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九年级英语 UNIT 9 阅读课件

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What do you know about the sport of basketball?

three-point shot:三分球 set shot定点投篮 shoot 投球 hook shot钩手投篮 dunk 灌篮 Jump shot 跳投 pass 传球 dribble 运球 Foreign player National Basketball Association

Do you know the basketball equipments?
Metal hoop





Basketball goal

Set clock

Wooden floor

Basketball court

Unit 9 When was it invented?

Do you know when was invented?

Do you know when
was invented?

James Naismith

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

速度课文,判断正误。 1.Basketball is very popular in China. T 2. Basketball is played by over 100 million people in China. F 3. James Naismith was born in 1861. T 4. Basketball became an Olympic event in 1936. T 5. Chinese team won the match in Berlin Olympics. F 6.The article is about the invention of basketball. T

travel around China If you _______ (环游中国)you will everywhere you go notice a very popular activity________ (你所到之处)-- basketball. This ______ much-loved and active sport ________ (深受喜爱和活跃的活动) for fun and exercise is enjoyed by many, ________(为了娱 乐和锻炼). over The sport of basketball is a little____ (超过) a hundred years old. It is played by more than _______ (超过,多余)100 million people in over 200 countries including China, where basketball has been played in parks, schools, and even in factories.

Basketball was invented by a Canadian doctor named James Naismith, who was born in 1861. When he was at college _______(在大学里), his class was once asked to invent a new game (发明一种新运 _______ be played indoors 动)that could _______(在室内被开展 during the long winters 的)_______ (在漫长的冬天). Dr Naismith created a game to be played _ on a hard wooden floor _____________(在坚硬的木制地 the safety of 板上), so_______ (…的安全)the Knocking into players was important. _______(撞 falling down 到….上)players and_______ (摔倒) would be dangerous.

divided Dr Naismith _______ the men in into his class ______(把….分成) two teams, and taught them how to play his new game. _ The aim of ______ (….的目的)basketball is for players to try to get a ball into the “basket”: a hanging from a metal hoop net ______________(挂在金属环 shoot from below the basket 上). Players ______________ (从篮下投球), and sometimes the guiding “backboard” is used for _______the into ball_______

(引导…进入)the basket. move towards one end of the court Players ______________(向球场 的另一端移动)while throwing the ball to each other.

It is believed that _______ (据相信,被认为)on December 21st, in history 1891, the first basketball game _______ (在历史上)was played. Then in 1936 in Berlin, it became an Olympic event ______ _(成为奥运项目). A team from China took part, and although they didn’t win they used the experience to help develop the game _______(发展 Since then 运动)at home. _______(自从那时), ___ the popularity of (….的流行程度)basketball has ____ _______(世界范围内提升), and the number risen worldwide of foreign players in America’s NBA(National Basketball Association)has increased. Basketball has also become a more popular sport for people to watch, and many young people _______ dream of becoming (梦想成为)famous basketball players.

环游中国 你所到之处 深受喜爱和活跃的活动 为了娱乐和锻炼 在大学里 在室内被玩 在漫长的冬天 发明一种运动 在坚硬的木制地板上 ….的安全 撞到,,,上 摔倒 把,,,, 分成,,,, ,,,,,的目的 挂在金属环上 从篮下投球 引导,,,,进入,,,, 向球场的另一端移动 被认为 在 历史上 发展运动 自从那时 篮球的流行程度 在全国范围内提升 梦想做,,,,,

travel around China somewhere you go much-loved and active sport for fun and exercise at college be played indoors during the long winter create a game=invent a game On a hard wooden floor the safety of…. knock into fall down divide ,,,into… the aim of… hanging from a metal hoop shoot from below the basket guide ,,,into move towards one end of the court It is believed in history develop the game since then the popularity of basketball rise worldwide dream of doing

1. How long is it since basketball was invented? A. 1000 years B. Less than 100 years C. 1100 years D. More than 100 years 2. Who asked Dr. Naismith to invent a game? B A. Some students B. Some teachers C. Some students’ parents D. Some of his friends 3. When a student ______, he makes a score. D A. receives the ball. B. throws the ball to another student C. runs quickly with the ball in his hand D. throws the ball into the basket 4. This article is mainly about . A A. the invention of basketball B. how to play basketball well C. the invention of football D. playing basketball is dangerous


1. Football _____ all over the world. D A. is playing B. plays C. played D. is played A 2. _____ workers in this factory is one thousand and _____ them are women workers. A. The number of, a number of B. A number of, the number of C. The number of, the number of D. A number of, a number of A 3. The number of teachers in our s

chool _____ 60 and a number of them ______ male teachers. A. is; are B. are; is C. are; are D. is; is 4. _______ is believed that Bell invented the first telephone in 1876. C A. This B. That C. It D. One 5. I have a good friend __________ Michael from the USA. B A. calls B. called C. is calling D. is called C 6. A large number of engineers ___ to Africa by our government to help the people there every year. A. have sent B. will send C. are sent D. was sent

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