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A. The;an B. A;a C. The;a D.The;/

2.—do you want to visit? —Shanghai.

A.Where else B.Else where C.Else when D.When else

A. special B.especially C. probably D.certainly

Beijing in nine hours .

A. in;to B. on;to C.to;from D.from;to

5.The young man is A.strong enough to B. enough strong to

C.not strong enough D.strong enough

A.Three fifth;are B.Three fifths;are

C.Three fifths;is D.Three five;is

7.It is A.clouds;clouds B.cloudy;clouds

C.clouds;cloudy D.cloudy;cloudy

8.—Do you know why he left so early?

—for the English test,I guess.

A. Study B.Studied C.To study D.Studying

9.— you put my dictionary?

—to Tom.

A.did;speak B.did;were speaking

C.do;speak D.did;speaking 主持人)in Hunan TV.

A.popular B.more popular

C.the most popular D.most popular


阅读下列短文,从每小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。 good way to become a better student. You learn large numbers of new words also helps your writing because new words can be used your composition (作文). and you become more open-minded. Every story is you may think about the writer and the background (背景) and think of new and 1. A. do B. to do C. doing D. done

2. A. can B. must C. can’t D.mustn’t

3. A. to B. from C. for D. of

4. A. large B. bigger C. little D.smaller

5. A. improving B. improved C. improve D.improves

6. A. in B. on C. about D. as

7. A. The B. Other C. Another D.The first

8. A. from B. for C. to D. away

9. A. different B. same C. boring D.expensive

10. A. trees B. words C. animals D. places

三. 阅读理解(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分)

阅读下列短文,从每小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。 A

One day, a policeman was walking in the park. He saw a man there. The man was holding a penguin(企鹅). The man said to the policeman, “I found this penguin this morning. What should I do with it?”

“Take it to the zoo,” said the policeman.

The next day, the policeman saw the man again. He was still holding the penguin. The policeman said, “Why didn’t you take the penguin to the zoo?”

“I did,” said the man. “I took it to the zoo yesterday. But today, I don’t know what I should do with it again.”

1.One day, the policeman saw the man ________.

A. in the zoo B. in the park C. in the cinema D. in the theatre

2. The man told the policeman that he had found the penguin ________.

A. that afternoon B. that night C. that morning D.that evening

3. The policeman told the man ________.

A. to take the penguin home B. to send the penguin to the zoo

C. not to go to the cinema D. not to walk in the park

4. The policeman met the man ________. .

A. the day again B. the next day again

C. the day before D. some days later

5. When the policeman found the man was still holding the penguin, he was ____.

A. surprised B. happy C. sad D. excited


Scientists are trying to make the deserts into good land again. They want to bring water to the deserts, so people can live and grow food. They are learning much about the deserts. But more and more of the earth is becoming desert. Scientists may not be able to change the desert. They think that people make deserts. People are doing bad things to the earth.

Some places on the earth don’t get much rain. But they still don’t become deserts. This is because some green plants are growing there. Small green plants and grass are very important to dry places. Plants don’t let the hot sun make the earth drier. Plants don’t let the wind blow(吹) the dirt(尘土) away. When a little rain falls, the plants hold the water. Without plants, the land can become a desert more easily.

6.Scientists are trying to make the deserts into ________ again.

A. water B. earth C. good land D. sea

7. Some places on the earth still don’t become deserts because ________.

A. people give water to the places B. some green plants are growing there

C. there’s much rain there D. scientists are helping the places

8. Small green plants are very important to dry places because_______

A. they don’t let the sun make the earth drier

B. they don’t let the wind blow the earth away

C. they hold the water

D. A, B and C

9. People are doing bad things on the earth, so ______.

A. plants cannot grow there B. there is not enough water

C. land is becoming desert D. scientists don’t know about the deserts

10. After reading the passage, we learn that ________.

A. it isn’t good to plant grass in the deserts

B. scientists can make deserts into good land

C. green plants and grass are very important to dry places

D. all places without much rain will become deserts


David comes from the train station and he doesn’t know where to go. This is the first time he comes to this town. He comes to see his good friend, Peter. Peter is a doctor. He works in a hospital. But David doesn’t know where the hospital is.

He walks in the street. He passes(经过)a bank, a post office, a hotel and at last he goes to a school. Some students are coming out, so he asks one of the students, “Excuse me. Which is the way to People’s Hospital?”

“Well, I know, you can go along this street, take the second turning on the right, and then take the third turning on your left. It’s next to a museum.”

“I’m sorry I can’t follow you.” “Well, I just live near there, and my mother works in that hospital, too. I’m going home now. Will you go with me? I’ll take you there.” “That’s great! Thank you very much!”

“Then, let’s go to the bus stop. And we’ll take the No.12 bus there.”

11. _______comes to the town to see his friend.

A. A doctor B. A student C. David D. Peter

12 _______works in a hospital.

A. David B. Peter C. David’s mother D. Peter’s mother

13. David doesn’t know the way to the hospital and asks________.

A. a policeman B. a teacher C. a student D. a doctor 14 The student’s mother works in _________.

A. hospital B. that hospital C. a school D. post office

15 Where do the student and David go at last?

A. The school B. The bank C. A bus stop D.A train station

四.词汇运用。(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) 1.I forget (see)the film before.

2.The fastest way (travel) is by plane. 3.He lives (close) to school in her class. 4.The (surprise) news made the boys excited on the way to school. 5.He (lie) on the beach with his classmates when his father went there. 6.The doctor asked me take the (药) three times a day.

7.When the famous actor (出现),all the people became excited. 8.The t is usually high in summer. 9.Our plan is (play) a football match with Class 5. 10.It may (be) windy tomorrow.

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