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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived ?

Section A


1.I need to cut my hair .Do you know the best shop (理发店) is?

2.My sister was watching TV (当??的时候) I was having supper .

3.Last Sunday ,I found a thief and (跟踪) him to see where he was going .

4.My parents (买) me a computer as a birthday present .

5.An (外星人) is a person who doesn?t live on the earth .

2.I the piano while they at 9:00 yesterday .

3.We are all to see such a beautiful scenery .

4.It hard at 9:00 pm last night .

5.---Who you this digital (数码) camera ? ---My uncle did . 6.Mother the floor when I home .

7.Grandma breakfast while my face this morning .

8.The students a biology class when the visitors .

9.Father still when I up yesterday morning .

10.What you when the earthquake happened in Japan ?


1.He had unusual experience last Sunday .

A. a B .an C.the D./ 2.Mr. Black his car , then went into the shop .

A.get out of B. get off C. got out D.got out of

3.They Paris on the morning of March 10th.

A.got B.reach C.arrived in D.arrived at

4.His mother wanted to know what he at that time .

A.is doing B.was doing C.has done D.will do

5.I followed the boy where he was going .

A.see B.see C.to see D.saw 四、根据汉语意思完成句子。

1.当他们到达时,天正下着雨。It they 2.车祸发生时, I dinner ,the car accident 3.我打电话给电台时,外星人在参观博物馆。

The alien the museum,when I the radio station .

4.昨天早晨,我在做作业而我的兄弟在玩电子游戏。 I my homework my brother games yesterday morning .

5.你想想不出他有多么奇怪。You can?t it was .



they when the UFO landed ?


2.He watched TV last night.(st this time yesterday改写句子)

He TV at this time yesterday .

3.The movie “hero” was very exciting .(改为感叹句)

the movie “hero” was !

4.My mother was watching TV when my father came back .(用while 改写句子)

My mother was watching TV ,my father back.



1.The Olympic team were given a (英雄般的) welcome on their return home .

2.You can not (想象)how knowledgeable the person is .

1.The plane will from Beijing Capital Airport and land in London .

A.take on B.take off C.take out D.take away

2. I was in the US, I made a lot of American friends.

A. While B. Although C. Unless D. Until

3. The Internet is so connected with our daily life . Can you a life without it ?

A.understand B.imagine C.consider D.expect

Section B


1.He (喊叫) to me so I stopped climbing .

2.While I was walking down the street ,I saw a cat (跳下) down a tree .

3.The car accident (发生) because of the heavy rain .

4.The cat broke the glass and away (逃跑) .

5.The little girl is (害怕) to stay in the dark room


1.What to Tom last night ?

A.happened B.was happened C.is happening D.to happen

2.I was taking a walk I saw a friend of mine .

A.when B.while C.after D.before

3.---I was doing my homework at eight o?clock last night .

---You are A.hard-working B.kidding C.kiding D. kidded

we were eating dinner in the restaurant, the owner?s dog took my bag away quietly .

A. Because B. While C. If D. Until

5.It?s dangerous for you that tall tree .

A.climb B.climbing C.to climb D.climbed


1.昨天早上七点你在读英语吗? you at 7:00 yesterday morning ?

2.昨天这个时候他在做作业。He homework yesterday.


the students a meeting ,the teacher 4.日本发生地震时,我在和我朋友打电话。

I on the phone with friend when the earthquake in Japan .

5.彼得到处找不到他的狗。Peter his dog .



1.I t?s reported that a car happened last night and many people died in it .

A.accident B.activity C.attention

2.We have never visited the museum ,but we have it .

A.stood for B.belonged to C.heard about D.kept to

Self check and reading


1. His mother was too tired ,she lied down

A.keep silent B.in silence C.nothing saying D.keep silence

2. When his mother get home ,he computer games .

A.plays B.playing C.is playing D.was playing

3. What do you mean “get out of ”? A.for B.on C.with D.by

4. Tom and Jerry is one of cartoons I have ever seen .

A.interesting B.more interesting C.the most interesting D.the more interesting

5. My father asked me some food with me .

A.take B.to take C.taking D.to takes

6. Do you remember when I called yo last night ?

A.what were yo doing B.what you were doing C.what are you doing D.what you are doing

7. The old man was ill . Now he is

A.in the hospital B.in hospital C.at hospital D.at he hospital

8. ---Did you see him coming into the building ?

