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八年级英语作业纸 总第44课时

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Unit8 How do you make a banana milk shake?


1.奶昔 2.切碎 3一杯酸奶

4.一片面包 5.把…倒入… 6.交朋友


1.When we meet for the first time, we should (摇动)hands.

2.Yesterday my mother bought a new (搅拌器).

3.Would you like to (剥) me an orange?

4.My sister helped me (倾倒)the wate r into the cup?

5.Now you can (喝) the banana milk shake.


1.There are some bananas here.Let me help you .

A.cut it them B.to cut them out C. cut them up D.cutting them up

2.It’s time for CCTV news. Let’s the TV and watch it .

A. turn on B. get on C. try on D. put on

3.The children ran the classroom at once.

A.on B. into C. in D.of

4.Please the bananas and ice-cream into the blender.

A.pour B.peel C.Pull D.pick

5.-- do you make a banana milk shake?

---Peel the bananas first and blend it with milk.

A.What B.When C.How D.Where

四.请根据对话情景,选用how many或how much填空

1.-- do you spend on your school things every term?


2.--- sandwiches did you eat for lunch?


3.--- sugar shall we put in the milk?

--Two teaspoons.

4.-- oranges do we need for the salad?


5.-- teaspoons of honey do we need?



1. three bananas.

2. the bananas

3 the bababas and ice cream the blender. 4 the milk the blender.

5 the blender.

6. the milk shake.



2.我们需要 多少香蕉?



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