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新目标英语八年级unit2-reading 课件

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1.Your best friend is more popular than you. 2.You lost your sports clothes. 3.You can’t get good grades.

a. You’d better be careful. b. You should practice English every day. c. Maybe You need to talk with them.

4.You have to get up early.
5.You don’t have enough money. 6.You often argue with your parents. 7.It’s difficult to learn English.

d. Why not be more friendly?
e. What about asking your teacher for help?

f. You could find a part-time job
g. Why don’t you go to bed early?

(B)1. Everyone in my class went camping ______me, because I was ill in bed. A. with B. except C. besides D. as well (C --When will the train arrive? )2. --You can ____ the time from the time table. (时刻表) A. leave out B. look out C. find out D. keep out (A Where _____ can you see the sign?(标志) )3. A. else B. other C. others D. another (C Mrs Smith looks very busy. We want to help her, )4. but we don’t know _______. A. what to do it B. how to do C. what to do D. why to do

Self Check
talk find out call up argue say
1. Let’s call up Joe and invite him to play tennis. 2. You should talk about your problems with your parents. 3. My friend is angry with me. What should I say to him? 4. I don’t want to argue . Let’s forget it. 5. I thought I failed my best but I just found out I passed!

2 Read this letter. Underline the problem.
Dear Aunt Chen, My cousin is the same age as me. She’s really nice, and we get on well, but she always borrows my things. Last week, she borrowed my math book and didn’t return it. So I couldn’t do my homework. I don’t want to have a fight with my cousin, because she’s my best friend. I don’t know What to do. Could you please give me some advice?
﹦fight with … 和…打架。 get on well with sb. 和某人相处很好 as old as me

Yours Looking for Help

Unit 2 Reading

Maybe you should learn to relax!

complain competition activities push compares

His father often__________ him with other children.

push activities competition complain compares

His parents ____ him so hard. They ask him to do many after-school _________.

competition compares push activities complain

He doesn’t want to _______ about school, But________is everywhere in Chinese Schools.


Children in America have lots of freedom! I just want to study in America!

Do children in America have lots of freedom?
No, they don’t.They are under pressure _______________, too.

enough [i'n?f]
pressure ['pre??]

complain [k?m'plein]

include pushy

[in'klu:d] ['pu?i]

compare [k?m'p??]

crazy adult

['kreizi] ['{d?lt]

organized ['?:g?naizd]



competition [%k?mpi'ti?? n]

New words:
compare complain push pressure organized freedom include crazy adult

疯狂的 成年人 压力 自由 有组织的 包括 推;督促


Paragraph 1.Why is Cathy Taylor



Paragraphs 2&3.Why are the


n under too much pressure?
Paragraph 4.What does Linda Miller

think ?
Paragraph 5.What does Dr Alice

Green think?

Read paragraph 1 and fill in the blanks Cathy
At school Busy enough ____ Basketballand____ ___ football After school piano ____lessons
Not get home ___________until 7 pm homework supper Have_______and do_________

Get home

Life for Cathy’s children is busy. At school, they are ……………. After school, Cathy takes the boys……………… , then,she takes…………..… They don’t get home…………………

Read paragraph 2&3 and tell “T” or “F” (F ) 1.American or British Children are not under too much pressure.
(T )2.Activities include sports, language learning ,music and math classes. (F )3. Now, parents seem to push their more children less.

Open your mouth !

The Taylors are like many American and British parents. They take their children from activity to activity, and try to fit as much as possible into their kids’ lives!
声音大小 流利度 准确度 满分 得分

Read paragraph 4&5 and match people with their opinions
1. Children need more time and freedom to relax.

Linda Miller Dr. Alice Green

2. Kids have competitions when they are very young. 3. Parents shouldn’t try to plan their kids’ lives for them. 4. Parents shouldn’t always compare their children with others.

Read the article and complete the blanks in the sentences.

Cathy Taylor has three children. Their life enough is busy _______, because Cathy takes her children from activity to activity. She fit tries to __ into her kids’ lives. Doctors say children in such families are under too pressure much _______. Most children are sent to all kinds of after-school clubs. Activities in include these clubs ______ sports, language learning, music, and math classes.

Linda Miller, a mother of three in London, thinks that parents shouldn’t ____ their children so hard. Dr Alice push Green also thinks parents should give their children more time to do things by themselves. She thinks parents should give their children time and freedom to relax. ______

Paragraph 1 Life for Cathy Taylor’s three children is very busy. Their school days are busy enough. After school, though, Cathy takes the two boys from football to basketball. Then she has to take her daughter to piano lessons. The tired children don’t get home until 7 pm. They have a quick supper, and it’s time for

Paragraph 2 The Taylors are like many American and British parents. Parents take their children from activity to activity, and try to fit as much as possible into their kids’ lives. Doctors say many children are under too much pressure. Teachers complain about teaching tired kids in the classroom.

Paragraph 3 Most children take part in afterschool clubs. Activities include sports, language learning, music, and math classes. Pushy parents are nothing new, but now parents seem to push their children a lot more. Parents see other

children doing a lot of things and they feel their own children should do the same.

Paragraph 4 Linda Miller, a mother of three in London, knows all about such pressure. “In some families, competition starts from a very young age,” she says. “Mothers send their kids to all kinds of activities. It’s crazy. People shouldn’t push their kids so hard.” Advice

Paragraph 5 Dr Alice Green agrees. She also says that these children may find it hard to think for themselves when they are older. “Parents are trying to plan their kids’ lives for them. When these kids are adults, they might find it difficult to plan things for themselves.” Advice

Parents should learn to give their kids a bit more time to themselves. On the one hand, children need organized activities. On the other hand, they also need time and freedom to relax, and they need time to do things by themselves. Advice



You should play Piano for 2 hours! You can’t plan my life!!

I feel tired.Can I read English tomorrow?

--Do you finish homework? You should learn from Bob, he is reading English

A Letter From a Mother
My dear child, I know you are under too much pressure at school and you want to relax after school or on weekends. I don’t want to take you to all kinds of after-school activities, either. But I have to. Competition is everywhere now. If you don’t work hard, how can you make a living when you grow up?

My dear kid, sometimes you may hate me because I push you so hard, but my heart aches when I see you doing homework until midnight. I compare you with other kids because I want you to be better, can you understand that?
My dear kid, I love you. You are the best in my heart . Love


A Letter To Mom
Dear Mom, I know you love me.____________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________


Love your parents.
Love yourself. Be relaxed.

1.Read the letter to your Mom. 2.Listen to the tape and read the article twice. 3.Write a summary of this article.

Thank you!

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