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一、单项选择 ,选择最佳的一个答案填空(共25分)

( ) 1. My T—shirt is much older than _____.

A. her B. she C. hers D. she’s

( ) 2. Gina is good at ____.

A. swim B. to swim C. swims D. swimming

( ) 3. The teacher’s words made us ________.

A. laughs B. to laugh C. laugh D. laughing.

( ) 4. The box is _____ heavier than that one. A. a lot of B. much C. very D. more

( ) 5. Liu Ying and Liu Li are twin sisters. They ____.

A. look like B. are the same as C. look the same D. the same

( ) 6. The movie is ____ than that one.

A. interesting B. interestinger C. more interesting D. interest

( ) 7. My friend Jim is good _____ schoolwork. But I am very different ___ him.

A. at, as B. at, from C. in, as D. in, from

( )8. ---Were there any seals in the zoo? ---________.

A. Yes, there weren't B. No, there weren't

C. Yes, there were. D. Yes, there was.

( )9. What _______he do on his last school trip?

A. does B. did C. is D. was

( ) 10. I am ____ than my friend.

A. thiner B. fat C. thinner D. longer.

( ) 11 . The twin brothers _____ students.

A. are both B. both are C. are all D. both is

( )12. I felt a little tired _______ the end of the day.

A. by B. in C. at D. on

( ) 13. How do you _____ a turkey sandwich?

A. take B. make C. cook D. carry

( )14. A: How much relish does your mother need?

B: She needs_______.

A. two relish B. two relishes

C. two teaspoons of relishes D. two teaspoons of relish

( )15. I’m sorry. There is ___________ juice in the bottle.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( )16. He finished _________the composition early last night.

A. write B. writing C. to write D. wrote

( )17. He started sneezing _____ January 13. 1981.

A. in B. on C. of D. at


( )18. ___ did Charles hiccup? About 69 years and 5 months.

A. Hong long B. How old C. How many D. How much

( )19. There_____ many people in the library yesterday. But there _____ not many

people today.

A .were; are B. were; were C was; are D. are; are

( )20. Bill can play _____ basketball. Jim can play _____ violin.

A. the, the B. a, the C. /,the D. the,/

( )21. She was born ____ America ____ June 2,2003

A. on, in B. in, on C .in , in D. on , in

( )22. I'm going to the aquarium ________ my next day off.

A. on B. in C. with D. at

( ) 23. Don’t forget ______the TV when you leave the house .

A. turn off B. to turn off C. turn on D. to turn on

( )24. I______take a class on my last day off .

A. didn’t B. don’t C. not D. not to

( )25. Mike is as _________as his father. A. tall B. taller C. high D Tallest


Tea is popular _26______ the world, but ___27___ than three hundred years ago most of the people in Europe didn't know __28___ about tea.

Once an English doctor came back from China __29____ Christmas holiday. He gave his mother some tea as a present. She told her friends ___30____the present and asked them to come to a “tea party”. When her friends came, the old woman took out some tea-leaves and asked them___31___. Of course, ___32___liked the tea-leaves.

Just at that time the doctor came__33____. He looked ____34__the table and asked “Mother, what did you do with the tea?”

“I boiled it as you said.”

“And what did you do with the water?”

“I__35____it away, of cuorse.” answered the old woman.

“Now you may throw away the leaves, too.” Said the doctor.

( )26.A.on B.in C.at D.for

( )27. A.much B.many C.more D.most

( )28.A.something B.nothing C.anything D.everything ( )29.A.at B.for C.on D.with

( )30.A.of B.about C.for D.with ( )31.A.to eat B.eating C.eat D.eats

( )32.A.somebody B.everybody C.anything D.nobody

( )33.A.into B.in C.on D.back

( )34.A.for B.after C.up D.at

( ) 35.A.poured B.put C.took D.drank




Peter is thirteen years old. He is in Grade Two this year. He likes playing football and watching football matches. And he often reads newspaper. He does his best to know where and when there is going to be a football match. Now Peter is having lunch. He is listening to the radio, too. He is very happy because there is going to be a nice football match on TV at four this afternoon.

He wants to watch it very much. But he is going to have English and Chinese lessons. He thinks hard and find a way.

“Hello, Mrs. Black,” Peter says to his teacher on the telephone. “Peter is ill in bed. He wants to ask for half a day’s leave(请半天假).”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” says Mrs. Black, “But who’s that?” “It’s my father, Mr. Black.”

( ) 36. Peter is a ________. A. middle school student B. Young Pioneer C. worker D. teacher

( ) 37. Peter will be in ____ next week.

