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( )1.A.on foot B.by bus C.bike D.by plane ( )2.A.bus B.bike C.by train D.ship ( )3.A.usually B.sometimes C.often D.then ( )4.A.stop B.light C.wait D.go

( )5.A.traffic lights B.red light C.yellow light D.green light 二, 选词填空。(10★)

( )1. ___________ at a yellow light . ( )2.Remember the _______________. ( )3.Go at a ___________. ( )4._____________ the traffic lights. ( )5._________ at a red light.

三, 选出与所给单词发音相同的单词。(10★) ( )1、tea A、 bread B、peak ( )2、big A、 pig B、five ( )3、 A、 B、( )4、bike A、 fish B、like

( )5、tomato A、 tomorrow B、three 四, 单项选择。(20★)

( )1. Stop at the ______.

A. yellow light B. green light C. red light

( )2. There are always traffic lights in every country.

A. three B.four C.five

( ) 3. We must the traffic rules.

A.remember B.watch C.find

( )4. How do you _________? I often go to school on foot.

A.go school B.go to school C. go to home

( )5. Do you go to work bus ?

A. on B. by C.at

( ) 6.How can I get to Zhongshan Park?

A、You can go by bus. B、I can go by bus. C. We can go by bus. ( )7.You can go there .It's not far from here. A、on foot B、by ship C. by plane ( )8. Go at the ______.

A. yellow light B. green light C. red light

( ) 9. –Can I go on ? —Sure ,if you like . A. bus B. bike C. foot ( )10.My home is near. You can go ______.

A.by plane B. on foot C. by ship 五.按要求变化下列句型:

1.The museum is next to the hospital.(对划线部分提问) the museum?


2.The bookstore is far from here.(变为一般疑问句) ?

3.---Thank you.(作出相应的回答) 4.祝愿他人生日快乐时说: 5.I am near the door.(对划线部分提问) you? 六.把下列汉语句子译成英语.

1.书店在左边。 . 2.直走三分钟. . 3.在电影院下车. . 4.乘12路公共汽车. . 5.它在学校的东边 七,对答如流。(10★)

( )1. How do you go to school ? A. My home is near the post office. ( )2.Where is your home? B.You can go by bus. ( )3. How can I get to the Park? C.The fifth floor.Room 5A.

( )4.Which floor? D.Sure, if you like. ( )5. Can I go on foot? E.I often go to school by bike. 八, 阅读理解。根据短文的意思,选择最合适的答案。(10★)

Jim is eleven years old . He comes from London. He usually goes to school by subway. He is a baseball player. After school, he usually plays baseball.

His father is a teacher. He goes to work early and gets back home late. He usually goes to work by bus. Sometimes he goes by bike.

Jim and his father go to the nature every weekend. ( ) 1. Jim is ______ years old . A. 11 B. 7

( ) 2. Jim is an _______ boy. A. American B. English

( ) 3. Jim often plays ______ . A. baseball B. basketball ( ) 4. Jim’s father works in a _____ .

A. hospital B. school

( ) 5. Jim’s father _____ early and gets back home late. A. goes to school B. goes to work .


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