----No , I a football game at that time .

A.watch B.was watching C.watched D.am watching

9. She hoped nothing bad would him.

A.happen B.take place C.happen to D.take place of

10. If you don?t feel well ,you may just stop

A.work B.to work C.worked D.working


1. The traffic (事故) happened on a cold winter morning .

2. I was reading a novel when the (门铃) rang.

3. Some boys are playing soccer on the (操场).

(听到) the exciting news ?

5. People mustn?t (杀死)wild animals ,because they are our good friends .


1.当你听说这件好事,你在干什么?you 2,今天早晨他很累,起床很困难。

He was very tired this morning ,It was difficult for him to bed.


My New York from Beijing International Airport .

4.这个故事发生在2010年1月。The story January 2010.


1. Many birds are singing the tree .

2. The leaves the tree turned yellow .

3. My flight Beijing took off at 10:00.

4. ---What happened your teacher yesterday?



A: What was the man doing when the accident happened ?

B: A: What did he do then ?

B: A: What a good man ! Did you know his name ?

Unit 4 He said I was hard--working

Section A


1. The accident happened a cold winter morning .A.in B.on C.at D.of

2. Teacher told us that we should our homework school tomorrow .

A.take; to B.bring ;to C.take ;with D.bring ; with

3. I wasn?t mad my son anymore . A.of B.at C.about D.to

4. Betty her friends that her parents to have a party for her .

A.said ;will go B.told C.told ;were going D.tells ;will go

5. Bill said to Allan he soccer every Sunday .

A.is playing B.played C.playing D.would play

6. You ?re supposed your homework on time .

A.finished B.finishing C.to finish D.finish

7. She she a party for her sister the next day .

A.says ;were having B.said ; had C.says ; had D.said ;was having

8. My dictionary is on Mary?s desk .Could you ?

A.pass it to me B.pass me it C.past it to me D.pass it for me

9. The teacher said that light faster than sound .

A.travels B.travelled C.travel D.to travel

10. Please away the water and me a cup of tea .

A.take; bring B.take ; take C.bring ; bring D.bring ;take


1. To keep safe ,everyone is (理应) to wear a seat belt in the car .

2. Can I take a (信息) for him ? He is out at the moment .

3. When she heard the disappointed news she really get (生气的、发疯的).

4. Please take an oral (消息) for your mother .

5. Please (传递) on this book to Lucy .



I want eat bread because I have had enough .

2.我们被期望今天晚上完成作业。We are finish the homework tonight. 4

3.老师对我非常生气。My teacher was very me .

4.请把消息传给露西。 Please Lucy.


She was having a at nine o?clock last night .



1. Did you use to get (紧张的) when you see the school report from your teachers ?

2. Her family was so (贫穷的) that she could?t go to school .

3. My father was born in a small (村庄) .


1. If Peter comes to us ,please him to leave a

A.letter B.sentence C.message D.notice

2. After a lot of training ,Liu Xxiang many difficulties .And he is at the top of the game now. A.made of B.heard of C.came over D.got over

Section B


1. In Spanish ,he listening .

A.do better in B.does well in C.is good in D.do good at

2. Tom wanted to know the meeting would begin .

A.if B.when C.that D.what

3. John said that he to a movie every Saturday .

A.go B.went C.would go D.will go

4. ---Did Mary leave a message ?

---Yes. She wanted to know next Sunday.

A.when will you go swimming with her B.who you would go swimming

C.if you would go swimming with her D.that you will go swimming

5. It?s not right other?s homework .

A.copy B.copies C.copying D.to copy

6. students in a village may not sound like fun .

A .Teach B. Teaching C. Teacher .D. To teaching

7. ---Could you tell me to the post office ,please ?

A.how I got B.how I can get C.how can I get D.how did I get


1. It is (真是的) that he bought a new car last week .

2. The teacher said to me ,“Don?t be (紧张的),take it easy (放松自己)”.

3. Jack got (失望的) news from his teacher .He failed in the exam.

4. (幸运地) I just finished my homework when the teacher came in .

5. I worked very hard in this (学期).

6. How many (信封) do you want to put the letters in ?

7. Ben said that his mother is in good (身体健康) now.

8. Jack did (擅长) swimming when she was young

9. The girl is very (勤勉的) ,so she can gei good grades in the exams.

10. I ?m (惊奇) to find my wallet is on my bed .




Many people said they this book, but I thought it was a one.