A. Grade One B. Grade Two C. Grade Three D. Greed Four

( ) 38. Peter often reads newspaper because_____.

A. he likes to read news B. he likes to read stories C. he wants to know where

and when there is going to be a football match. D. his father wants him to read them.

( ) 39. Peter wants to ask for half a day’s leave because _________. A. he wants to watch the football match. B. his father is ill in bed.

C. he doesn’t like to have English or Chinese lesson. D. he is ill in bed.

( ) 40. Which sentence is right?

A. Mrs. Black is going to take Peter to see a doctor.

B. Peter likes to watch TV at four in the afternoon.

C. Peter is a good boy. D. Peter isn’t an honest(诚实的) boy.


I had a summer camp with my classmates last year.

Early in the morning. We gathered (集合)at the bus station. After saying goodbye to our parents, we got on the buses. It took us more than two hours to arrive at the campground. We got off the buses cheerfully. Laughing and shouting. We jumped and ran all over the place. It was the first time for us to be away from the parents. Some of us started to feel homesick(想家). However, when the night party and dances began, the homesickness was gone.

The next day, everybody rushed to the boating class, hoping to be at the head of the others. At first, my friends and I worked hard, but the boat wouldn’t listen to us and kept going round and round. Then the teacher taught(teach的过去式) us how to work together. After many tries, we did much better.

Swimming class was my favorite. It was about the hottest time of a day and the best time to stay in the cool water. The swimming teacher was a funny man, and during the class he often made us laugh happily.


During the week I learned a lot of new things and made many new friends. I also learned how to take care of myself.

( ) 41. They got to the campground__________ .

A. on foot B. by bike C. by bus D. by plane

( )42. The campground was __________ from their homes.

A. quite near B. not far C. very long D. quite far

( ) 43.Why swimming class was the writer’s favorite?

A. Because it was good to stay in the cool water when the weather was hot.

B. Because the writer felt quite relaxed during the class.

C. Because the swimming teacher was interesting. D. Because of all the above

( )44.Which statement is NOT true?

A. The children were happy to be away from Dad and Mum.

B. Their homesickness lasted (持续) for long.

C. It was teamwork to boat. D. They camped for a week. ( ) 45.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. I Learnt a lot. B. Boating and Swimming.

C. On the Campground D. My First Summer Camp


( )A: ___46_____ B: It was a great trip.I really enjoyed South Africa and Namibia.

( )A: __47______

B: For ten days.

( )A: ___48___ 

B: I was in Namibia for about five days.

( )A : Wow, that’s a long time.___49____  B: Its was hot and sunny the whole time.

( )A: ____50____ 

B: Oh, they are very friendly.



1.I help my father ________ the car.(clean)

2.There ________ an old temple(庙)at the foot of the mountain before.(be)

3.Who ________ the first prize? Tony did.(win)

4. He goes to school by bike every morning. But this morning he ____________ by 4

bus. (go)

5. _______ morning exercises is good for you.(do)



rain , outgoing , play , go ,watch

I have a good friend , his name is Tony. He likes __________ chess and he often _________ Tv on weekends. He is ___________ than me ,and we often do homework together. Last Sunday ,we _________ to Jinan by bus .Unluckily, it __________. What a bad day ,we both got wet!

六、句型转换(15分) 1. He needs one teaspoon of relish. (对划线部分提问)

How _________ ___________ ___________ he need?

3. You mustn’t pour yogurt into the salad fruit.(改为祈使句)

___________ ___________ yogurt into the salad fruit. 1. Jim was born in 1981. (画线提问)________ ________ Jim born?

2. He hiccupped for ten years. (画线提问)_______ _________ ________ he hiccup? 4. They visited the museum last year. (画线提问)

_______ _______ they ______ last year?

5. My sister did her homework very late last night. (否定句 )

My sister ______ _________ her homework very late last night.


1.________ _________ ________ (多少杯) of yogurt do you need? ——Only one cup.

2.Last week, we ________ ______ _______ volleyball.(愉快的打排球)

3.______ _____ ______ _____ the day , we finished the job and went back happily.(在一天的最后)

4.Lucy got the first prize _______ _____ her hard work.(因为)

5.Yesterday my brother ______ _______ ,and he was late for school.(睡过头)

6.______ _____ ______ _______, and we can get a banana milk shake.(把这个全部混合在一起)

7. I am quite _________ _________ my sister .(我和我的姐姐不一样)

八、 书面表达(10分)




_______________________________________________________________________________ 5





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