, we should also often. As we know, doing sports can build us up and make us relax. However, we must safe when we exercise.

Finally, we must no to smoking and drinking, because they are bad for our health.

If we want to be healthy, we should try our best to do something to keep fit.

Let's Ride Bikes!

Nowadays, you can see more and more people riding bikes on the road. Why do they like riding bikes? Let me tell you the reasons.

First, it's not expensive to buy a bike and every family can buy one or more. Second, it is hard to get a place for a car to park. But it’s easy to park bikes. Third, riding bikes does good to our health and the most important thing is that riding bikes can not only reduce pollution but also save energy.

Let's ride bikes from now on!

My Favorite Sports Star

I like basketball very much. My favorite sports star is Yao Ming. He was born in Shanghai in September, 1980. He played for the Houston Rockets, and he joined the Houston Rockets in November, 2012. He is

2.26-meter- tall. What a tall man! I like him, because he is good at playing basketball and he always does his best. He never gives up in the basketball life. He is a hero! I want to be a player like him. Who is your favorite sports star? Could you tell me something about him/her?

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