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第一卷 选择题(60分)

Ⅰ..选择填空 从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案(30分) ( )1.Last week we went to the beach . We had great fun ____in the water.

A. playing B. plays C. play D. to play

( )2.What did the foreigners _________ their vacation?

A. think of B. think for C. think over D. think of as

( )3.My mother and I _________ at my home _________ that snowy night.

A. were, at B. was, at C. were, on D. was , on

( )4._______ you _______ to see the film? Yes, I did.

A. Did , went B. Did , go C. Are , went D. Are , go

( )5.Who broke the window? I ________.

A. Do B. does C. broke D. did

( )6.The news made me __ .

A. feel excited B. feel exciting

C. to feel excited D. to feel exciting

( )7.On her way top ark, she found a little boy _____in the corner.

A. cry B. crying C. to cry D. cries

( )8.We ________ for dinner yesterday.

A. have a B. had fishes C .had fish D. have fish

( )9.It was cool last month, ________ we decided to go hiking.

A. so B. but C. and D. because

( )10. The weather was cool today, so we ____play _____after school.

A. decided to, football B. decided for, the football

C. decide to, a football D. decide with , football

( ) 11. Good food and exercise ______ me to study better.

A. help B. helps C. helping D. to help

( )12. My father likes football. But he _ it. He only _ football matches on TV! A. plays, watches B. play, watch

C. doesn’t play, watches D. plays, doesn’t watch

( )13.______do you go swimming ? Sometimes.

A How often B How long C how many D How old

( )14.Mary couldn’t go to school because she had to her little brother.

A look for B look after C look at D look into

( )15. ______I have one healthy habit, ______I’m not very healthy.


A . Although , but B Although, / C Although ,so D but , /

( )16.Tom likes to play______ football but Jim likes to play______ piano.

A. a, a B. the, he C. the,/ D./,the

( )17.—Would you like some bread? —______, I'm full.

A. No, thanks. B. Yes, please. C. No, I don't like it. D. Yes, I would.

( )18.You are not fit at all. You need to eat_____fast food and exercise_____.

A. more, less B. less, less C. more, more D. less, more

( )19.He usually goes to work by bike, but______ walks to the office.

A. often B. never C. always D. sometimes ( )20. He is more interested in English than his brother.

A. little B. a lot C. more D. very ( )21. Li Lei is as at running as me.

A. better B. gooder C. well D. good ( )22. My parents quite athletic.

A. both are B. are both C. are all D. all are ( )23. The boy is than the other boys in our class.

A. taller B. the tallest C. tall D. tallest ( )24. In our library there are many books and newspapers.

A. kinds B. kind of C. kinds of D. kind ( )25. Holly likes to do the same things .

A. likes me B. as me C. as I do D. B and C

( )26. –Do you enjoy _____ in this city? ---Yes, I do.

A. to live B. living C. lived D. to living

( )27. The teacher asked ______students to answer the question.

A two more B more two C two another D more some

( )28. Do you have ________ to say about this?

A. something else B. anything else C. else something D. else anything

( )29. He had to help his parents __________ on the farm on weekends.

A. work B. working C. works D. worked

( )30. That book is not so ______ as this one.

A. interesting B. more interesting

C. most interesting D. the most interesting


A Three men came to London 31 holidays. They came to a very large hotel(旅馆)and lived in a room on the forty-fifth floor.

One day they went to see a film and came back to the hotel very late.

“I’m very 32 ,” said the waiter(服务员)of the hotel, “But our lift does not work tonight.”

One of them said to his two friends, “We have to walk up to our room. It’s very 33 . I think I know how to make it easier. 34 our way to the room, I shall 35 you some jokes(笑话);then you, John, will sing us 36 songs; then you, Peter, will tell us some 37 stories.”


So they began to walk to their room. Tom told them many jokes. John sang some songs. At last they came to the fortieth floor. They were 38 and decided(决定)to have a rest. “Well,” said Tom, “Peter, will you tell us a 39 story with a sad end?”

“I shall tell you a sad story.” said Peter. “It is short but it is 40 . We left our key in the downstairs room just now. What shall we do?”

( )31. A. for B. to C. with D. at

( )32. A. tired B. angry C. sorry D. glad

( )33. A. careful B. difficult C. helpful D. early

( )34. A. In B. At C. By D. On

( )35. A. tell B. talk C. speak D. say

( )36. A. a lot B. much C. a little D. some

( )37. A. interest B. interesting C. interested D. sadly

( )38. A. tired B. hungry C. happy D. worried

( )39. A. interesting B. true C. truly D. easy

( )40. A. enough sad B. sadly enough C. sad enough D. enough sadly



With July comes the exam. When the exams finish, the summer vacation begins. Boys and girls have two months to rest. The summer vacation are the best part of the year for most children. The weather is usually good. They can swim, go to summer camp or visit other places with their parents.

Of course, the beaches are good places to relax. Some children are lucky to live near the sea. They can enjoy the sea at anytime. But for the children who live far from the sea, they go to the beaches for one or two weeks with their parents.

Why do children like spending their summer vacation on the beaches? It is because they like the sand, the sun, the cool wind and the salt water. There are lots of new things to see, nice things to eat, and exciting things to do.

Choose the best answer.(选择正确答案。)

( )41. School children usually have examinations ________.

A. in July B. before July

C. after July D. by July

( )42. How long is the summer vacation?

A. Two weeks. B. Two months.

C. Three months. D. One or two weeks.

( )43. Why do children like summer vacation? A. Because the weather is good.

B. Because it is long.

C. Because they have lots of activities and the weather is good.

D. Because they can go to the beaches.

( )44. Children who live near the beach can enjoy the sea _________.

