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试试题(无答案) 人教新目标版

(时间:100分钟 总分:120分)

第一部分 听力部分

Ⅰ. 听力理解。(20分,每小题1分)

第一节 听下面五段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A. B. C三个选项中选出最佳答案

( ) 1. How’s the weather now?

A. Sunny. B. Rainy. C. Cloudy.

( ) 2. What does the woman think of the movie? A. Funny. B. Terrible. C. Wonderful.

( ) 3. What are they going to do?

A. To go hiking. B. To go swimming. C. To go shopping.

( ) 4. How will the woman go to the Forest park?

A. By taxi. B. By bus. C. By bike.

( ) 5. Where are they talking?

A. In the classroom. B. In a restaurant. C. In a post office.

第二节 听下面几段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后几个小题,从题中所给的A. B, C三个选项中选出最佳答案。


( ) 6. Who’s answering the phone?

A. Sally. B. Dave. C. Jim.

( ) 7. How long has Jim been out?

A. For a quarter. B. For half an hour. C. For an hour.

( ) 8. Why is Jim out?

A. Because he wants to see a doctor.

B. Because he wants to get some drinks.

C. Because he wants to meet his friend.


( ) 9. What season is it now?

A. Spring. B. Autumn. C. Winter.

( ) 10. What’s the woman going to do?

A. To buy a present. B. To walk her dog. C. To visit her father.

听下面一段独白,回答第11 至第13三个小题。

( ) 11. How old is Billy?

A. 13 years old. B. 14 years old. C. 15 years old.

( ) 12. What do people think of Billy’s job?

A. Just so-so. B. Bad. C. Good.


( ) 13. What prize does Billy want?

A. A new CD. B. New clothes. C. A new bicycle.

听下面一段对话,回答第14 至第15两个小题。

( ) 14. Who are the two speakers? A. Mother and son. B. Father and daughter. C. Brother and sister.

( ) 15. Whose turn is it to clean the car?

A. Tony’s. B. John’s. C. Mary’s.

第三节 听下面一篇短文,根据所听内容将下面五幅图片排序,并按顺序将去标号填写在提后的横线上。

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

第二部分 笔试部分

II. 单项选择 (15分,每小题1分)

( ) 21. Mrs. White isn’t here. She ______ London.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. has gone

( ) 22. One-child policy has ______ controlling China’s population.

A. did well in B. been good at

C. worked good in D. worked well in

( ) 23. In our class, about ______ of the students __girls.

A. three fifth;is B. third fifth;are C. third fifths;is D. three fifths;are

( ) 24. The weather in summer here is cooler than ______ in Beijing.

A. this B. that C. it D. the one

( ) 25. Jim has been to the Great Wall before, ______ he?

A. has B. does C. hasn’t D. doesn’t

( ) 26. ------ What a nice motorbike! How long have you ______ it?

------ About half a year.

A. had B. receive C. bought D. taken


( )27. ------ He is late for the meeting.

------ ______.

A. So I am B. So am I C. So I do D. So do I

( ) 28. ------How many people did you see in the meeting room?

------ ______.

A. Nothing B. No one C. None D. A little

( ) 29. ------ Which do you prefer, a glass of water or a cup of tea?

------ ______. Thanks. I’m not thirsty.

A. Both B. Either C. Neither D. None

( ) 30. ______Mum asked me to close the windows before going to bed, _____ I forget to do so. A. Though; / B. Though; but C. Till; / D. Until; then

( ) 31. He ______ to school by bike, but now he ______ to school on foot.

A. used to going; gets used to go B. used to go; gets used to going

C. used to go; gets used to go D. get used to going; used to go

( ) 32. Miss Wang told us that the moon ______ around the earth.

A. moves B. moved C. is moving D. had moved

( ) 33. The policeman prevented us ______ out.

A. from go B. go C. to go D. from going

( ) 34. Mr. Smith didn’t tell us ______.

A. where does he live B. where he lives

C. where did he live D. where he lived

( ) 35. He was supposed ______ here yesterday.

