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Unit 4 Amazing Science
Topic 2

When was it invented?

由…制成(物理过程) be made of 由…制成(化学过程) be made from be made in 在某地制造 be made by 由某人制造 be used for doing sth 被用来做… be used to do sth be used as 被用做 be used by 被…使用 allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 allow doing sth 允许做某事 be allowed to do sth 被允许做某事


show sth to sb =show sb sth 发射卫星或飞船进入太空 send satellite or spaceships into space some day 将来某一天 come true 实现 hold a computer 存放电脑 digital camera 数码相机 从某人身上学到很多关于… learn a lot about from sb

我不被允许玩电脑游戏 I am not allowed to play computer games. 如果你花太多时间在他们上面,不利于你的健康 It’s bad for you if your health spend too much time on them. 可能你是对的 Maybe you’re right.= You may be right. 你知道火箭是用来做什么的吗? Do you know what a rocket is used for? 它被用来发射卫星或飞船进入太空 It’s used for sending satellites or spaceships into space.

我希望将来的一天我的进入太空 I wish I could go into space some day. 我希望你的梦想将会实现 I hope your dream will come true. 这用英语怎么说? What’s this in English?/ What’s the English for this?/ How do you say this in English? 它被用来帮助我们提高我们的英语 It’s used for helping us for improving our English. 它什么时候被发明的? When was it developed? 它在哪里被发明的? Where was it developed?

( B)1.He ___play computer games unless he finished his

homework. A. was allowed to B. was not allowed to C. allow to ( C )2.We all know that paper ___wood. A. is made of B. is made into C. is made from ( C )3.This kind of machine ___in 2006. A. is invented B. is made C. was invented ( A )4.A(An)___is used for taking photos. A .Camera B. Lift C. MP3 player ( B)5 .We should spend more time ___because it’s too important. A .to learn English B. learning English C. in English

1.My mother allows me to use her cellphone. (改为被动语态) I am allowed to use my mother’s cellphone. ___ ___ ___ 2.A rocket is used for launching satellites and spaceships. (就画线部分提问) What ___ a rocket used___ ? ____ is ___ for 3.The digital camera was invented in 1975. (就划线部分提问) ____ ____ the digital camera invented? ______ When was

1.The desk is made _____ wood. of 2.The red wine is made _____ grapes. from by 3.This delicious cake was made ___my mother. 4.Glasses is made ___ glass. of 5.Our group is made up ___ four students. of 6.That kind of machine is made _ _____Japan. in

Pair work. Make up dialogs after the example.

invent in Japan in 1985


Where were laptops invented ? They were invented in Japan. When were they invented? They were invented in 1985.

Pirates of the Caribbean direct by Gore Verbinski in 2006

Who directed the

movie ? It was directed by Gore Verbinski. When was it directed ? It was directed in 2006.

lauch in China in 2008 Where was ShenzhouⅦ lauched?

They was lauched in China. When was it lauched? It was lauched in 2008.

Listen and answer the questions.
Look, a light bulb!


When was it invented? Who was the inventor?


In 1987, By Thomas Edison

Read 1a and fill out the table.
Invention Light bulb Inventor Year

Thomas Edison
Guglielmo Marconi Wilbur and Orville Wright

1879 1895 1903



重点词(组)和句型 in our everyday life 1.in our daily life inventor n. invention n. 2.invent v. 发明物 发明家 The inventors invented many great inventions. 这些发明家发明了许多伟大的发明物。 3.It’s said/reported that + 从句:据说/据报道 4.during one’s life in one’s life 在某人一生中

Know something about science.
Cloning----- a famous experiment

the cloned sheep--was created in Scotland a few years ago.

the cloned animals
the cloned cows

the cloned mice the cloned pigs

Listen and answer the questions.
1.What’s the name of the cloned sheep? Dolly. 2.What animals have the scientists cloned now? Sheep, rabbits, cows, mice, pigs and some other animals. 3.What is used in cloning? DNA. 4.Is your DNA similar to your parents’? Yes, it is. 5.What do you want to clone ? Why?


Group work

Read 3a again and discuss the following questions.
1. Who is Dolly and what is used in cloning? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloning?

Read 3a and mark the statements True (T) or False (F).
( F )1.The cloned sheep, Dolly,was cloned in Canada. ( T )2.Scientists have cloned pigs.

( F )3.Every part of our body has different DNA.
( T )4.There is DNA in all living things.

Listen to the tape, choose the correct answers and fill in the blanks. (录音)









A. Karl Benz
B. John Baird


C. Alexander Graham Bell


be different from,

take photos,

be similar to,

so far,

the same…as

is different from 1.The weather in the USA_____________ that in Australia. 2.The student has made the same mistakes ____ he _______ as did last time. 3.Digital camera is used for taking photos ____________. So far 4.________, more and more teenagers in America have showed great interest in learning Chinese. 5.Group Three’s opinions are similar to ours. __________

daily 1.It was used in our _______ study.( day ) today’s 2.The airplane is different from _______ .(today )
3.I think the film was directed by Zhang _______ Yimou in 1998. things. (direct) (invent) 4.Edison, an American _________, created many inventor

5.So far, they have _______ many animals. (clone) cloned
6.Shenzhou Ⅵ _______________ (launch) in 2005. was launched



1.Guglielmo Marconi is the i ______ of the radio. nventor idely 2.This kind of machine is w______

used for harvesting in
the countryside.

3.Nowadays more and more people use mobile phones to ommunicate c___________ with each other.
reated 4.Shakespeare c______ many famous characters, such as

Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet and so on.
xperiment 5.The government is trying out a new e_________ in city planning.

6.Your views on education are s______ to mine. imilar

Make a survey about what your classmates want to clone and report to your class. Name What to clone Reason

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