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八年级英语作业纸 总第 课时

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八年级英语作业纸 总第 课时

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Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake?


1.三明治 2.黄油 3.片,块 4.生菜 5.一片面包 6.在我的三明治里




1.Will you add to the salad?

A.some lettuce B.much lettuces

C.more lettuce D. many more lettuce

2.Give me onion and a tomato, and I need them to make some sandwiches.

A.a B. the C. an D. /

3.—Do you like tomatoes?

--- .

A.Sorry B. Thanks

C. Yes, I don’t D.Yes , I D O

4.Do you like lettuce sandwiches?

A of B. in C. at D with

5.I’d like to eat bread

A. many B. a C a piece of D two

6Tom any butter on the bread before he ate it.

A.doesn’t put B. don’t put

C.didn’t put D.not to put

7.She cut up some lettuce, then it to the sandwich.

A.adds B .pours C. added D. poued

8.if you don’t watch TV, you can .

A. turn on it B.turn it on

C. turn it off D.turn off it

9.There two pieces of bread on the table and there some butter on the bread.

A. is is B.are are C.are is D is are

10.--- honey should we put on the bread?

A. How many B.How much C .What D Which.


1.I want two (piece) of bread.

2.How much (lettuce) do they need?

3.How many (spoon) of butter do you want?

4. (sandwich) are very delicious.

5.I need two (tomato ) make salad.


1.Put some butter a piece of bread.

2.I like lettuce sandwiches.

3.I need a spoon honey.

4.Add some sugar the rice.

5.Put the tomatoes the blender.

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