I that he had a cold last week .


I finished last week and today.


I had a science this term .


I said I it was a good idea for her my homework .



1. He always borrows my books and he never (归还) it to me .

2. We should protect the wild animals which are in (危险).


1. You were to close the windows, Why were you careless ?

A.allowed B.believed C.supposed D.caused

2. ---What did you say now ? ---I asked you

A.who is she B.who she is C.who was she D.who she was

Self check and reading


1. I like to live in the countryside and enjoy a (乡村) life.

2. The mountain is about 500 (米) above the sea level .

3. We must come to a (决定) about what ti do next tomorrow .

4. Everyone should care for the wild animals in (危险).

5. Our (家乡) is becoming richer and more beautiful .


1. I don?t know (外面正在发生什么) outside .

2. Lucy said that she (昨天她忘记做作业了) her homework yesterday.

3. He asked me he my bike (他能否借我的自行车).

4. (大多数学生) live in (宿舍).

5. Last week ,I (吵了一架) with my best friend,because she my homework (抄了我的作业).


1. The policewoman asked the little boy

A.where did he live B.where he lived C.where he lives D.where does he lives

2. Tomorrow is Father?s Day .I don?t know

A.what can I do for my father B.what will I get for my father

C.where I went with my father D.where will I go with my father

Unit 5 If you go to a party ,you’ll have a great time !

Section A



1. We are going to (组织) a school party this Saturday .

2. Here are some (花) for you with our best wishes .

3. Students aren?t supposed to wear (牛仔裤) to school .

4. The (打扫) of our school will take an hour .

5. The thief went into the office and away (拿走) two computers .



If you ,you good .


If you in the street ,it very dangerous .


You into the hall you your imagine .


you do if you go to the visit?


your friends from other school to the party


1. If our government attention to controlling food safety now ,our health in danger.

A.won?t pay ; is B.doesn;t pay ;is C.won?t pay ;will D.doesn?t pay ;will be

2. ---What would you do if you the traffic accident ? ---I would

A.see ;do my homework first B.saw ;buy some fruit right away

C.see ;call at 110 at once D.saw ;call the police right away

3. After lunch she the dishes and went out quickly .

A.took off B.took away C.took after

4. If the robot wrong ,you can get a new one for free or get all your money back .

A.went B.goes C.would go D.will go

Section B and self check


1. They were looking for the lost sheep

A.all the time B.at times C.every time D.some times

2. I her the answer if she me .

A.can tell ; will ask B.will tell ; will ask C.would tell ; ask D.will tell ;asks

3. Some of the professional athletes think that being famous will them happy and rich .

A.let B.make C.drive D.help

4. Liu Qian is famous magic . A.for B.to C.on D.with

5. I?ll stay if you me mor money .

A.offer B.offered C.offering D.will offer

6Will you give him a chance the important meeting tomorrow ?

A.to join B.take part in C.to take part in D.join

7. Don?t others when they make mistakes .

A.laugh B.laugh at C.laugh to D.laugh with

8. ---What makes you so upset ?

--- I want to explain why I was late ,but Mr.White didn?

A.way B.chance C. idea D. excuse


9. My little sister asks me questions .

A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too


1. Women are often (反对) smoking in public .

2. Our (代理商) in Beijing deals with our business .

3. The players often get (受伤的) in the match .

4. If I become a (律师) ,I will be able to help more people .

5. He got a (机会) to travel to France last year .



The teacher his mobile phone ,because he used it .

2.成为一名运动员是我的梦想。an athlete my dream .

3.不要嘲笑处于困境中的人。Don?t these who are in trouble .


If you become a professional athlete ,you?ll be able to something you love .


If you ,people will watch you .


A: I am going to the school party Let?s take some snacks .

A: B:Really ?

A: B:May I wear my jeans ?

A: You can?t do that . B:What will happen if I do that


1.----What would you do if it tomorrow ?

----We have to carry it on ,since we?ve got everything ready .

A.is raining B.rains C.will rain D.rain

2. If Bob away from the junk food ,he will be in good health .

A.stay B.will stay C.stays

3. I like English very much .I never miss a to practice English with foreigners .

A.subject B.mistake C.chance D.space

4.I gave up the piano lessons because I have so much homework to do , but it?wishes . A.in B.on C.for D.against


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