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新人教版七年级上Unit7Section A 1

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—What’s that? —It’s a ___. hat —What color is it? —It’s ___________. red and white

T-shirt /`ti:??:t/ yellow

sweater/`swet?/ black

skirt /sk?:t/ green

—What are those? —They are _________. socks — What color are they? — They’re _____________. red and yellow


shorts /??:t(s)/ trousers /`trauz?z/ shoes /`?u:(z)/ white black red

The clothes store sells …

s kirts hats

s weaters s ocks s hoes
s horts t rousers

T -shirts

Match the words with the things in the 1a picture. i 1. socks __ 2. T-shirt __ d 3. shorts a __ 4. sweater __ c 5. bag f __ g 6. hat __ 7. trousers __ j 8. shoes __ b 9. jacket __ h 10. skirt __ e

Listen and circle the things 1b you hear in the pictures in 1a.

Tape script
A: How much is the hat? B: It’s six dollars. A: And how much are these shorts? B: Oh, they’re eight dollars. A: And this sweater? How much is it? B: Let’s see. It’s nine dollars.

how much用于提问某物的价格,意为“多少钱”, 其句式为“How much + be +东西?” 当主语是不可数名词或可数名词单数时,be动词 用is,答语为It’s+数额;当主语是可数名词复数 时,be动词用are,答语为They’re+数额。如: —How much is this bag? 这个包多少钱? —It’s six dollars. 六美元。 —How much are the apples? 这些苹果多少钱? —They’re two dollars a kilo. 两美元一千克。


How much is the/this/that + n.? It’s … .

How much are the/these/those + n-s ? They’re … .

$1 =1 dollar 美元

$2 =2 dollars

£ 1 =1 pound英镑

£ 10 =10 pounds

¥ 1 =1 yuan

¥ 100 =100 yuan

$ 1=one dollar

$ 10=ten dollars

£ 1=one pound £10=ten pounds ¥ 1=one yuan ¥10=ten yuan


-How much is this bag? -It’s $8. = It’s 8 dollars.
$8 that



-How much are these shoes? -They’re $20. = They’re 20 dollars.


How much is this…? It’s…dollars.






2. 在英语中,成双成对的物品常以复数形式出现。 例如:

Shoes [?u:z]

Shorts [??:ts]

Trousers [`trauz?z]

glasses [`ɡl?s?z] [`glɑ:s?z]

Chopsticks [`t?ɑpst?ks] [`t??pst?ks]

Scissors [`siz?z]

shoes shorts trousers glasses chopsticks scissors 此类词作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式;但与a pair of …(一双、一对或一副)连用作主语时, 谓语动词用单数形式。如:

My shoes are under the bed. 我的鞋在床下面。
The shorts are Jack’s. 那条短裤子是杰克的。

That pair of shorts is Jack’s.


Listen and repeat. colors

black green blue

white yellow

red brown purple





2b Listen to the conversations
and circle the things you hear.

2c Listen again. Fill in the price tags.



Ask and answer questions 2d about the things in 2b.
How much is the green T-shirt? How much is the purple hat? It’s 7 dollars.

It’s 5 dollars.

How much are the red short


They’re 6 dollars.

How much are the blue socks?

They’re 2 dollars.

Listen to the dialogue in 2e. 2e Then fill in the blanks.
Things Color Price


blue nine dollars _______ __________________

__________ ____________ two dollars three dollars _______ _______ for one pair for two pairs socks yellow

Role-play the conversation.

Woman: Can I help you? Mary: Yes, please. I need a sweater for school. Woman: OK. What color do you want? Mary: Blue. Woman: How about this one? Mary: It looks nice. How much is it?

Woman: Nine dollars. Mary: I’ll take it. How much are those yellow socks? Woman: Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. Mary: Great! I’ll take two pairs. Woman: Here you are. Mary: Thank you. Woman: You’re welcome.

1. 英语中常见的购物用语 A: Can I help you? B: Yes, please. A:您要买点什么吗?B: 是的。 How much (is/ are…)? (……)多少钱? I’ll take it. 我买下了。 I’ll take two pairs. 我买两双。 Here you are. 给您。(您拿好了。) I see. 我知道了。(我明白了。)

2. socks是sock的复数形式。在英语中,成双成对 的物品常以复数形式出现。 例如:

shoes shorts trousers glasses chopsticks scissors[?siz?z]

此类词作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式;但与a pair of …(一双、一对或一副)连用作主语时, 谓语动词用单数形式。如: My shoes are under the bed. 我的鞋在床下了。 That pair of shorts is Jack’s. 那条短裤子是杰克的。

3. Can I help you? 我能帮助您吗? 这是商店售货员或其他服务人员招呼顾客 时的礼貌用语,相当于What can I do for you?。接受对方的帮助常回答“Yes, please.”;拒绝对方的帮助用“No, thanks.” 作答。如: — Can I help you? 我能帮助您吗? — Yes, please. I want a pen. 是的。我想要一支钢笔。

4. I need a sweater for school. 我需要一件毛衣上学穿。 need 是实义动词,意为“需要”。常用 于以下句式中: 1) need + sth. 表示“需要某物”。 e.g. I need some erasers. 我需要一些橡皮。 2) need + to do sth. 表示“需要做某事”, 这时 need 的主语是“人”。 e.g. You need to put on your jacket. 你需要穿上你的夹克。

3) need … for … 表示“需要……去做……”。 e.g. What do you need for your party? 你的聚会需要些什么? We need some color pencils for this afternoon’s English class. 我们需要带一些彩色铅笔上今天下午的 英语课。

5. It looks nice. 它看起来很漂亮。 这句话与That sounds good. 属于同一类型 的句子结构,look表示“看起来,看上 去”, 后面接形容词。如: That man looks old, but he’s not that old. 那位男士看上去年长,但他没那么大年龄。 These socks look nice on you. 这双袜子穿你脚上真好看。

6. Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. 两美元一双,三美

元两双。 1) 在此句中,介词for用来表示物品的价 格, 用法是:价格 + for + 具体物品。如: It’s 30 yuan for this book. 2) pair 表示“双,对,副,套”,通常与介 词of 搭配,表示裤子,鞋袜,手套,眼镜等 由两个相同部分组成的物品的量。如: a pair of trousers/ shorts two pairs of soccer shoes

1. 看图说出下列物品的英语单词。










2. 单项选择。 1. —I like that watch. _______ is it? B —It’s 20 yuan. A. How many B. How much C. What color 2. My T-shirt ___ white and my shorts A ___ yellow. A. is; are B. are; are C. are; is C 3. I want _____ the blue T-shirt? A. get B. gets C. to get

A 4. —_____, sir? —I need a pair of sports shoes. A. Can I help you B. How do you do C. What do you do 5. —Can I use (用) your eraser? C —Yes. _____. A. Thank you B. You’re welcome C. Here you are

3. 句型转换。

1. This shirt is small for me. (改为复数意义 的句子) ______ _____ _____ small for me. These shirts are 2. The red skirt is 20 yuan. (对划线部分提 问) _____ _____ __ the red skirt? How much is 3. Those shoes are yellow. (对划线部分提问) ______ _____ ____ those shoes? What color are

4. She needs a skirt for school. (改为否定句) doesn’t need She _______ _____ a skirt for school. 5. Is the blue hat two dollars? (作肯定回答) Yes ___ __. ___, it is

Homew ork

1. 复习记忆本课时所学的生词。 2. 做个小调查,编写三个问答句,询问 一下你的朋友所穿衣服的价格,注 意名词的单复数形式哟! —How much is/are…? —It’s/They’re.

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