A. come B. to come C. coming D. comes

III. 完型填空(10分,每小题1分)

The world is divided into two main parts, the poor and the ____41__ . The poor countries ___42___ “the developing countries”, which have special ___43___. Sometimes the land is too poor to grow anything ___44___. Many people never get enough food ___45___, and the children starve(饿死). Help should be given by the rich countries, but rich countries have problems, ___46___. The air isn’t fresh and the rivers are ___47___ dirty to swim in or ___48___ water from. Also the roads are too ___49___ to drive along. And sometimes, large numbers of people ___10___ not have pleasant houses to live in. So something will have to be done about the problems.

( ) 36. A. rich B. richer C. good D. poorer

( ) 37. A. is called B. are called C. calls D. calling

( ) 38. A. friends B. problems C. places D. conditions

( ) 39. A. on B. in C. among D. at

( ) 40. A. to play with B. to live in C. to eat D. to drink

( ) 41. A. already B. also C. either D. too

( ) 42. A. very B. too C. really D. so

( ) 43. A. to taking B. take C. taking D. takes 3

( ) 44. A. crowd B. crowds C. crowded D. crow ( ) 45. A. does B. do C. did D. have

IV. 阅读理解(40分,每小题2分)



( ) 46. Of the following cities, people live in spend least of their income

on food. A. Mexico City B. Los Angeles C. Calcutta D. Bombay ( ) 47. Which city has the largest population? A. New York. B. Moscow. C. Tokyo. D. London.

( ) 48. The number of the students studying in high schools in Tokyo out of 100

students is the same as that of . A. Seoul B. St. Paul C. Calcutta D. Osaka ( ) 49. In which city do all the houses have water and electricity? A. London. B. Los Angeles. C. New York. D. Bombay.


( ) 50. It is the most difficult for people in to make a phone call.

A. St Paul B. Mexico City C. Bombay D. Calcutta


Can plants eat people? Probably not, but there are many plants that eat meat. Some of them are big, and they can eat small animals. One famous meat-eating plant is the Venus flytrap(捕蝇草).

The Venus flytrap is a very strange plant. It grows in dry parts of the United States. Its leaves are like the pages of a book. They can open and close very quickly. Inside the leaves, there are three small hairs. If a fly(苍蝇) touches one of the hairs, the leaf closes quickly. The fly cannot get out. In about half an hour, the leaf presses the fly until it is dead. Then, the plant covers the fly. Slowly, the plant eats the fly.

Why do plants do it? Most plants get what they need from the sun, the air and the ground. In some places, the ground is very poor. It doesn’t have all these important things, especially nitrogen(氮). Animal meat has a lot of nitrogen, so some plants eat meat to get what they need. Let’s hope that some of the bigger plants don’t get the same idea! ( ) 51. The Venus flytrap is a kind of .

A. plant B. animal C. food D. meat ( ) 52. The Venus flytrap grows in .

A. most parts of the world B. some parts of Africa

C. dry parts of the United States D. wet parts of

England ( ) 53. From the passage, we learn that .

A. all plants can eat people B. all plants can eat animals

C. some plants can eat people D. some plants can eat animals

( ) 54. The underlined word “presses” probably means in Chinese.

A. 挤压 B. 关上 C. 打开 D. 松开 ( ) 55. Why do some plants eat animal meat? Because .

A. plants are dangerous to animals

B. animals are dangerous to plants

C. plants want to get what they need from animal meat

D. Plants want to protect themselves against animals


In the United States, headmasters and teachers discipline(惩罚) students in several ways. The teacher often writes to or calls the students’ parents. Sometimes students have to stay at school for one hour. If a student behaves very badly, the headmaster can stop the students having classes. The student can’t come to school for one, two or three days. Mr. Lazarus, the headmaster of a middle school in Ohio, did not like to do so. When he didn’t let the students come to school, they were happy.“A three-day holiday!” they thought.

One day, a boy was in Mr. Lazarus’ office. The boy was not behaving well in class. Mr. Lazarus telephoned the boy’s parents.“If you come to school with your 5

son, I won’t stop him having classes,”he said. The boy’s father came to school and went with his son to every class. Other students looked at the boy and his father. The boy was embarrassed(尴尬的). After that he behaved better. And, of course, other students behaved better, too.

Now headmasters all over the USA are trying Mr. Lazarus’s idea. They too, think that students behave better when parents come to school.

