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121. I hear they i____________ to marry

122. It is clear her painting has been i____________ by Picasso .

123.5.Movies give delight to m__________ of people .

124.6. It’s a good b_____________to make for the old in the bus

125.shenzhen lies in the s___________ China

126 Disney land has many t_______ parks inside

127. The teacher is p_________ to see our good grades

128 Have you ever read w__________ of Shakespeare’s ?

129. the weather in summer i_______________ the rice crop?

130 which subject do you like better, l___________ or art?

131. I ordered a m______________ magazine, every month I can read it .

132.His grandfather died yesterday, they will hold a f__________tomorrow.

133 Students should r_____________ their teachers.

134It is not w____________ to give the children too many things they want .

135. The great book had been written in the 18th c_____________.

136. People are p__________________ for bad behaviour.

137. I think PPC is the best p__________

138. His new book will be p____________ next week .

139 He found much t____________in a cave.

140.I don, think teenagers should be a________ to get tmbol, yao Ming heir ears pierced .

141We will play a_________ No. 11 Middle School .

142Unfortunately, we were d__________ at the last minute , We lost the game

143Everyone who want t o be a nurse must be t_________ for many years.

144 If you want to be successful, don’t lose any c___________.

145 My teacher always e___________ me to go on studying when I fail the exam.

146 Liu xiang broke the world r_________ in the 110m running race.

147. When will the match h_________?

148 Don’t let them g________ to you

149 Everyone thought that would be a t__________ match they had ever watched .

150 In 1998, his skill at h______ was not noticed by his coach Sun Haiping.

151 Now Liu xiang is well known all over the world , So he will be asked to appear in a____________ and film , and even to records music

152. His c______________ Sun Haiping is making sure that he trains regularly

153. Liu xiang is not an o_____________ success

154. He was helped by his sports school to become a gold m_____________ winner

155. As a symbol, Yao Ming was chosen to r___________ China at the Olympic Cames

156 Yao Ming will be advised by his coach how to be a great s_________

157.He is the first runner past the finishing l________

158 She was a_____________ first prize in the gymnastics competition

159 Have you ever run m____________ . it’s quite hard for one to run such a long way .

160 When did you j_________ the League?

161Maybe we can talk about their s________ life.

162 Summer is the best s_______ to visit our hometown

163.Don’t worry. The progamme is r_________


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