A. anytime they want B. for one or two weeks

C. two months D. one month

( )45. Which of the following is not true?

A. Children like going to the beaches only because they can see lots of new things.

B. Most parents can take their children to the beaches and they can enjoy the sea at any time.

C. Children like summer vacation best.

D. Children can swim and enjoy the sand, wind, and water on the beaches



John is a paper boy. He delivers(投递)newspapers to different houses in his street every day. He has about 80 customers(客户). Half of his customers only take the newspapers on weekdays, and about half take the newspapers on weekdays and on Sundays. Two of John’s customers only take the newspapers on Sundays.

John has to get up at 4:30 every morning to deliver his newspapers. It takes longer to deliver the newspapers on Sundays. The Sunday newspapers are twice as heavy as those on weekdays.

John is saving his money to buy a new bicycle. He is also saving money for college (大学). He has already saved 500 dollars.

( )46. John ________________ every day.

A. reads books B. sells newspapers C. borrows books D. delivers newspapers

( )47. How many customers does he have?

A. About 40. B. About 120. C. About 80. D. About 20.

( )48. _____of his customers only take the newspapers on Sundays.

A. Two B. Eighty C. Forty D. Twenty

( )49. What time does he have to get up every morning?

A. 3:30 B. 4:30 C. 5:30 D. 6:30

( )50. John is saving his money to buy __________________.

A. a newspaper B. a new bag C. a house D. a new bicycle


The moon looks bigger than the stars at night. But in fact, it is smaller than any other stars. The moon looks big to us, because it is closer to us than any stars. The moon goes around the earth. It makes one trip about four weeks. The moon is a round ball and looks beautiful.

Now people know quite a lot about the moon. There is no air(空气) or water on the moon, so there are not any trees or animals, or people on it. The moon gets its light(光) from the sun, but some places on the moon are quite dark(黑暗). It’s very hot on the moon during the day , but it’s very cold at night.

( )51. The sun is to the earth than the moon.

A. closer B. far C. near D. farther ( )52. People know quite about the moon now.

A. a lot B. a few C. many D. some ( )53. There is on the moon.

A. no anything B. nothing C. no hills or rivers D. no air or water ( )54. The sun to the moon.


A. gets light B. gives light C. gives air D. gets air ( )55. The weather on the moon is .

A. It is cold during the day, but it’s very hot at night.

B. It’s very hot during the day , but it’s very cold at night.

C. It’s sunny during the day, but very hot at night.

D. It’s rainy at night, but very hot during the day.

Ⅳ.补全对话,有多余的选项(5分) Jack: Look at yourself, Tom. You are too fat. You are not fit. 56 Tom: What food should I eat then? Jack: You should stop eating sweets. 57 Tom: 58 I like them very much. Jack: No, you can't. 59 Tom: OK. I will try to do so.

Jack: 60 It can help you be fit, too.



第二卷 非选择题(40分)


61. I like it very much because it’s really f .

62. J________ food isn’t good for your health. 63. I can’t do it by myself. Can you h_________ me?

64. I eat fruit three t_________ a week.

65. Does he drink milk every morning? No, hardly e____.


66. We decided____(play)football after school.

67. My______(eat)habits are pretty good.

68. You must eat more vegetables and keep ______(health).

69. There are many ______(different)between the two books.

70. My mom wants me______(drink)milk every day.

71. He ____________ (go) to school by bike every morning. But this morning he ____________ (go) by bus.

72. John plays football as____________(good)as his brother jack.

73. Please tell him _____________(wash) his hands before supper.

74. Both of them ____________(like) going to the parties.

75. Tina is____________(short) than Jill.


76.I did my homework yesterday.(改为否定句)

I _______ ________ my homework yesterday.

77.He went to the movies last week.(对画线提问)

________ _________he ________ last week?

78. After school they usually do sports activities. (改为否定句)

After school they ________ ________ ________sports activities.

79. Art is not as important as chemistry.(同义句)

Chemistry is __________ ___________ than art.


80. 我们在那里拍了很多照片。

We took photos there.

81. 我最好的朋友与拉里很相似。

My best friend is Larry.

82. 你不需要很多书籍只要他们是好的。

You don’t need a lot of books they’re good.

83. 拉里经常帮我激发出自己的所能。

Larry often helps to the best in me.



Failure(失败) is what often happens. It is everywhere in our life. Students may fail in exams, scientists may fail in their research(研究) work, and players may fail in competitions. (A) Although failure happens to everyone, but different people’s attitudes(态度) towards(对于) failure are different.

Some people don’t think that their failure is an important thing at all. So they pay no attention to(不关心) it. As a result(结果), they will have the (B) failure later. Some people think they themselves are fools(愚蠢的) and lose their hearts in everything after they get a failure. Then they(C) their time and energy(精力) on useless(无用的) things. At last, they may really be fools as they have thought.

(D)Other people are quite different from these two kinds of people mentioned(提到) above(上面). Instead of(代替、取代) being hopeless and lost, they draw a lesson from every failure and become more experienced(经验的) In the end, after hard work they will be successful(成功的).So we should draw a lesson from every failure and become more experienced.

84. (A)处句中有一处错误,请找出并改正。(可用文字叙述)

85. 在( B )、(C )处的横线上分别填上一个单词(B) (C)


86. 将(D)处句子译成汉语:

87. 推测一下draw a lesson 的汉语意思。

88. 请从下面的选项中给短文选个标题,将答案标号填在此横线上:

A. Draw a lesson from every failure B. The attitudes towards failure

C. Failure is everywhere in our life D. Failure is very important



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