( ) 56. What does a headmaster usually do to the student if he behaves very badly?

A. He stops the student having classes for several days. B. He makes the student stay at school for one hour.

C. He calls the student’s parents.

D. He writes to the student’s parents.

( ) 57. When a student was stopped having classes for two or three days, he was


A. happy B. angry C. worried D. bored

( ) 58. What did Mr. Lazarus do when his students were not behaving well in class?

A. Tried to talk to them.

B. Sent them home.

C. Telephoned their parents to come to school and go to classes with them.

D. Let them stay at school for one hour.

( ) 59. Why did the other students behave better, too?

A. They didn’t like to have classes with the boy’s father.

B. They didn’t want their parents to come to school.

C. Then were afraid of teachers.

( ) 60. In the United States, a student will be__ when his parents have classes with him.

A. happy B. embarrassed c. excited D. angry


Baby dolls are teaching teenagers what it is like to be parents. At Smoky Hill High School, two boys and 78 girls are caring for the dolls. 61. . There is a computer inside each one and the computer keeps track of(跟踪) how well the student takes care of the ‘baby’.

The teacher gives each student one baby doll to take care of for 48 hours. If the student drops the ‘baby’, it cries. It also cries if the student puts his or her hands on its stomach or on its left side. The doll cries every three and a half hours, and the ‘parents’ have to put a key into a hole in its back. 62. . It is just like having to feed a baby every few hours. The students take the dolls wherever they go—to school, to work and to their homes.

“63. . I can’t study. I can’t have fun because she always needs something,” one student says.

Kim, a 14-year-old girl, thought that having a baby would be a lot of fun before. “ I’ve always liked to baby-sit, so I thought it would be fun to take care of baby. But not any more! 64. and I can get away from all the work it takes to take care of this doll!”


Many of the girls who become the doll’s mothers feel that a baby will be

something to love. They also want the love that a baby will give to them. 65. . Ms. Cortese believes that this program lets teens see how difficult it is to be a parent.


A. This stops the baby’s crying.

B. But they don’t know how much work and trouble a baby can bring.

C. These dolls are not toys.

D. My baby cries all the time.

E. I can’t wait until this class in finished. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65.

Ⅴ. 选词填空。(10分)


too young to go out with her friends at night. She was too young to babysit. She was too young to ride her bike to the park. Didn’t her parents 67. her?

One day something 68. . Sheila’s neighbor 69. Sheila to take care

of her dogs for a few days. Sheila had to get up early every day to walk and 70. the dogs. Her parents began to see her 71. . The next weekend, Sheila’ parents went to a movie. They asked Sheila to stay with Sam, her little brother. When Sheila’s parents 72. , they gave her ﹩10. They were 73. of what a good baby-sitter she had 74. .

Sheila knew that things were finally going to get 75. at her house.



Doctor: Good morning. What’s your trouble?

Woman: I don’t feel very well.

D: 1. ?

W: Yes, I have. My temperature is a little higher.

D: Open your mouth and say “Ah”.

W: Ah.

D: 2. ?

W: Ever since last week.

D: Did your sleep well?

W: No, I was very tired last night.

D: Oh, I see. 3. .


W: Can you tell me how I got a cold?

D: Maybe you overworked yourself.

W: I think so. I have too much work to do every day. Do I have to stay at home? D: Yes. You’d better stay at home for two or three days. W: 4. ?

D: No, I don’t think it is serious. But you really need a good rest and take this medicine. W: 5. ?

D: Three times a day.

W: OK. Thank you.

Ⅶ. 书面表达。(15分)

根据所给中文提示语和所给的词语,以“Saving the Earth” 为题写一篇80词左右的短文。注意语句扩展,意思连贯。短文开头已给出。


1. 怎样保护环境已成为世界最大难题之一;

2. 垃圾污染环境、损害健康,工业废水流到河里、湖里和田地里,致使大量的鱼


3. 我们应该怎么做来保护我们的环境?写出你的建议。

4. 我们只有一个地球,应该好好保护她,使我们的家园更加美丽。


Pollute, harm, throw, rubbish, pour, try one’s best

Saving the Earth

How to protect the environment becomes


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